Daith Piercing: 30 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ear Accessory

If you’re considering getting a new ear piercing, you may have come across the daith piercing. The daith is the small, folded piece of cartilage located at the innermost part of the ear, just above the ear canal. While some people may find the daith piercing to be a painful experience, others report only mild discomfort during the procedure.

In recent years, daith piercings have gained popularity due to their unique placement and potential health benefits, such as alleviating symptoms of migraines and other types of headaches by targeting a specific pressure point in the ear, for certain individuals. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support this claim, and more research is needed to fully understand the potential health benefits of daith piercings.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your ear party or curious about the daith piercing trend, this post has compiled 30 daith piercing ideas to inspire your next piercing adventure.

1. Opal Gold Daith Piercing 


The opal gold ear jewelry is a beautiful and stylish option for those who want to add some glamour to their daith piercing. Shiny gemstones are covered in a circular shape and on top of them, solid gold decorations are added to give an ornamental look.

2. Purple Captive Bead Daith Piercing


You can easily use this type of piercing since it consists of a bead that is held captive in the center of the piercing. In this design, the purple-colored bead is placed in the center of the ring and the ring is then inserted through the daith. The purple color of the bead adds an extra touch of style and you need to try it out.

3. Daith Piercing with Champagne Sapphires 


A daith piercing with triangle cut Champagne Sapphires can be a unique and stylish way to add some sparkle to your ear jewelry collection. Plus, its gold details make it look fabulous.

4. Baguette Stone Waterway Daith Piercing


The baguette stone waterway jewelry has been so popular recently. The baguette creates a visually stunning and unique look, while the waterway design refers to the placement of the stone which creates a shimmering effect. Go for this chic daith piercing.

5. Swiss Blue Topaz Daith Piercing


This small and thin daith piercing features a flower that is decorated with swiss blue topaz gemstones. It’s a perfect piercing, especially for women since it offers a feminine look. We also love how it’s a gemstone that looks like ice.

6. Sedona Seam Ring Daith Piercing


Here is a great body jewelry that looks stunning. The sedona seam ring is a type of ring that is designed with a seam, which is an area where the ends of the ring overlap, creating a smooth and seamless appearance. In this design, it is decorated with a sky blue and mystic topaz.

7. Pink Clicker Daith Piercing


If you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, this metallic pink faith piercing will do that. It is a simple clicker that you can easily use. The clicker jewelry piece is designed with a hinged closure that clicks into place, making it easy to put on and take off.

8. Swirl Daith Piercing


If you’ve decided to get a daith piercing, it means you gonna stand out but you can also take it to another level with a swirl design. The piercing above features a unique jewelry piece that is made from silver and has a swirling design, which is placed through the piercing.

9. Shiny Daith Piercing Jewelry


Are you ready to shine with this daith piercing that is quite sparkly? In this two-layered design, the first layer consists of small square rhinestones, while the second layer consists of drop-shaped rhinestones. Give it a shot.

10. Gold Daith Piercing


Gold accessory lovers will adore definitely adore this piercing. It involves inserting a piece of jewelry made of gold with a rhinestone decoration into the piercing. The half of the piercing is covered with rhinestones, which adds an elegant look.

11. Daith Piercing with Purple Rhinestones


How great can purple rhinestones with blue sparkles make a piercing? Thanks to this piercing clip, it can be easily put on and taken off. Get ready to stand out with this purple rhinestone jewelry placed side by side on a silver ring.

12. Rainbow Crystal Daith Piercing


The beautiful piercing above is adorned with a hoop with multiple colorful crystals that form a rainbow pattern. The colors are red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Go for this popular trend in body piercing.

13. Artistic Daith Piercing


Those who are fond of ornamental designs can go for this daith piercing. This clip-on design features a white and elegant drop-shaped gemstone in the middle, and spiral ornamental shapes on the right and left.

14. Silver Daith Piercing


Those who love elaborate jewelry will love this daith piercing. There are two dots and a glittering rhinestone inside the five triangular ornaments placed on a thin silver ring. Give it a shot to shine.

15. Ruby Gemstone Daith Piercing


Who can say no to a golden snake piercing? A coffin-shaped red ruby gemstone is placed on the side of this snake design, which gives the appearance of snake skin when placed on the ear. It is quite fabulous and looks great.

16. Moon Shape Daith Piercing


The daith piercing above features a crescent moon-shaped piece that sits snugly in the curve of the ear. Have the piercer insert the moon-shaped jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

17. Wheat Daith Piercing


The symbol of wheat is often associated with prosperity, abundance, and fertility, so why not having a daith piercing with a wheat motif? Its material is gold and it is sure to make you rock.

18. Blue Topaz and Gold Daith Piercing


Here is a classic piece of daith jewelry that is bent or curved in the shape of a J, featuring a blue topaz gemstone, and made of gold. The gold part that covers the gemstone has intricate details, which is stunning.

19. Green Leaf Daith Piercing


Here is a small leaf design on a daith piercing that is made of green-colored material. The leaf is attached to the piercing in the middle. Go for this unique leaf motif, which is associated with nature, growth, and harmony.

20. Daith Piercing with Pink and Purple Gemstones


Pink and purple create a great combo for jewelry, so let’s use them in a daith piercing. In the design above, square shaped quartz which are pink and purple are lined together and they look great in this small piercing.

21. Classy Daith Piercing


This gold daith piercing is totally a dream piece! In this piercing, which almost covers the inner ear, thin rods, one long and one short, are placed together and add a very stylish and cool look.

22. Snake Daith Piercing


Symbolizing protection, rebirth and immortality, snakes are a great choice for jewelry. In this daith piercing, a small snake is placed on a thin hoop and it looks so stylish.

23. Emerald Daith Piercing


Emerald gemstone is a popular choice as a decorative element in the piercing. Its perfect shade of dark green is best paired with a golden material like this hoop above. If you like this gemstone, give it a shot.

24. Heart-Shaped Daith Piercing


The heart shape has always been a favorite for most people, so it can be a great idea to wear a heart shape daith piercing. It is pretty small and with its gold material, you are sure to look so cute by wearing it.

25. Spider Web Daith Piercing


How about placing a sweet spider web on the thin silver hoop daith piercing? Spider webs are a great inspiration for many things, and this time, a small spider web took the piercing to another level.

26. Gold Mandala Daith Piercing 


If you are looking for a unique and stylish piercing that also has spiritual significance, this gold mandala piercing is for you. Inside of it, there are several designs such as a gold line, a line with silver rhinestones and beads.

27. Hexagonal Titanium Hinged Daith Piercing 


This type of piercing is popular among those who want a unique and stylish look, as the hexagonal shape of the jewelry is not commonly seen in other types of piercings. It is hinged, meaning it has a mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed, making it easy to put on and take off.

28. Cross Daith Piercing


How about a daith piercing with a cross symbolizing your Christian faith? With this cross made with an old design and placed inside the thin ring, you will feel as if you have found a piece from ancient times and placed it in your ear.

29. Raven Daith Piercing


Here is an another pretty cool piercing! Half of this elegant gold-plated piercing is in the form of a thin ring and half of it is covered with a thorn-like design. You are sure to get a lot of compliments by wearing it.

30. Daith Piercing with a Bee-Shaped Titanium


The bee design adds a unique touch to the piercing with its gemstone wings, and the titanium material ensures that it is hypoallergenic and safe for long-term wear. Symbolizing diligence, wisdom and creativity, this bee deserves to be in your daith piercing.

31. Spiral Ruby Daith Piercing


The spiral shape of the jewelry creates a unique and eye-catching effect, while the ruby gemstones in two different ends of the piercing adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look. It can be worn as a single piercing or combined with other ruby piercings for a more elaborate and edgy style.

32. Gold Pyramid Daith Piercing


This daith piercing design, half of which is designed in the shape of a pyramid, actually has two different rings. In this design, which gives the appearance of two piercings, two gold pieces, one large and one small, are combined into a single earring. Give it a shot.

33. Showy Daith Piercing


A five-drop gemstone arrangement, which is placed in a row in a single hoop, is great for those who like shiny jewelry. The gemstone that is placed in the middle is bigger than the other four ones and it looks awesome!

Your daith piercing is a unique reflection of your personality and individuality, and a form of self-expression that speaks volumes about your personal taste. To ensure that your new piercing is both beautiful and safe, it’s crucial to find a reputable piercer and carefully consider your jewelry options. With the 30 daith piercing ideas provided in this post, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to choose a design that resonates with you.

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