3D Tattoos: Examples of the Most Eye-Catching Ideas of 2023

Have you ever thought about embracing the concept of 3D tattoos? These are so cool and a unique concept that hasn’t been around for so long. 3D tattoos are often worn by men or women who enjoy bold, unique, and dramatic options. If you’re a fan of something new and modern this article will suit you. Keep on reading and discover some cool Ideas that will suit you and that you will enjoy wearing. Heads up since finding a skilled tattoo artist is a must in this case!

How Pricey Are 3D Tattoos?

A 3D tattoo is not for everyone’s personal preference or budget. If you know of a skilled tattoo artist you will enjoy this concept. Heads up since these can be anywhere from $80-$500! The price will depend and vary based on the size of your tattoo, the expertise level of your tattoo artist, as well as the color use.

Where To Place A 3D Tattoo?

The placement can vary and will be different for every person. Guys prefer to go for thigh or leg tattoos, as well as back tattoos. Women enjoy smaller ideas and collarbone, arm, or leg placements. Make sure that you’re equipped with time and patience before you fully commit to this tattoo design.

1. 3D Tattoo Ideas Heart Image


This heart print will look realistic and perfect for those who can’t make up their mind when it comes to main colors, such as red and blue.

2. 3D Tattoo Bee Print 


Bees are usually thought to be bringers of good luck and prosperity. If you like that definition consider this tattoo.

3. 3D Tattoo Butterfly 


Go for this blue butterfly and know that you will look so feminine and elegant while the butterfly will symbolize your peace and inner love to travel and bond with others.

4. 3D Tattoo Winnie


How cute and realistic is this Winnie-the-Pooh tattoo?! Perfect for cartoon lovers and those who are kids at heart.

5. 3D Tattoo Feather Print


A feather tattoo such as this one will show your layers and complex persona.

6. 3D Tattoo Image Scary Print


An amazing 3D tattoo that is not as easy to achieve. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who you fully trust to commit to this beauty.

7. 3D Tattoo For Men


This flesh-looking realistic wound tattoo is for men or women who like scary tattoos.

8. Matching 3D Tattoos


Go for a matching heart tattoo print and show your love and closeness to your favorite person in this 3D print!

9. Star Wars 3D Tattoo


True Star Wars lovers and fans will want and need this Yoda tattoo!

10. Simpsons 3D Tattoo Design


If you are a Simpsons fan and someone who likes cartoons this design will suit you.

11. Artsy Unique 3D Tattoo On Arm


A black realistic tattoo of pair of eyes will look so cool! Make sure that you try out this cool concept if you’re into animal designs.

12. Red Color 3D Tattoo Print


Flesh-wound is for those who are not afraid of blood yet want a cool concept on their sleeve or arm.

13. Colorful Holo 3D Design


This holographic and artsy tattoo is for those who enjoy art and colorful options.

14. Horror Tattoo Scary 3D Print


Go for a scary clown print and represent your love for horror movies with this tattoo.

15. Butterfly 3D Tattoo Print


Simple and feminine light-colored butterflies will suit girls the best, as well as those who are gentle and sensual.

16. Lego 3D Tattoos


Anyone who is a Lego fan will see the art with this playful tattoo.

17. Cartoon 3D Tattoo 


If you have enjoyed Despicable Me this print will look amazing on your thigh.

18. Quote 3D Tattoo 


Hear image see sound is such a powerful saying, would you dare to wear it?

19. Blue & Red 3D Music Tattoo 


Music lovers will see the beauty and art with this 3D design.

20. Peach Cartoon 3D Tattoo


How about one of your favorite cartoons from Mario Brothers?! It is a chic colorful option for men and women.

21. Dinosaurs 3D Print Image


Dinosaurs tattoos are for anyone who wishes to try out a unique approach for this old-school species.

22. Strawberry 3D Tattoo


Go for a strawberry tattoo if you are a fruit lover!

23. Grim Reaper 3D Tattoo


This small grim reaper will suit those who are not afraid of death and want to show teeth from the get-go!

24. Johnny Bravo 3D Tattoos


Johnny Bravo is such a fun and retro cartoon tattoo that you will adore if you watched the cartoon yourself.

25. Realistic Shoulder Tattoo 3D Woman Print


Go for a portrait tattoo and embrace this realistic 3-D tattoo of your favorite person.

26. It And Morty Funny Tattoo


Rick and Morty tattoo will look flawless in this patchwork 3-D tattoo.

27. Collarbone 3D Tattoo


Go for a heartbeat tattoo print and show that your heart beats for someone special!

28. Colorful Thigh 3D Tattoo


If you’re a creative soul this vibrant design will suit your spirit.

29. Shark 3D Tattoo Print


Gorgeous 3-D tattoo of a shark that you will like if you’re not afraid of the ocean.

30. Pokemon 3D Tattoo 


If you loved Pokémon this tattoo of a Snorlax will suit you so well!

Are You Ready For a 3D Tattoo?
Which one 3D print is your favorite among all of these? Let us know what you’re ready to wear and rock, we can’t wait to see you spicing up your skin with one of these cool options.

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