30+ Collarbone Tattoos: Trending Ideas for Women and Men

Are you into collarbone tattoos as of lately? These are gorgeous, minimalistic, as well as very flirty and sentimental when done the right way. Feel like you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to your next chest or collarbone pieces? If so, keep on reading since in today’s article we bring you some of the coolest collarbone options and designs that will interest you. Find your perfect piece down below and consider some of our colorful or black and white pieces, ideal for men and women with everyone’s personal preference taken into consideration.

Are Collarbone Tattoos Painful To Get?

Collarbone tattoos will hurt and feel uncomfortable when placed on your skin (unfortunately). This is because they are placed right next to your collarbone, which is one of the most sensitive bones in our bodies. This is why most people tend to go for small, simple, and delicate pieces, they are aware that they wouldn’t be able to handle dramatic tattoos.

Who Can Go For Collarbone Tattoos?

Although collarbone tattoos are a lot more popular among women, guys can also wear these cool options. It is all about personal preference and finding something that suits you and that you really like. The end result can be masculine or super feminine, depending on your take and imagination. Alternatively you can consider underboob and side rib tattoos.

What Is A Popular Collarbone Tattoo?

You can go for anything that you fancy with not a lot of specific rules or requirements to follow. For women, cute collarbone tattoos are butterflies, birds, flowers, and important dates. For guys, these can be Chinese symbols, meaningful dates, and roman numbers. Discuss your options with your tattoo artist to get the best design that suits your style.

How Pricey Are Collarbone Tattoos?

Prices often vary when it comes to collarbone tattoos since the placement is tricky, which is why some tattoo artists will bill more. In most cases, you will pay anywhere from $90-$250 for small to medium-sized options.

1. Collarbone Tattoo Ideas Flowers


Gorgeous black and white floral collarbone tattoo that slightly transitions onto the shoulder.

2. Collarbone Tattoo Women Butterfly Print


Women who like feminine and cute options will enjoy this gorgeous butterfly tattoo design.

3. Collarbone Tattoo Colorful Print


Go for colorful butterflies and flowers if you’re a fan of color and dominant ideas on your collarbone.

4. Rose Collarbone Tattoo


This half-shaped moon created with flowers and blue roses is for women who like that elegant and flirty vibe.

5. Small Collarbone Tattoo


Cute pink flowers such as these will represent your romantic and generous side.

6. Black Bird Collarbone Tattoo


A giant bird across the chest symbolizes your freedom and will to travel and see the world.

7. Japanese Cherry Collarbone Tattoo


Japanese cherry is a popular tattoo concept for a lot of women.

8. Butterfly & Moon Collarbone Tattoo


This collarbone tattoo tells a fun story, who wouldn’t want such a tattoo?

9. Two Birds Collarbone Tattoo


Two little black and white birds can come off as a sentimental tattoo and an option that shows your closeness with the other person.

10. Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo With A Bird


These Roman numbers represent an important date for a guy, as well as their closeness to someone special.

11. Blue Rose Collarbone Tattoo


Add some light blue flowers and show off this rose tattoo if you’re a fan of colorful and bright elements.

12. Small Bird Collarbone Tattoo


Show that you’re ready to fly away and spread your wings with this birdie tattoo.

13. Red Flower Collarbone Tattoo


Go for a flower tattoo and a name print to show your closeness to someone important in your life.

14. Small Pink Flowers Collarbone Tattoo


These light pink flowers will look mesmerizing on women who like lighter ideas and feminine concepts.

15. Collarbone Tattoo Design Of Two Birds


Show how close you are to someone through this cute bird concept. You will adore these two birds and their deeper representation.

16. Red Rose Collarbone Tattoo Print


If you enjoy roses this beauty will intrigue you. Show that you’re a fan of deeper honest emotions with this bright red design.

17. Blue Collarbone Tattoo Of Flowers


How about two tattoos across your collarbones? If you like pretty ideas and concepts this one is truly feminine and one of a kind.

18. Bright Pink Unicorn Collarbone Tattoo


Those who like quirky artwork and funny tattoos will see the beauty in this retro unicorn concept.

19. Nature Inspired Collarbone Tattoo


Go for some nature-inspired elements and show that you’re deeply connected to Mother Nature.

20. Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo


The giant butterfly symbolizes your connection and pure hope that you show on a constant basis to the world and others around you.

21. Collarbone Tattoo Male Design


Get a meaningful tattoo across your chest and show how much you love someone and how you value them.

22. Home Collarbone Tattoo


This home-inspired tattoo is for anyone who feels true honest connection and closeness to their home.

23. Flowers Collarbone Tattoo Print


If you want a flirty tattoo try to consider this beauty. It will look amazing on anyone who enjoys flowers.

24. Whale Collarbone Tattoo


Go for a whale tattoo and show that you’re a peaceful person and someone who likes to connect with others in a spiritual way.

25. Feminine Black Ink Collarbone Tattoo


These two cool collarbone tattoos will look amazing on women who like feminine and flirty floral options.

26. Small Colorful Heart Collarbone Tattoo


Small and cute little heart print that will show off your creative and loving side. Ideal for people who want a pop of color.

27. Pop Of Blue Collarbone Tattoo Idea


Subtle and creative this small blue tattoo will take you only one hour to do.

28. Phoenix Collarbone Tattoo


Giant bird print that you’re going to enjoy if you are just like Phoenix, brave and unstoppable.

29. Small Hearts Collarbone Tattoo


Let these little hearts symbolize someone important and people who you care about in your life. Show your closeness to each person through a one heart tattoo.

30. Fox Collarbone Tattoo


A mystical yet gorgeous fox tattoo that you’re going to enjoy if you’re a nature and animal lover, as well as someone who likes animals that are quick, smart, and swift!

31. Black Flower Collarbone Tattoo


This black and white ink flower tattoo over your collarbone will symbolize the feminine side and strength that you carry.

32. Colorful Bird Collarbone Tattoo


Dedicate a colorful bird tattoo to your mom and show how much you love her through this colorful print.

33. Collarbone Tattoo For Guys


Guys who want something unusual will like this bright colorful tattoo.

34. Vibrant Flowers Collarbone Tattoo


Are you a fan of floral tattoos? What about orchid ones? Placed perfectly on your collarbone, this masterpiece combines the serene hues of blue and the soft blush of pink orchids. For a feminine touch, this tattoo is awesome.

35. Black Tree Branch Collarbone Tattoo


Calling all nature lovers and art enthusiasts! In this tattoo, there are black tree branches on each collarbone. There is also a cute little surprise. Clinging gracefully to the branches are tiny, adorable snails.

36. Heart Shaped Floral Collarbone Tattoo


Wanna go for a delightful tattoo of lovely spring flowers? They are artfully gathered to form a heart shape, right where your emotions reside. Plus, the color palette is so vivid and vibrant. Let’s brighten up your days with this tattoo.

37. Red Roses Collarbone Tattoo


Rose tattoos are never go out of style! This mesmerizing rose branch is inked on the collarbone and it is adorned with lush, velvety red roses that’ll make hearts skip a beat! But wait, there is a twist here. The leaves are painted in the deepest shade of black.

38. Realistic Snake Collarbone Tattoo


Imagine a graceful serpent playfully coiling around your collarbone, showing off its tongue playfully sticking out! Isn’t it amazing? The design adds a depth, too. So, unleash your wild side and adorn yourself with this unique and alluring snake tattoo!

39. Blackwork Dragons Collarbone Tattoo


These little fire-breathers will surely steal your heart with their cuteness and charm! Tiny dragons look like they are having fun together. The intricate blackwork creates a mesmerizing fusion of art, too!

40. Floral Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo


This mesmerizing tattoo features a beautiful black butterfly with a unique twist! On its left wing, a vibrant red flower is seen and it blooms beautifully. Go for this harmony!

41. Pigeon Collarbone Tattoo


With a perfect blend of white and black inks, your artist can create a realistic pigeon tattoo on your collarbone. It is small and minimalist, so go for this lifelike pigeon to let it spread its wings of cuteness!

42. Japanese Art Collarbone Tattoo


If you like Japanese art, you can make a combo of different elements in just one collarbone tattoo. In this design, there is a charming cat  surrounded by delicate cherry blossom fans. The blend of dark, moody clouds also evoke a sense of mystery with the vibrant orange sun peeking from behind.

43. Sweet Bee Collarbone Tattoo


With wings dipped in an ombre of mesmerizing turquoise and pretty pink, this tiny bee is ready to bring some serious buzz to your style! Plus, the sparkles around this cute bee add a touch of magic.

44. Line Art Polar Bear Collarbone Tattoo 


Crafted using only delicate outlines, this design captures the essence of the magnificent creature, which is a polar bear, in a minimalistic and artistic way. The lines are bold and the design stands out on the collarbone.

45. Thorns Collarbone Tattoo Design


If you want to adorn your left and right collarbones, go for this design. The thorn motif symbolizes resilience, strength, and the ability to overcome life’s challenges. Done by using bold lines, these thorns will make you look amazing.

46. Black Spiders Collarbone Tattoo


Two gorgeously detailed and realistic spiders are inked on each collarbone. These spiders are big, bold, and downright awe-inspiring. The attention to detail and the striking design will make these spiders look like they’re about to crawl right off your skin. If you like gothic designs, give it a try.

47. Small Turtle Collarbone Tattoo


This cute little turtle is placed on the collarbone, where it’ll peek out with charm. The clean lines of this design lend it a minimalist and sophisticated look, perfect for expressing your love for your turtle love.

48. Cute Star & Heart Collarbone Tattoo


A baby pink star tattoo nestled perfectly on your skin with a charming ornament just below it. And wait, it gets even better! Right above the star, there’s a dazzling neon pink heart surrounded by delightful bell ornaments.

49. Scorpion Collarbone Tattoo


The elegant curve of the scorpion’s body is inked on one side of the collarbone in this tattoo. The scorpion’s body has intricate details and it almost wraps around your collarbone. Plus, the shading details make it stand out.

50. Moon & Sun Tattoo Collarbone Tattoo


Imagine the sun on one side of your collarbone, representing warmth and life, and the moon on the other, symbolizing the mysteries of the night. Done by using black ink and fine line work, this tattoo is adorable.

51. Realistic Chain Collarbone Tattoo


Here is a detailed chain wrapped delicately around your collarbone and it looks super realistic. The way the chains are placed creates the effect that the collarbone is wrapped with chains. Give it a shot.

52. Floral Collarbone Tattoo


We gotta say that the saturation is insane! The tattoo involves a beautiful combination of blue hortensia and lavender blossoms, creating a harmonious and enchanting floral design. If you are into floral tattoos, go for it.

53. Cute Rabbits Collarbone Tattoo


It’s a true masterpiece that tells a story through simple yet striking lines. Imagine a graceful rabbit captured in three stages of running. The bunny’s swift movement is amazing. Plus, the design is adorned with yellow butterflies and a line art moon.

54. Star Designs Collarbone Tattoo


This star tattoo design features a mix of styles. Some stars are elegantly minimalist, drawn with simple yet striking lines. Others are beautifully shaded, adding depth and dimension to the artwork. Let’s go get this remarkable star tattoo.

55. Artistic Roses Collarbone Tattoo 


Here is a beautiful arrangement of roses inked along the collarbone and cascading down towards the shoulder. Some roses are red and the others are purple, so this contrast of colors is absolutely captivating. Give it a shot.

56. Quirky Bat Collarbone Tattoo


This tattoo above is a combo since the same design is placed on both sides. The bats are animated and they look so cute. Their wings are adorned with stars and a mesmerizing moon, creating a whimsical and magical vibe. Also, there are two beautiful flowers below the bat, one in blue and the other in red.

57. Mandarin Branch Collarbone Tattoo


Trust us, this tattoo is an absolute stunner! It looks effortlessly chic with a mini mandarin branch created by using fine lines. The mandarin branch symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and new beginnings. It’s like carrying a little burst of positive energy with you wherever you go.

58. Shady Koi Fish Collarbone Tattoo


Get a koi fish tattoo on your collarbone to shine! It is inked with intricate details and shading techniques so that it looks realistic. Plus, with the Koi Fish facing upward, it’s a symbol of a positive outlook and a desire for personal growth.

59. Ocean Waves Collarbone Tattoo 


If you want are an ocean lover, you’ll love this collarbone tattoo design. It’s a mesmerizing piece of art, featuring graceful blue waves that seem to come alive. But that’s not all! In a beautiful font, the word “Fearless” is delicately inscribed atop the waves.

60. Colorful Dragons Collarbone Tattoo 


Can you imagine the beauty of these three lil’ dragons sitting right there on your collarbone? The pink dragon is holding a delicate pink flower in its tiny claws while the blue one is blowing bubbles. Also, the purple dragon is carrying a flower basket. Go for it.

61. Blackwork Hummingbird Collarbone Tattoo


Blackwork tattoos have this timeless and bold appeal and they always look striking. Get this blackwork hummingbird tattoo that is inked right on the collarbone. With the right artist, the intricate lines and shading of the hummingbird will be brought to life, and you gonna feel great.

62. Ornate Key Collarbone Tattoo


Why not take the plunge and let this ornate key tattoo be the perfect accessory to adorn your collarbone and unlock a world of possibilities? It is quite detailed and realistic.

63. Whale & Jellyfish Collarbone Tattoo


A cute whale and a jellyfish swimming together in harmony, both wearing the most charming colors you can imagine – pink, purple, and blue! Isn’t it amazing?Plus, there are sparkling little stars sprinkled all around them, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Who Wants A Collarbone Tattoo?

Which one of these collarbone tattoos you can’t wait to try out and do yourself? Let us know which print is your favorite and what tattoo you want to try out. We know that you will easily find a clear winner!

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