30 of The Most Eye-Catching Tattoo Designs of February

Tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression for individuals looking to make a lasting statement about their personality, beliefs, or experiences. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, it has become easier to discover the latest tattoo trends and styles from artists all around the world. The creativity and skill that goes into each design is truly remarkable and every tattoo tells a unique story.

As we reflect on the best tattoos posted on Instagram in February, it’s clear to see that this month has been full of incredible designs, each one more stunning than the next. From minimalistic line work to bold and vibrant portraits, each of these tattoos captures the essence of the individual who wore it and represents a meaningful moment in time. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these tattoos and the artists who created them

Tattoos For Men

1. Angel Inspired Tattoo


An angel tattoo such as this one is going to describe your religious side or your spiritual side. It also has a bit of that Ancient Greek vibe to it.

2. Forearm Tattoo On Arm


Show that you’re a child of the universe and that you believe in yourself and what you bring to the table. You will also look like a spiritual person who always looks for deeper meanings in things that happen to him or around him.

3. Bunny & Carrot Funny Tattoo


If you’re a guy who likes to joke around in life, this tattoo is for you. It is going to look very quirky and creative and it will show off your funny side. What a way to start off this year, right?

4. Green Zombie Tattoo


This cool and quirky little zombie tattoo can show that you love horror movies and vivid loud artwork. If you like dominant and different tattoos, why not check this one out?

5. Big Back Tattoo


Everyone has seen Back To Future, right? It is a classic one that will be talked about years and years later. If you’re a fan of this movie even to this day, show it off with this gorgeous back print.

6. Small Skull Tattoo


A super small and seamless skull tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy simpler tattoos. It is quick and easy to get, as well as ideal for those who are forever fearless and not afraid of anything.

7. Dog Tattoo Design


A cute dog design such as this one is for those who love their furry pets and for those who want to show their love through a tattoo. It is a heartwarming design and a tattoo that will show just how much you care for them.

8. Big Shoulder Tattoo


This big shoulder tattoo is for guys who love rock and roll music, as well as guys who want a dominant tattoo. The color red stands for your devilish side, does that sound like you?

9. Number Tattoo Concept


Go for the date and a number that has a deeper meaning to you. You can go for the year in which you were born, or go for the year that someone who is close to you was born.

10. Gym Inspired Tattoo


If new year new you is happening, this tattoo is a must-do! If you go to the gym and you have confidence and a great vision for what’s going to come next, give this print a go.

11. Funny Monster Tattoo


This funny and funky-looking monster tattoo is for guys who love to joke around in any situation. If you’re all about jokes and nothing scares you – give this a go.

12. Adam’s Family Tattoo


Adam’s Family is so big at the moment. Technically, Wednesday and this great series which is on Netflix is worth checking out. If you love scary movies or funny movies that have a twist, this character is all about that!

13. Miley Cyrus Tattoo


Everyone’s been obsessed with Miley’s last song, and we can assure you that she is going to be the main topic in 2023! If you want to look cool and relevant with your new design, why not do it the Miley way?!

14. Sleeve Lion Tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are always a bulletproof idea. If you want to come off as a strong and determined guy – check out this tattoo. It will look amazing when done in a full black-and-white sleeve concept.

15. Shoulder Lion Tattoo


This big shoulder tattoo is all about dominance and power. This February, show your teeth, and don’t let anyone stop you from expressing your true power.

Tattoos For Women

1. Small Bird Tattoo


So cute, peaceful, and truly feminine – this design has it all! You will come off as a powerful and collected lady who has great plans for her future.

2. Big Back Tattoo


Try and do a back tattoo if you’re a fan of bigger pieces. Stick to a quote that you love or go for a phrase that you live by when it comes to this artwork.

3. Cute Mouse Tattoo For Women


A cute mouse tattoo will show that you’re a bit shy, yet that you have a big and deep personality. If you’re not afraid of others but you come off as a petite person, this is for you!

4. Cool Neck Tattoo


Not a lot of women would dare to try out this tattoo. Would you? It is a gorgeous piece that is going to look amazing when you place it on your neck and your shoulders/chest area.

5. Hollywood Glamour Tattoo


If you’re all about Hollywood glamour and shine, why not show it off? Women who love old-school and retro art will fall in love with this black ink masterpiece!

6. Funky Small Tattoo


Fun and funky, this tattoo is truly different. It shows a person who is creative and quirky in their own little way. If you’re all about having fun, what better way to do it and show it off than with this tattoo?

7. Butterfly Tattoo Print


A butterfly print tattoo such as this one will symbolize a ton of different things for different women. For some, it shows great strength and inner beauty, while for others it stands for freedom and your chance to see the world.

8. Mom Inspired Tattoo


Show your mom that you truly love her with this small and simple tattoo. It is going to take you one hour to do the design, and most women are going to fancy it + it is affordable to do.

9. Cute Cat Tattoo


If you truly love your cat and you want the world to know it, this tattoo is for you! Show the love for your furry pal and rock it with confidence.

10. Dog Tattoo On Leg


Try out this cute dog tattoo and place it on your leg if you’re looking for something creative and different. The end result is going to suit both men and women.

11. Colorful Shoulder Tattoo


Big, bright, and colorful, this tattoo is for those who enjoy sentimental and bigger pieces. The end result shows a very loving person and caring toward planet earth and Mother Nature. Does this sound like you?

12. Travel Inspired Tattoo


Show that you love to travel and that you’re all about exploring new paths on earth. This small and bright colorful piece will look amazing on those who prefer simplicity and clean-looking tattoos.

13. Small Book Tattoo


If you love to read, show this tattoo off! This little design is for those who love the simplicity and for those who want a smaller design that is quick and easy to get. It will take you less than an hour to achieve this print.

14. Cinderella Tattoo Print


Are you a little princess, and do you believe in fairytales? Give this Cinderella tattoo a go, but make your own twist to it! Show that you’ve been through a lot and that you’re no longer waiting for your Prince on a white horse as you know that you have got to save yourself! Be a strong and independent woman, as this tattoo is all about it.

15. Two Birds Tattoo


Two little birds placed right on your shoulder will symbolize you and your loved one, as well as your closeness. If you have someone who is special to you, this design will truly show it!

16. Small Dinosaur Tattoo Print


Do you love history, as well as interesting scientific facts? If you’re a fan of creative and quirky artwork, as well as smaller designs, this black-and-white ink tattoo is perfect for you!

17. Hourglass Print Tattoo


An hourglass tattoo can symbolize the passing of time, as well as how life around you can change within seconds. If you live for every minute and every second of it, show it off with this bright red tattoo.

18. Gorgeous Tattoo For Women


Lastly, why not try out this back tattoo and place a meaningful quote across your spine? Those who enjoy sentimental pieces and something very serious and important will fancy this design, as well as its deeper meaning.

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