30+ Crying Heart Tattoos: Etching Emotions into Art

Heart tattoos have long been emblems of love, passion, and a deep sense of empathy, but when it comes to crying heart designs, the symbolism takes a profound and poignant turn. Historically, the crying heart image has been associated with sorrow, loss, or even unrequited love. A beautifully tragic sentiment etched onto skin, it serves as a raw, open declaration of feelings that are often kept under wraps.

The beauty of the crying heart tattoo lies not only in its visually captivating design, but also in its powerful meaning. It provides a cathartic way to express one’s innermost emotions, while also acting as a permanent reminder of the trials, tribulations, and resilience that life brings. It’s not just about commemorating pain, it’s about acknowledging a part of one’s journey and celebrating the strength that comes from it.

When a person chooses to get a crying heart tattoo, they are making a bold statement. This isn’t a design chosen lightly; it carries with it the weight of an emotional experience, the echoes of a story that the wearer holds dear. It’s a testament to the beauty of vulnerability, to the value of our emotions and experiences. Every crying heart tattoo carries a unique narrative, a story waiting to be shared and appreciated.

Now, you’re about to witness the power of this beautiful symbol through more than 30 crying heart tattoo ideas, each uniquely showcasing the depth of human emotion. As you scroll through, keep an eye out for the intricate details and consider the stories that could be behind these powerful pieces. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this pool of emotion, art, and self-expression. Let the journey begin!

1. Line Art Crying Heart Tattoo


In this calf tattoo design, the heart is depicted with tears streaming down its surface, while the lady’s face showcases a blend of sadness and grace. Just simple lines are used to draw the heart and great shading techniques are used to create the lady’s eyes and lips.

2. Neo Traditional Art Crying Heart Tattoo


If you wanna get an amazing tattoo on your leg, you’re in the right place. This traditional tattoo features a vibrant red heart that represents deep emotions, while the tear symbolizes the pain and vulnerability that can come from love. The accompanying quote, “loser in love,” conveys a sense of resilience in the face of heartbreak. Plus, the roses look cute.

3. Two Crying Heart Tattoo on Arm


With the placement of two crying hearts on the arm, this tattoo design will be a visual representation of the emotional weight carried by you. If you have noticed, there is something strange in one of these hearts. The one above doesn’t cry but laugh. This can show that it is possible to laugh and cry at the same time.

4. Black & Grey Crying Heart Thigh Tattoo


In this remarkable tattoo design, the black and grey rendition of the crying heart creates a somber and introspective atmosphere. It is placed on the thigh and showcases the timeless beauty of black and grey ink. Dark shading details are also used to emphasize the face in a great way.

5. Tiny Crying Heart Tattoo


Why not getting a small heart tattoo with a tear gently cascading down from its eyes? This arm tattoo emphasizes minimalism and simplicity by using clean lines and precise details to convey the emotional impact. Give it a shot for a powerful message!

6. Crying Heart and Butterfly Tattoo Design


We are speechless! Here is a tattoo of a delicate butterfly gently resting on a tearful heart, symbolizing both vulnerability and resilience. On top of the orange butterfly, pink colored crying heart is placed with thin lines. Some sparkle effects are given on the tears and wings. It is absolutely amazing.

7. Barbed Wire & Crying Heart Tattoo


This upper arm tattoo above combines two powerful symbols: the heart and barbed wire. The heart represents love, emotion, and vulnerability, while the barbed wire represents strength and protection. Inside the heart, there is a cute face and and her beautiful eyelashes and lips look adorable. Plus, there is a black dot on her forehead.

8. Crying Heart and Cat Leg Tattoo 


This crying heart design with cat shape seamlessly blends the profound emotions of a tearful heart with the charm and grace of a feline companion. Inside the heart, there is a blue cat closing its eyes and crying. Its tears stand out because of the glittery effect.

9. Strawberry Crying Heart Arm Tattoo 


Why not intertwining the sweetness of the strawberry with the depths of human sentiment with this strawberry crying heart design? It’s like a reminder of the delicate balance between joy and sorrow that exists within the human experience. Whether you wish to express the bittersweet nature of life or to honor a cherished memory, this tattoo is a meaningful choice.

10. Sailor Moon Anime Crying Heart Tattoo


In this particular tattoo, Sailor Moon is depicted with tears streaming down her face, expressing a sense of emotion. What makes this one a crying tattoo is the heart-shaped line around her face. Get this colorful tattoo to show your love for Sailor Moon and the emotions it evokes.

11. Fun Crying Heart Inner Arm Tattoo 


Are you ready to have fun with your new inner arm tattoo? It’s a big blue heart that looks a bit sad, but it’s also super cool! This heart is wearing stylish yellow sunglasses in the shape of stars. It’s like the heart is saying, “Hey, I may be feeling a little down, but I’m still rocking these awesome shades!”

12. Artistic Crying Heart Leg Tattoo


It’s such an artistic and cool tattoo! The centerpiece is a crying heart, which represents deep emotions and surrounding the heart is a throne-like background, adding a touch of regality and strength to the design. At the top of the throne, there is a skull. Give it a shot.

13. Minimal Crying Heart Neck Tattoo


If you’re having a tattoo for perhaps the first time and aren’t sure how much pain you can handle, choose a basic tattoo design. The design above is a basic and stylish crying heart. The corners of the heart is given a dark shade to emphasize it and it looks awesome!

14. Flower Motif & Crying Heart Tattoo


Many folks want to incorporate more within their crying heart design. Thus, you might include the identity of the person you lost or some lovely floral motifs like above. The red flowers with yellow leaves will add to the appeal of your realistic crying heart shape. Plus, the green stem coming out of the heart is a nice detail.

15. Sword and Crying Heart Calf Tattoo


If you feel cheated by a previous relationship, you might incorporate an arrow into your tattoo. The sword symbol flowing through the bleeding heart represents the intensity of your suffering. Many well-known tattoo artists may be able to duplicate this design for you!

16. Pink Broken Crying Heart Leg Tattoo


Picture a cute, little pink broken heart, but don’t worry, it’s not sad forever. This special tattoo shows the heart shedding a few tears, but it’s not a sign of permanent sadness. Instead, it represents a journey of healing and resilience with its broken pieces.

17. Crying Heart Tattoo on the Ankle


Placing your crying heart tattoo on the ankle allows for a concealable display of the tattoo. Have your tattooist drawn a simple heart shape and face parts inside. Then, adding tears and some dots in different parts of the face is a good idea to take your ankle tattoo to a different level.

18. Dark Art Crying Heart Tattoo Design


Now, if you’re one for thinking outside the box, how about adding a twist to your crying heart by tattooing it? Picture this – a spiked fence around your heart, a testament to the walls you’ve built around it. It’s a clear message that you’re not letting anyone, friend or lover, break your heart again.

19. Funny Red Crying Heart Tattoo


Who says a broken heart has to be a tragedy, though? Why not turn it into a comedy? A red crying heart tattoo with a humorous twist is a great way to keep your spirits high, even in the face of heartbreak and grief. This one above is placed on arm and especially the mouth of this cute heart is so funny with two little teeth.

20. Crying Heart Lower Back Tattoo


Doesn’t it look like an alien? An alien heart sounds very exciting. This lower back tattoo design showcases your affinity for extraterrestrial themes because the artist captured the image of an alien shedding tears. Go for it to stand out.

21. Crying Lady Face and Heart Tattoo


If you want to capture the beauty and emotion of human expression, this realistic tattoo is for you. It depicts a heartfelt moment where the lady’s tears symbolize deep emotions and sensitivity. The artist has skillfully created a lifelike representation because we can see intricate details of her facial features.

22. Crying Heart Inner Arm Tattoo


On the inside of the arm, there is a tattoo of a weeping heart, and the tears flow outward from the heart. The shading technique is applied with small dots, and the eyes and nose are particularly highlighted, creating a striking effect.

23. Traditional Art Crying Heart Tattoo


A beautiful leg tattoo has been created using traditional art techniques, featuring a heart that appears to be crying. Vibrant shades of red and blue were used to bring this design to life. The heart seems to be in pain as it has its mouth wide open.

24. Minimalist Crying Heart Arm Tattoo


On the upper arm, there’s a minimalist crying heart tattooed. The heart has a nose and a mouth, but instead, black teardrops are emphasized. It creates a unique and expressive design that conveys a mix of emotions. The black tears add a touch of depth and melancholy to the overall look.

25. Crying Heart Behind the Ear Tattoo


The design above appears to be quite simple, and the corners of the heart are specifically shaded to create a shadow effect. This gives the tattoo some depth and adds an interesting touch to the overall look. It’s a unique and expressive choice for a tattoo placement, which is behind the ear.

26. Gothic Crying Heart Thigh Tattoo 


On the thigh, there’s a pretty gothic-style crying heart tattooed, and behind it, there are five sharp spikes drawn. The gothic-style crying heart adds an element of deep emotion and mystery to the artwork. And those five sharp spikes drawn behind it give it an extra touch of intensity. It must have taken a skilled artist to create such an intriguing combination.

27. Traditional Art Sword and Crying Heart Tattoo


On the back of the leg, there is a heart with tears streaming down, as if it’s crying. It appears that a sword has passed through the heart, causing it pain. To add some colorful touches, there are blue flowers on top and yellow flowers below the heart.

28. Cute Crying Heart Tattoo


On the upper inner part of the arm, there’s a cute little crying heart drawn. It has a minimal design with a yellow color above and a blue color below. The tears of the heart have turned into a reddish shade at the bottom. Give it a try.

29. Old School Crying Heart Tattoo


Wanna have a beautiful tattoo of a heart with a touch of nostalgia? The thigh tattoo design above is created using a thin, black line to outline the heart shape. To add depth and character, vibrant red shadows are delicately blended into the heart’s cheeks, chin, and forehead. These shadows give the heart a lifelike appearance, almost as if it’s shedding a tear.

30. Fragmented Crying Heart Tattoo 


There’s a fragmented, tear-stained girl’s face drawn within the confines of a heart-shaped frame. On one side of the beautifully drawn girl’s face, realistic details depict a delicate arrangement of blue flowers. The flowers symbolize hope, growth, and renewal, infusing the artwork with a sense of optimism amidst the girl’s emotional struggle.

31. Contemporary Crying Heart Tattoo


Such a unique piece of art! The heart is intricately drawn leaning on one side and it appears as if the heart is gently submerging into water, creating a captivating oceanic effect. It’s a touching and visually striking design that truly captures the emotions of the heart.

32. Black and Grey Crying Heart Tattoo


Why don’t you get a crying heart tattooed on the inner part of your arm? The heart has been beautifully designed with shades of gray, giving it a sense of depth. Not only is the heart expressing sadness, but it also has furrowed eyebrows, adding to its melancholic appearance.

33. Crying Heart and Arrow Tattoo


Picture a heart with expressive eyes, shedding delicate tears that symbolize vulnerability and strength. The arrows around the heart pierce through its body, illustrating the challenges life throws our way, yet the heart endures. Go and get it on your arm.

As we conclude this exploration of crying heart tattoos, remember that each design carries more than meets the eye. These tattoos tell stories of love, loss, heartbreak, and resilience, providing a unique insight into the wearer’s journey. They serve as a constant reminder of our capacity to feel deeply and recover fiercely. Now that you’ve taken a glimpse into this captivating world of emotional artistry, I invite you to continue this journey, immerse yourself in these narratives, and maybe even find inspiration for your own story to ink. Happy exploring!

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