Dandelion Tattoos: 30+ Examples, Meaning and Top Drawings

Dandelion tattoos can be quite fun and are a unique design that most women can’t resist. Do you like flowers or floral tattoos? How about this dandelion flower and design in particular? If this sounds like something that you fancy just know that it is your lucky day! In fact, we’re going to list a ton of cool and different dandelion ideas. You can find your next simple, colorful, or black and white tattoo down below. Find an image that suits you, but also consider a fun placement while browsing through these 30+ creations.

What Does A Dandelion Tattoo Symbolize?

Dandelion tattoos are thought of as being cool and positive tattoos. Their meaning is bright and optimistic, as well as powerful. Usually, a dandelion symbolizes strength, happiness, and personal growth. It also stands for hope and healing of any kind, mostly spiritual and emotional. Anyone who has been through something tough or rough will enjoy this tattoo and its meaning.

Who Can Go For A Dandelion Tattoo?

There are no rules when it comes to who can get or go for a dandelion tattoo. The truth is that this design is so universal, often worn by both genders just as equally. If you’re intrigued by flowers and floral options in general this will suit you. Anyone who likes cute and cool tattoos will be interested in this concept, no matter your age even! Alternatively you can take a look at chrysanthemum and aster flower tattoos, too.

Where To Place A Dandelion Tattoo?

The placement can vary when it comes to getting a flower tattoo of any kind. Most men prefer bigger tattoos and designs across their backs or legs. Women enjoy simplicity, which means that they tend to go for smaller neck or wrist/arm designs. If you’re a fan of bigger tattoos consider adding color. Smaller tattoos will look lovely in black and white ink.

How Pricey Are Dandelion Tattoos?

Prices truly vary. Tattoo artists across the world can offer different services and qualities. The final price point depends on the expertise and reputation of your tattoo artist. In most cases, you’re looking at a price range of $100-$400.

Black & White Dandelion Tattoos

1. Small Dandelion Tattoo  


Cute and simple, perfect for minimalism lovers who are afraid of the needle and the tattooing process.

2. Two Dandelion Tattoos


Go for this cool transitioning dandelion tattoo if you’re someone who likes to show character and development.

3. Dandelion Chest Tattoo 


This cool back tattoo will look great on those who have a clear vision and have a great quote in mind that they want to share with the world.

4. Dandelion Arm Tattoo 


Remind yourself that you have to breathe and stay relaxed at any moment, no matter the situation.

5. Simple Dandelion Tattoo 


Anyone who likes to grow and is influenced by current life transitions will like this tattoo.

6. Thigh Dandelion Tattoo 


A thigh tattoo is for girls who like sexy placements and sensual ideas.

7. Artsy Dandelion Tattoo 


This dandelion tattoo will suit women who are mysterious and mystical, as well as women who like to look spiritual.

8. Cool Dandelion Tattoo 


Show that you’re still a child at heart with this unique and quirky tattoo.

9. Foot Dandelion Tattoo 


Heads up since this foot tattoo will be painful to go for.

10. Dandelion Tattoo For Men


Men who like bigger tattoos and those who want to assert dominance will like this giant print.

11. Stomach Dandelion Tattoo 


Cute little stomach tattoo that you’re going to enjoy for looking sensual.

Colorful Dandelion Tattoos

1. Forearm Dandelion Tattoo 


Watercolor tattoo and pop of color will suit creative women.

2. Orange Dandelion Tattoo 


Orange is a color of power and renewal. Go for this funky colorful art if you like playful tattoos.

3. Orange Wrist Dandelion Tattoo 


Small and cute wrist tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re into smaller ideas.

4. Bright Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo 


Book this tattoo only if you fully trust your tattoo artist.

5. Back Tattoo Dandelion Print 


Cute design that you’re going to like if you’re a mystical and spiritual person.

6. Realistic Dandelion Tattoo 


A colorful tattoo such as this one will look great on both genders.

7. Purple & Blue Dandelion Tattoo


If you want to stand out consider this giant and bold design.

8. Arsty Tattoo Dandelion Flower 


Women who like pops of blue and yellow will enjoy this design.

9. Bright Yellow Dandelion Tattoo 


A yellow dandelion will symbolize your cheerful and positive personality.

10. Artsy Colorful Dandelion Tattoos 


Show that you’re still a child at heart and that you know how to have fun.

11. Shoulder Dandelion Tattoo Print


Small, cute and straightforward, who wouldn’t love this tattoo?!

12. Big Thigh Dandelion Tattoo 


A giant thigh tattoo such as this one will take you around 4 hours to do.

13. Artsy Colorful Dandelion Art 


Women who are artsy and naturally creative will like design and its pop of color.

14. Dandelion Tattoo On Arm 


This dandelion tattoo will take you 3-5 hours to do, so heads up.

15. Chest Tattoo Dandelion Print 


Chest or collarbone tattoos can be pricey and painful, so be prepared for it.

16. Orange Dandelion Tattoo 


This is a common tattoo design that a lot of women like to wear. Are you one of them?

17. Green Colorful Dandelion Tattoo 


Combine green and blue since they are mystical colors, often worn by those who like flashy art.

18. Abstract Dandelion Tattoo 


Realistic and colorful, this green and the yellow dandelion tattoo will look stylish and artsy.

19. Colorful Leg Dandelion Tattoo 


Discreet and stylish, this ankle tattoo is for those who like colorful prints.

20. Watercolor 3D Dandelion Tattoo


Watercolor splash tattoo is always a good call to make. Why not rock it?!

21. Chest Tattoo Of A Dandelion 


Lastly, embrace freedom and show that you’re always looking for your own personal way of having fun and feeling relief.

Who Is Ready To Commit?
Want to commit to a fun and new tattoo? Are you looking for something that is meaningful, pretty, and spiritual? If that is the case we know that you’re going to enjoy this list and several different tattoo options. Let us know which one is your top pick.

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