30+ Aster Flower Tattoos: Meaning & Trending Ideas

Aster flower tattoos are gorgeous tattoos that men and women of all different age groups like to wear and tend to go for. Have you ever had an opportunity to rock an aster flower tattoo design? If not, now is the right time to give it a go! Keep on reading since we will help you pick out an amazing tattoo that will suit your character and your personality. We have colorful, big, and small designs that one can go for. All of our tattoos are recommended for both genders. See what you fancy the most by reading the article below!

What Does An Aster Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

Aster flower tattoo designs are a great way to pay homage to your family or show love and gratitude for your friends. Asters have long been a symbol of power and influence, as they were associated with the gods in ancient Greece. Today, they’re more commonly associated with royalty, but they’re also used as symbols of divinity and immortality.

The aster flower is known by many names, including the Michaelmas daisy, the starwort, and the frost flower. It was named after the Greek word for star because of its shape and habit of blooming around the time of the autumnal equinox. The aster is considered a symbol of love and friendship in many cultures around the world; it’s also said to represent patience and daintiness because it takes a long time to grow from seed into an adult plant that produces flowers.

Aster tattoos are often worn by people who want to honor their family members or give thanks to their friends for all they’ve done throughout life.

Where To Place An Aster Flower Tattoo?

Aster flower tattoo placement will vary and depend from one person to the other and on your preference. Are you more so into small and petite ideas? Or do you prefer giant and flashy tattoos? Most women prefer rib, wrist, or ankle tattoo placements. Guys will like thigh, bicep, or giant leg or back tattoos.

Who Can Go For An Aster Flower Tattoo?

Both men and women can go for this tattoo. There are no rules when it comes to your aster flower tattoo concept or design. You can give it a go and show it off on your body, choose any placement that suits you. Men and women will enjoy this design equally and as much, so why not try it and give it a go?

30 Aster Flower Tattoos

Colorful Aster Flower Tattoo Designs

1. Aster Flower On Shoulder


Go for this small aster flower tattoo if you want a quick and easy design.

2. Purple Aster Flower Tattoo


Purple is a common color choice when it comes to aster flower tattoos.

3. Aster Flower Tattoo Arm


Go for this design and add an important date that is meaningful to you.

4. Unique Aster Flower Tattoo Design


Men will enjoy this aster flower tattoo along with a snake print.

5. Meaningful Aster Flower Tattoo


If you have someone special on mind dedicate this tattoo to them.

6. Colorful Aster Flower Tattoo On Back


Giant back tattoo will suit men and women who like drama and color!

7. Aster Flower Tattoo With A Name


Get a name tag print and show your love for the other person in this way.

8. Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas


Show your important and wonderful memory through this tattoo and flower.

9. Light Pink Aster Flower Tattoo


A pink aster flower will suit and look the best on women.

10. Blue Aster Flower Tattoos


Let the other person see and know how much you love him or her through this blue aster flower design.

11. Bee & Aster Flower Tattoo


This colorful flower tattoo and a bee print will suit nature lovers the best.

12. Aster Flower Tattoo For Women


Women who like the color purple or lilac will see the beauty of this design.

13. Colorful Aster Flowers


Go for several different flower prints and show that you know how to appreciate true nature that is around you.

14. Detailed Aster Flowers


This detailed tattoo will suit perfectionists the most.

15. Light Purple Aster Flower


Light purple tattoo is for women who are driven by soft tattoos.

16. Aster Flower On Chest


Remind yourself that it is important to take a breather and relax at any given moment.

17. Purple Aster Flower Design


This design will take you 3-4 hours to do, so heads up.

18. Aster Flower Tattoo Outline


This design is for women who like feminine and soft tattoos, as well as minimalistic artwork.

Black Aster Flower Tattoo

1. Small Aster Flower Tattoo


Go for this thigh tattoo if you want something medium-sized.

2. Back Aster Flower Tattoos


Stomach tattoos are for women who like feminine and cute ideas, yet secretive placements.

3. Aster Flower Tattoo Black And White


This design is for those who like black and white ink, as well as feminine art.

4. Foot Aster Flower Tattoo


Foot tattoos are very painful to go for, so heads up before you commit to it.

5. Minimalism Aster Floral Tattoo


If you’re a true minimalist this beauty will suit you.

6. Simple Aster Floral Tattoo


This design is cute yet not too pricey to go for.

7. Sleeve Aster Flower Tattoo


Women can also consider going for a large sleeve or shoulder tattoo.

8. Arm Tattoo With Aster Flower


This arm tattoo will look amazing on women who like delicate little pieces.

9. Simple Aster Flowers


Try out this aster flower tattoo if you enjoy smaller and secretive designs.

10. Rib Aster Flower Tattoo


Show off your sexy and sensual side with this stomach or rib tattoo.

11. Aster Flower Tattoo For Women


Women who have someone important on mind will enjoy these tattoos since they can dedicate them to their closest ones.

12. Small Simple Black And White Tattoo


Try out this small and cute tattoo if you dislike the needle and tattooing process.
Want A New Tattoo?
So, are you ready to try out a new tattoo? If so, which one you can’t wait to wear and show off? Let us know if you’re ready to wear any of these small or big tattoos and where you plan on placing them on your body. We can’t wait to see what you end up picking.

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