30+ Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

Japanese cherry or cherry blossoms are seen as some of the prettiest and most attention-seeking kinds out there. They are truly unique and colorful, often seen as very feminine and cheerful, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re looking for a tattoo that will speak to you in so many different ways and you want to try out something positive, bright, and energetic – this is truly it. Keep on reading and find your next concept and design down below + finally understand the spiritual side of cherry blossoms.

Did you know that cherry blossoms are also known as Sakuras? They are gorgeous light pink flowers that you can use to symbolize the spring season, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Cherry blossoms symbolism is very positive and seen as a happy concept, loved by many men and women worldwide (especially those who like Japanese culture).

1. Fun Cherry Blossom Tattoo


A forearm tattoo such as this one will look great on your forearm. If you want something small this will suit you. Show your love for nature with this design.

2. Artsy Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Artsy and colorful cherry blossoms are for those who like a simple pop to their design. Show that you’re looking forward to spring with this cute design.

3. Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo


A slight pink cherry blossom tattoo shows your love for the spring season. If you believe in a renewal of life, this spiritual concept will show it.

4. Collarbone Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Back, collarbone, or shoulder tattoos are for those who wish to stay somewhat secretive with their chosen design. No one has to see or know your full and true side, right?

5. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Pink Ink


Dark pink cherry blossoms will symbolize new paths, nature, spring, and your feminine side. If you’re someone who is romantic this design will show it.

6. Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Guys


Show that you believe in the renewal process and that you can’t wait to try out new paths in your life with this cherry blossom Japanese tree.

7. Sentimental Cherry Blossom Tattoo


A tattoo such as this one will look amazing on most people. Try it out if you enjoy precise and colorful ideas.

8. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Back


A cherry blossom such as this one stands for your new path and all the joy you feel towards it in your life.

9. Light Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Cherry blossoms are used to describe positive and happy emotions. This tattoo is a piece of art that most are going to like.

10. Personalized Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Show that you’re ready for new and positive emotions, as well as that you’re a brave and optimistic soul yourself with this concept.

11. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Back


If you’re in your twenties you’re going to like this design the most. It is quite popular and common among young people these days.

12. Cool Arm Cherry Blossom Tattoo Idea


Show that you’re not afraid of anything or anyone with this tattoo. Simply welcome change and positivity with this cute and artsy tattoo.

13. Fun Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Fun, feminine and flirty, this tattoo has it all! If you’re someone who likes elegant ideas this cherry will be the one for you to put on top!

14. Colorful Creative Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Why not get creative with your tattoo and try out this nature-inspired print? It will show that you’re close to your surroundings and that you love all beings.

15. Floral Cherry Blossom Tattoo


This side stomach or side hip tattoo is great for women who enjoy attention. If you wish to feel sexy at any given point, try doing it with this tattoo!

16. Arm Cherry Blossom Tattoo Idea


Arm tattoos are for those who wish to show them off. This tattoo will show that you’re always seeking perfection and inner clarity, as well as peace.

17. Bright And Loud Cherry Blossom Tattoo


You can dedicate your chosen cherry blossom tattoo to someone important in your life. Just opt for a heart print and show off its creativity.

18. Small And Simple Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Small and simple, this bird design is for those who like to stay humble and very close to their inner nature, as well as peace.

19. Cat And Cherry Blossom Tattoo


If you’re a cat lover and someone who truly loves animals, this cute and cool concept will suit you. So, why not place it on your back?

20. Artsy Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Cool and feminine, this light pink cherry blossom tattoo will suit elegant and feminine ladies. If you enjoy artsy tattoos and you’re a true fan of Mother Nature, show this off!

21. Cool Thigh Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Big and cool, this thigh tattoo will look the best on those who work out. If you fancy bigger art and detailed pieces this will suit you.

22. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Collarbone


Tattoos on the chest are for those who can handle the pain. Heads up since these tattoos aren’t for every girl.

23. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On Leg


This cute and cool leg tattoo is for those who enjoy art. If you’re someone who works out and you’re proud of your legs or your curves this will suit your feminine side.

24. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Creative Tattoo


Women who like cute art and those who fully trust their tattoo artists should give it a go with this design. It will take some time to get it looking just right.

25. Big & Bold Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Big and bold, this giant back tattoo is for women who love sexy and cute ideas. If you’re someone who likes detailed art and you want to have a sexy back, this will suit you.

26. Cool Neck Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Neck tattoos are for those who like to look bold. Can you handle the pain? Women who prefer all the attention will enjoy this artsy take.

27. Creative Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo


This cherry blossom will take you around 3 hours to get. Can you commit to the design itself?

28. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo


If you enjoy the Japanese culture and you’re a fan of artsy ideas this sleeve tattoo will suit you. Give it a go if you fancy big and bold ideas.

29. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Black Ink


If you like simplicity and smaller tattoos this little black outline will suit you. It will take you less than an hour to get this design.

30. Black Ink Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Show that your heart is pure and that your intentions are in the right place with this black cherry pop! It is a calming and sweet piece to go for.

31. Cherry Blossom Tattoo On A Forearm


Your tattoo can tell its own story. If you want something big and colorful and you’re into artsy sentimental pieces, this cute circle is for you.

32. Purple And Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Combine pink and purple shades and admire their beauty. Guys or girls who like feminine yet feisty art will like this concept on their arms.

Fun Tattoos Ahead
Are you ready to experiment with some of these tattoos? If so, which one? You’ll enjoy trying out a ton of these cool and different options despite your age or gender. So, which one is your next top pick? Let us know!

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