30+ Cute Behind the Ear Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

When you’re looking for a new tattoo, it can be hard to decide where to put it. Maybe you want a sleeve, but don’t want to commit to the pain of getting the whole thing done. Maybe you’re trying to stay away from sleeves altogether because they’re so popular that they’ve become too mainstream. Or maybe you just don’t want any of your tattoos to be visible when you’re wearing a shirt that covers your arm — so why not put them behind your ears?

That’s right: Behind-the-ear tattoos are in right now. There are many different types of behind-the-ear tattoos that you can get. Some people choose to get small designs like stars, butterflies or hearts; others prefer something more complicated that includes words or symbols from their favorite books or movies.

Some people even choose to get an entire phrase written behind their ears! Whatever design you choose for your behind-the-ear tattoo will depend on how much space is available on each side of your head (and what kind of font you want).

Behind-the-ear tattoos are perfect if you want something fun but subtle; if you have a lot of tattoos already and don’t want more than one on each side of the body; or if the idea of getting inked up is exciting but intimidating.

And when we talk about behind-the-ear tattoos for men or women, we mean both genders! No need to be shy about showing off your edgy side with these tiny tats—they’re as easy to hide as they are fun to show off.

They’re incredibly popular with both men and women, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and meanings. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite behind-the-ear tattoos for both men and women, so you can get inspired.

The real truth is that, unfortunately, behind-the-ear tattoos can be quite painful to go for. If you’re super sensitive you might have a hard time committing to this design. There is no extra skin or fat around your ear and neck area, leaving your bone exposed and prone to pain. Heads up before you give it a go, you will need to be careful.

1. Cherry Behind The Ear Tattoo


A cherry symbolizes youth and sensuality. Show that you’re connected and feminine through this visible tattoo.

2. Bird Behind The Ear Tattoo


Birds symbolize fast-paced life and your will to travel and see the world. Does this sound like you and your wish?

3. Whale Behind The Ear Tattoo Design


Cool whale tattoo that you’re going to like behind your ear. It will symbolize your love for the summer and the wildlife, as well as sea creatures.

4. Death Inspired Behind The Ear Tattoo


Getting a grim reaper tattoo behind your ear will symbolize that you’re not afraid of death. Dare to give it a go?

5. Behind The Ear Tattoo Numbers


Go for some numbers that make the most sense to you and that have a personal meaning.

6. Leaf Behind The Ear Tattoo


If you’re a nature lover you’re going to enjoy this leaf print design.

7. Religious-Inspired Behind The Ear Tattoo


You can dedicate your tattoo to someone who you loved and lost. If you’re a spiritual person this will suit you.

8. Cross Behind The Ear Tattoo


Show off your religion and stay true to yourself and your path. A must-do for Christians who are comfortable with their religion.

9. Bird Behind The Ear Tattoo Design


Birds symbolize your will to travel and see the world. If you’re always having fun and moving in life give it a go with this black and red concept.

10. Zodiac Behind The Ear Tattoo Design


Are you a zodiac tattoo lover? If that is the case you’re going to enjoy this Leo symbol. Show off your love for the zodiac with a gorgeous behind-the-ear concept.

11. Snake Behind The Ear Tattoo


Go for a cool snake print and show it off on your neck! If you’re a dominant person you’re going to enjoy this concept and its symbolism.

12. Butterfly Behind The Ear Tattoo


Butterflies symbolize your gentle and calm personality. Show that you’re a feminine soul who can enjoy yourself the best way you know.

13. Behind The Ear Tattoo Egypty-Inspired


If you’re a fan and lover of Egypt culture or history this tattoo and black ink design will suit you.

14. Letter Inspired Behind The Ear Tattoo


Go for one letter and the initials of your favorite person across your neck. Show your love with this visible and feminine tattoo concept.

15. Rose Behind The Ear Tattoo


Women who like roses will fancy this tattoo. If you are into gothic ideas and retro tattoos give it a go with this gorgeous symbol.

16. Devil Design Behind The Ear Tattoo


Devil talking or whispering into your ear will look so mysterious and scary! If you like weird and satanic tattoos this will intrigue you.

17. Black Ink Behind The Ear Tattoo


If you’re still a child in your heart and you like mysterious and mystical symbols this will suit you so well on your neck!

18. Chinese Lettering Behind The Ear Tattoo


Going for Chinese lettering will make your tattoo fully personalized and unique. Don’t want the world to know what you’re rocking? Consider something different and colorful in a different language!

19. Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo Design


This lotus flower on the neck and behind the ear will suit any woman and age group. Show off this gorgeous color combo knowing you’re a unique girl who can rock it!

20. Butterflies Behind The Ear Tattoo


All of these butterflies linked and connected will symbolize your love and the closeness of your family and siblings. Want to rock something as sweet?

21. Name Inspired Behind The Ear Tattoo


A name print tattoo will show your love and closeness to your favorite person. Sounds like something you want to try and show your love to your favorite person?

22. Red Skull Behind The Ear Tattoo


Two bright red skulls can symbolize your passion and any previous or current emotions.

23. Behind The Ear Tattoo Numbers Print


Go for an important year that is sentimental and which makes a lot of sense to you.

24. Chinese Behind The Ear Tattoo Design


Book the best tattoo artist you know of and give it a go with this unique behind-the-ear symbol.

25. Numbers Behind The Ear Tattoo


Place the year of your birth behind your ear and show it off everywhere!

26. Two Butterflies Behind The Ear Tattoo


Two butterflies can symbolize your close connection to someone important in your life.

27. Broken Heart Behind The Ear Tattoo


If you are dealing with a trauma or if you’ve been broken-hearted this design is for you.

28. Devil Whispering Behind The Ear Tattoo


Cool, bold, and unique devil tattoo concept that you’re going to enjoy if you’re bold, dominant, and fancy satanic designs with a deep message.

29. Anchor Behind The Ear Tattoo


The anchor symbolizes freedom and a chance to settle in anytime, anyplace.

30. Puzzle Tattoo Behind The Ear


Go for a puzzle tattoo and show that you’re always ready to connect the pieces in your life the best way you can.
Who Is Ready For A Behind The Ear Tattoo?
Behind the ear tattoos are a great way to add a little something extra to your look. They can be subtle or bold, depending on what you’re looking for!

For men, these tattoos are great because they’re subtle and can be hidden easily. For women, they offer an opportunity to show off your style without having to worry about where you place them.

And if you’re looking for a tattoo that’s meaningful, behind the ear tattoos are perfect for that too! They’ll be there forever and will remind you of our memories every time you look in the mirror.

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