30+ Best Tattoo Design Ideas in June 2024

Tattoos continue to evolve as a powerful form of self-expression, with new trends and techniques emerging each year. As we enter June 2024, the world of body art is buzzing with fresh inspiration. Whether you’re considering your first ink or adding to your collection, this curated list of 30+ tattoo design ideas showcases the most exciting styles, motifs, and concepts capturing imaginations this month. From minimalist line work to bold neo-traditional pieces, there’s something here to spark creativity for every taste and personality.

1. Simple Orange


Your favourite summer refreshment can also be found on your skin. Orange is closely related to summer and will surely be an ideal choice for your June tattoo ideas!

2. Little Stars


Small stars on your torso can be an adorable, eye-catching, minimalist idea that will surely get noticed. Ideal for both men and women, it is small, cute and wonderful for summer!

3. Hand tattoos


These adorable little tattoos can find their place on your hands. They go perfectly with tanned skin and tattoo lovers who like something smaller and different.

4. Cute Strawberry


A cute little strawberry above your knee is an adorable addition to your personality, especially for summer. Such a different tattoo on a special part of the body will attract attention and cause delight!

5. Heart Cherries


With this adorable tattoo, it’s enough to notice its crazy colour and it’s enough to get you in the summer euphoria. A cute way to combine hearts and cherries is just this idea!

6. Minimalist Rose


Minimalistic and simple, this beautiful rose is a beautiful addition to your tattoo collection, and if it was the first one you did, it would be a hit! Roses are popular in the tattoo world, and when combined with simplicity, it’s a 10/10!

7. Plant Line Art


Line art technique has been known for a long time and is available in various segments of art. It is in great demand for tattoos and honestly, this technique is one of the most beautiful. A beautiful choice for summer!

8. June for June


If June is a month that marked something special for you, then it is a beautiful way to carry that memory on your skin forever. It is enough to tattoo it with the date or simply just the month… you will be amazed by the result!

9. Arrow Tattoo


Such wonderful tattoos were featured in the long-ago Tumblr days of 2014 and 2015. Why wouldn’t we reverse that trend? These adorable arrows are eye-catching and cute, we’re sure they’ll get everyone’s crush!

10. Cute Butterfly


A small cute butterfly with a beautiful heart as a detail is a beautiful idea, not only for summer but also in general, but especially when you can show off that tattoo anytime and anywhere!

11. Lion And Flowers


The lion is the king of the jungle, the most dominant and the most beautiful animal in the animal world… or so they say. In combination with such a beautiful flower, it is an absolute hit!

12. Floral & Ornamental


Flowers, butterflies, ornaments… absolutely heaven for anyone who loves simplicity. If you get a tattoo like this, be sure that this beautiful piece of art will be one of the most noticeable things to you!

13. Finger Tattoo


Hailey Bieber, Rihanna and Ariana Grande brought this trend and revealed the beauty of such a wonderful tattooing technique. Since these types of tattoos are becoming more and more popular and sought after, be one of those who have them and be on trend!

14. More Flowers


Flowers are the harbinger of summer and good weather, so it is indispensable when the sun is high, the smell of linden and grass everywhere, as well as the sound of bees and good mood all around us. Therefore, why not mark your June in this way?

15. Hand Poke & Machine Tattoo


Such tattoos don’t necessarily have to show the beauty of June and everything that happens in it. If you are a fan of something different and a little rougher, you are always welcome to do something by your personality!

16. Strawberries & Cupcakes


If you’re looking for some of the sweeter varieties and designs, you’ve just found it. This mix of fruit and cupcakes is ideal for hot summer days in June and can be a sweet start to summer.

17. Lavender


Lavender spiritual symbolism represents love, healing, and innocence. It also offers protection from bad and damaging energies. Lavender not only helps you to sleep but is also said to protect against bad dreams, in a tattoo way lavender can symbolize purity and devotion.

18. Reminder Tattoo


Sometimes when life is difficult, all we need is a reminder that everything will be okay. This tattoo is a perfect example of that, and it can also be a reminder that June will be a beautiful month.

19. LineArt Butterflies


Thin lines or in translation lineart is a wonderful technique for creating tattoos. These butterflies are a perfect symbol of the beginning of summer, and the tattoo is small and beautiful, it can help you express your feminine energy through it.

20. Cute Friends


We believe that all animal lovers will love this adorable tattoo. This tattoo is irresistible and if you like to tattoo cute animals, this example is perfect for you.

21. Blue Bird


A bluebird tattoo most often symbolizes good luck, positivity and happiness, and a popular detailed, realistic design tied to prosperity. In different cultures, they can also represent freedom, the symbolic nature of the sky, and the link between heaven and earth. It can also represent freedom because birds fly freely in the sky.

22. Matchy Match


Matching tattoos do not necessarily have to be the same tattoos on different people. They can also be tattoos like the ones in the photo. Everyone has a fruit (probably their favorite) and all these tattoos are made in black and white with thin lines. Friends, this is the right sign for you.

23. Coverup Tattoo


If you have something on your body that you would like to cover up, but you don’t know how tattoos are the right choice for that. Any scar or other (im)perfection on the body can be covered up with a tattoo, and to bring some joy or notice into it, we suggest that you opt for tattoos in colour.

24. Lioness


Beautiful as goddesses, lionesses can be the perfect symbol of your strength, feminine energy and sensuality. This lineart tattoo perfectly suits every female person, and as a tattoo, a lioness symbolizes independence, strength, courage, and protection. The lioness is a hunter, provider, and caretaker, making this design particularly attractive to those who resonate with these qualities.

25. Fine Line Tattoos


Another version of fine line tattoos for the perfect June. With these tattoos, you can write some of your important words on your hands or anywhere on your body, without fully revealing what is written on them. Sometimes it’s enough to know your tattoo meaning without others, right? These tattoos are perfect for all occasions and are not flashy.

26. Moon


You can often find this small tattoo of the moon on passers-by or famous people. The moon has a strong symbolism in many spheres of life, so people can often connect with it, which is why it can often be found in the form of a tattoo on any part of the body. This tattoo is small and decent, it took a place on one of the fingers which is a perfect place for small and inconspicuous tattoos.

27.  Ornamental Spine Tattoo


According to Google’s search: An ornamental tattoo is a type of tattoo that is designed to be decorative rather than functional. Historically, they were often used to mark status or affiliation, but today they are more commonly seen as body art. Ornamental tattoos come in various styles, from delicate and intricate to bold and graphic. But these tattoos can also have meaning for the people who choose them, regardless of what Google says. These tattoos are beautiful.

28. Matching Ribbons


In the last couple of months, TikTok and Instagram have started the trend of pink ribbons. One could find different memes and different variants of pink ribbons everywhere as clothing combinations or in the form of different details or jewellery. These tattoos are a perfect choice for matching tattoos of two friends or sisters.

29. Sun And Moon


The sun and the moon are two different things, but both carry their charms and their beauties with their appearances. Both have strong meanings, and people are often divided into lovers of the sunset and the moon. These two tattoos are perfect for friends or relatives, in the form of matching tattoos. Differences can be beautiful and harmonious, so they can fit together regardless of everything, they can complement each other.

30. Little Flower


What is the best herald of June and the beginning of summer? Flowers. Flowers in different colours, shades and types are a good choice for summer days and the month of June. If you don’t like big tattoos, this small black tattoo will be ideal for you because it is small and has a thin shape.

31. Foot Tattoo


Foot tattoos are rare, but they can still be found and can be beautiful. On these feet, you can see an ornamental design that is of a decorative type in most cases. If you opt for this type of tattoo on the feet, keep in mind that the pain level will be higher than on other parts of the body because the skin is thinner.

That wraps up our look at popular tattoo designs for June 2024. I’ve shown you a mix of styles that are catching people’s eyes right now. Remember, the best tattoo is one you love and that feels right for you. Maybe you found your next ink idea here, or it sparked some thoughts for your own unique design. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be happy with long-term. Thanks for exploring these tattoo ideas with me!

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