30+ Chrysanthemum Tattoos: Trending Ideas & Drawings

Chrysanthemum flower tattoos are some of the most magnificent and pretty tattoos that one can go for. In fact, chrysanthemum flowers are well known and widely spread across the world, often used to decorate our gardens and give them a bit of life, color, and vibrancy. However, did you know that these flowers are also used as inspiration for unique tattoos? If you’re intrigued by their meaning and you want to browse through loads of different options and prints, keep on reading! Here, we’re going to show off loads of different flower options and tattoo designs that one can wear proudly or secretly. Which placement, size or color will you stick to? Keep on reading and find your new tattoo!

What Does A Chrysanthemum Tattoo Symbolize?

The chrysanthemum tattoo is a great symbol for those looking to get in touch with their feminine side. A blooming flower, the chrysanthemum takes its name from the Greek words “chrysos,” which means gold, and “anthemon,” which means flower. The flower is delicate, beautiful, and goes well with many different tattoo styles.

  • The chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of optimism and joy. This flower is often used in floral arrangements because it can be found in a wide range of colors including yellow, red, white and purple.
  • In China, the chrysanthemum flower means long life, joy and optimism. The chrysanthemum is also the official birth flower for people born in November.
  • In Japan, the chrysanthemum became a symbol for power and dignity thanks to the Emperor who had it as his personal crest. In Japan, this flower represents longevity and rejuvenation because of its ability to bloom again every year. The chrysanthemum is also the state flower of the city of Tokyo and is often depicted in artwork.
  • In Victorian times, the chrysanthemum was often associated with death. This was mostly because mums were placed on graves during that time period.

The chrysanthemum has also been known to represent fidelity, friendship and trustworthiness.

Where To Place A Chrysanthemum Tattoo?

You can place a chrysanthemum tattoo design anywhere you fancy. The final placement and solution are optional and depend from one person to the other. In most cases, women like to stick to rib, collarbone, or wrist placements. Guys often go for back and thigh tattoos. Go for something that is within your comfort level and personal preference.

What Is A Common Price For A Chrysanthemum Tattoo?

Bigger tattoos are often pricier and costly, which is why you may want to opt for something small and petite. In most cases, this flower tattoo ranges in price starting from $100 and going up to $400.

Top 30 Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Black Chrysanthemum Tattoos

1. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs


Heads up since this knee tattoo will be painful and uncomfortable to go for. It will also suit guys a bit better than girls.

2. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Black And White


This forearm tattoo will suit both genders. It will symbolize and represent your calm personality.

3. Shoulder Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


This shoulder and arm tattoo is for those who are driven by precision and elegance.

4. Delicate Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Add a snake tattoo to your chrysanthemum flower to make the design more intriguing and different.

5. Back Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


This giant back tattoo will look lovely on women. It will suit those who enjoy playful and flirty elements the most.

6. Chest Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Go for this collarbone tattoo if you enjoy sentimental and secretive designs.

7. Leg Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


This black and white chrysanthemum tattoo will take 4 hours to do, so heads up before you book it.

8. Artsy Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Design


Giant shoulder tattoo that you will love if you’re a nature lover and someone who likes elements that surround us.

9. Calf Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


This calf tattoo is for guys who work out and those who want to show off their fierce side.

10. Chrysanthemum Birth Flower Tattoo


If you’re a detail-oriented person and someone who likes being on time (you’re very punctual as well) this tattoo is for you.

11. Neck Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Why not embrace this giant neck tattoo and show off your detail-oriented personality? You will also look so fierce with it!

12. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Drawing


Men or women who like detailed tattoos and elegance will see the beauty of this print.

13. Black & White Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Go for just one giant flower tattoo and show that you’re always capable of seeing the bigger picture in life.

14. Detailed Arm Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Make sure that you trust your tattoo artist before you give it a go with this design.

15. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Black and white tattoo such as this one is for men or women who like simplicity and minimalism.

16. Small Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Show that you’re ready for something new in your life and that you’re open to a new chapter with this tattoo.

Colorful Chrysanthemum Tattoos

1. Colorful Sleeve Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Some men will dare to get this giant sleeve tattoo. Are you one of them?

2. Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Design


Pay close attention to details and embrace color if you like giant tattoos.

3. Bright Red Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Red is a color of passion and dominance. Show off your elegance through this design.

4. Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoos


Purple is such an unusual color to go for. Go for this one if you’re naturally attracted to elegant designs.

5. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs Orange


Go with this light orange chrysanthemum tattoo if you’re into pastel prints.

6. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo On Calf


This calf tattoo is for men who know how to attract attention.

7. Orange & Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


This tattoo will take 5-6 hours to do, so make sure that you book the best tattoo artist that you know.

8. Light Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Such an unusual placement for a chrysanthemum flower, don’t you think so?

9. Big Leg Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoos


This leg tattoo will take 5-7 hours to master. Go for it if you want something giant and magnificent.

10. Small Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Idea


Women who are afraid of the tattooing process will enjoy this design.

11. Artsy & Big Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Go for this color combo if you like colorful and flashy tattoos.

12. Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo On Back


Gorgeous back tattoo that women will enjoy for their feminine moments.

13. Colorful Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo


Try this tattoo if you’re a fan of elegance and color. It will take you 3-5 hours to get it done.

14. Sleeve Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo For Women


A shoulder tattoo such as this one is for women who prefer bigger pieces. Show your dramatic side and know that you’re one of a few who has it.

What Do You Fancy?

Which flower print you can’t wait to get? Are you a fan of smaller or bigger tattoos? Let us know if you’re fully committed and ready to try out a chrysanthemum tattoo, we can’t wait to see what you fancy.

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