30+ Dice Tattoos: Best Drawings and Meaning of Dice

Dice tattoos are a classic design that has been around for centuries. The look of the dice is bold, but also has a certain elegance to it. It’s easy to see why people have been drawn to this design as a tattoo.

The earliest dice were made from pebbles, shells, and seeds. In ancient Greece, for example, warriors used to throw small bones from sheep (the knucklebones) in order to determine if their battle was going to be successful. Later on in China, sticks were used instead. In the Roman Empire, soldiers would use dice as a way to gamble during downtime—and it was actually considered good luck to lose! The Romans called these games “alea.”

Dice tattoos can mean many things, depending on the context in which they’re used. A dice tattoo might represent a person’s life or their luck in love and relationships. For example, if the dice has six sides with all of them showing up, this could symbolize a good luck charm or something else positive in your life. If the dice have five sides showing up and one side showing down, this could mean trouble ahead or bad luck.

Dice tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body, but they are most often found on people’s wrists or ankles because these areas will be visible when they wear short sleeves or shorts in warmer months (or short sleeves or skirts in cooler months).

1. Dice Tattoo With A Hat


If you’re a fan of black tattoos consider this design. It is often a must-do piece for big gamblers and people who like bringing and feeling good luck! This tattoo will show that you always have a trick up your sleeve.

2. Colorful Dice Tattoo


You can dedicate a dice tattoo to someone in your life. If you know of someone who struggles with an addiction you can go for this tattoo. It will suit both genders, ideal for men and women who wish to stop gambling.

3. Red Dice Tattoo


Red dice tattoos are big, bright, and gorgeous. If you’re a fan of colorful ideas and you like to gamble with passion or your heart go for this dynamic duo of two fives.

4. Three Dice Tattoos


Go for a dice tattoo of all of your favorite numbers. Adding that personal hint and touch to a tattoo can make it into a customizable and one-of-a-kind solution.

5. Behind The Ear Dice Tattoo


Neck tattoos are not that popular, but they can look so good! If you dare and want to show your tattoo to the world consider this small and pastel-inspired option, perfect for artsy and creative individuals.

6. Green Dice Tattoo


The green color usually symbolizes good luck and wealth. If you feel lucky and you know of ways how to win big (smart and responsible), this dice tattoo is your must!

7. Arm Dice Tattoo


Arm tattoos or wrist tattoos are for those who dare to wear something big and bold. This dice tattoo will let the world see your true side, the one that you’re not embarrassed showing since you’ve grown out of it, or you have accepted the person you truly are.

8. Shoulder Dice Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos can look great when done in a brighter color. This fiery flame design is for those who want to assert dominance and those who aren’t afraid of their path or outcome in life.

9. Little Devil Dice Tattoo


Funny and a bit innocent-looking despite the fact that it is a devil, this dice tattoo will show that you’re well aware of your actions and that you know how sinful or dangerous they can be.

10. Arm Dice Tattoo Print


If you fully trust your tattoo artist and you are a fan of noticeable designs this tattoo is for you. Go for a hand design and show how deceiving and controversial this topic can be with two masks facing each other.

11. Half Sleeve Dice Tattoo


Big, bright, and bold, this half sleeve tattoo is all about expressing your sense of style and love for colors. If you’re someone who likes to gamble and throw the dice express your creativity with this one-of-a-kind sleeve tattoo.

12. Retro Dice Tattoo


Making your design funny and a bit retro, this tattoo shows both your sides and how much time has changed and you’ve changed! Go for your early days and a symbol that speaks of them, along with a dice design that has been representing your last few years.

13. Small Dice Tattoo


So cool and artsy, this tattoo is symmetrical and so well-done. People who like to wear smaller tattoos with clean and neat outlines will enjoy this concept.

14. Spider & Dice Tattoo


You can show that you’re afraid of spiders, but also that you’re afraid of gambling since it has had an impact of some sort on you. Perfect for men who enjoy black ink.

15. Colorful Dice Tattoo


Small, petite, and cute, this colorful artsy dice tattoo is often worn by both genders who are creative and who like to express their style and love for art through minimalism.

16. Blue Dice Tattoo Design


Blue dice tattoo such as this one is for guys whose favorite color is blue and who like to gamble as a hobby. Make sure that you have patience when it comes to this tattoo.

17. Mystical Dice Tattoo


Cute and detailed, this little black dice tattoo is for those who prefer artsy prints and their own unique touch toward tattoos. Show that you’re always having fun and that you’re all for goofy moments.

18. Three Dice Tattoo Ideas


Small and petite, this little dice tattoo is minimalistic and retro. Women and men who like to get quick and easy tattoos will enjoy this concept. It is perfect for relaxed and chill individuals who occasionally like to gamble.

19. Dice Tattoo & Cards


If you’re a big player yourself this card and dice tattoo is for you. Let the world see you as a real deal and embrace this gorgeous and giant black-and-white ink design.

20. Neck Dice Tattoo


Neck tattoos are usually worn only by those who dare. Does this sound like you? If your job allows you to wear flashy designs consider trying this risky print.

21. Feminine Dice Tattoo


Small, simple, and straightforward, this dice tattoo will take you less than two hours to achieve. If you prefer petite and simpler tattoos consider this anywhere on your body.

22. Dice Tattoo With Hearts


Show your love for gambling and numbers with this tattoo. If you’ve ever won a huge cash prize this tattoo will suit you and will show just that.

23. Risky Dice Tattoo


Ready to have fun and risk it all? Go for a saying “f*ck it” and put them on top of your dice. This will leave a strong statement worth exploring and showing off.

24. Red Dice Tattoo Design


If your lucky number is eight consider this dice tattoo. Show that you’re a fan of spiritual and deep links to your tattoo this way and with red heart prints.

25. Dice Tattoo Number 13


In case you’ve lost a ton of money by betting on one number in particular (such as the number 13), this dice tattoo will suit you. Show that you’re well aware of your actions and that you’re not ashamed of the outcome.

26. Daredevil Dice Tattoo


If you were born to gamble this black dice tattoo will look great on you. Pair it up with a little daredevil symbol and you’re going to like its scary representation.

27. Dice Tattoo On Neck


Neck tattoos are only for those who dare to look bold. Does this sound like you and is within your character? If you don’t mind telling the world about your gambling and dice love or addiction consider this colorful tattoo.

28. Dice Tattoo With Cards


This ace of spades and dice duo will look great on those who are true casino lovers. If these are your favorite games online and in-person consider rocking the print itself!

29. Icy Black Dice Tattoo


Lucky number seven represented through a cool dice tattoo will look amazing on both genders. If you’re a fan of icy cool-looking ideas this will suit you + it is not too pricey either.

30. Cool Dice Tattoo


Lastly, these two cool dice symbols will represent the cool gambling persona that you tend to put out. If you’re a fan of retro cartoon ink and you fancy unique tattoos consider this duo.
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Which tattoo do you want to wear and try out rocking yourself? Are you more so into big and flashy or small black and white ink designs? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to have a fun time styling and showing off some of these prints that will match your character, just pick wisely.

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