70 Dog Tattoo Ideas to Show Your Dog Love

People getting their furry one tattooed on them has become increasingly popular. Dog parents use it as a tribute to their furry friend or love the idea of bringing their dog with them everywhere they go. These dog tattoos can be hyper realistic or a more cartoon version of their pal.

If you’re interested in getting your dog tattooed on you but you’re unsure of where to start, here are some of our favorites to get you going.

1. Portrait


Find someone that is great at doing portraits of dogs.

2. Dainty


Flowers are a great way to fill in space with your dog.

3. Minimal


Your dog tattoo doesn’t need to be massive.

4. Colorful


Brighten your pup up with a lot of color.

5. Black and White


Let your little pal shine all on its own.

6. Sketch


Have some fun with your dog design.

7. Framed


Let you tattoo look more like a photo.

8. Imagination


Your dog tattoo can be anything you want it to be.

9. Realistic


Find someone who specializes in dog tattoos.

10. Paw Print


Get their paw print for an extra special meaning.

11. Flair


Add a little flair to your dog tattoo.

12. Fine Line


Your dog tattoo doesn’t have to be super detailed.

13. Playful


Make your dog into whatever you want it to be.

14. Details


It’s the small details that matter.

15. Color


The right amount of color will make a tattoo.

16. Traditional


Go a little more traditional with your dog tattoo.

17. Friendship


Show how your dog is your best friend.

18. Large


Create large and fun pieces with your dog.

19. Cartoon


Your dog can be a mermaid if you want.

20. Fun


Have fun with your dog tattoo and make it uniquely yours.

21. Silhouette

A silhouette of your dog makes a perfect tattoo.


A silhouette of your dog makes a perfect tattoo.



Watercolor is a great thing to add to your dog tattoo.

23. Royal


Your dog can be a royal if you want.

24. Funny


Remember your dog any way you want.

25. Sleeve


You can make a cool sleeve tattoo with your dogs.

26. Dimensional


Add some cool dimensional aspects to your tattoo.

27. Lisa Frank


Turn your dog into a Lisa Frank cartoon.

28. Memorial


A photo inside a paw print makes for a beautiful piece.

29. Little


You don’t need a lot for an awesome tattoo.

30. Abstract


Turn your dog tattoo into a cool abstract piece.

31. Design


Create your dog tattoo with some cool designs.

32. Family


Your whole family of dogs can be tattooed.

33. Special


Add whatever you want to make your tattoo special.

34. Pretty


Make your tattoo pretty and fun.

35. Dual


Have fun with your dog tattoos.

36. Doodle


A doodle can make a beautiful dog tattoo.

37. Full Sleeve


Your dog tattoo can make for one large piece.

38. Nature


If your dog loves nature add it.

39. Warrior


Let you dog be your warrior.

40. Princess


There is a wide variety of options when it comes to make a cool and unique dog tattoo. You can make it your own special piece that will stay with you forever.

41. Adorable Dog Tattoo


We’re sure you’ve never seen a dog dressed in such a cute way! King Charles Spaniels are known for being great with children and other pets as well as being a companion dog. In this tattoo, colorful inks of brown, white and grey are used to give a realistic look. The dog appears to be sitting up and looking at its owner. The hippo headband and its small tail look so cute that you want to go and get this tattoo right away.

42. Pitbull Head Tattoo


Pitbulls are known for their loyalty, strength, and courage, making them a popular choice for tattoos. With this tough-looking dog tattoo, you can both show your love for this breed and symbolize power. This line tattoo is also perfect for those who want a minimal tattoo.

43. Traditional Greyhound Dog Tattoo


In traditional tattoos, bold, black lines and bright, vibrant colors are used. The greyhound above is shown with its ears back as it runs, giving the impression of speed and movement. This breed are known for their ability to run at high speeds for long distances, so this tattoo can be a symbol of speed, strength, and endurance.

44. Simple Triple Dog Tattoos


The next tattoo design involves a line and minimalist design that features three small dog silhouettes arranged in a row. All of them are different breeds and they all look stylish on back of the arm. The dogs are typically depicted in black ink and have a minimalistic, stylized appearance. Go for it just because you love dogs or because you have these pets.

45. Dog Tattoo on Calf


Are you looking for a tattoo design that can be a tribute to your beloved pet or your pet that has passed away? The tattoo features an image of a canine companion and it is detailed with shading details. It partly covers the calf. The phrase “all dogs go to heaven” implies that dogs, like humans, have souls and will be rewarded in the afterlife for their loyalty and love. The saying is also highlighted by using a black inked background with white inked letters.

46. Cartoon Dog Tattoo


This cute cartoon dog sitting on a pillow and holding a coffee cup will cheer you up! The image could be symbolic of your love for your pet in a fun style, or it could simply be a design you found appealing. It doesn’t show the reality but with its vibrant color palette and fun details, this tattoo can be a nice idea.

47. Tiny Dog Circular Tattoo


Here is a small tattoo design that features a cute, miniature dog with long ears. The dog is depicted in a simple and realistic style with big eyes. Also, the tattoo is  circular in shape, and it is placed on the upper arm. The dog looks so funny and the circular shape that is colored with a gray ink makes it stand out.

48. Detailed Dog Tattoo


How adorable this dog looks! If you have a similar dog, you can get this dog head tattoo. It is so fluffy and if you look at it closely, you can see how black, gray and white inks are used to create a realistic tattoo. The inclusion of a collar with the dog’s name suggests that the tattoo is a tribute or memorial to a specific pet that was dear to the person. It could be an artistic way for people to remember their pet after they passed away.

49. Dog Tattoo on Hand


You can shine with this cover up dog tattoo on the hand. This tattoo starts from the upper part of the hand and extends to the fingers and various line techniques are used on the facial features of the dog to make it look realistic. Also, the bandana drawn in red ink adds a playful look.

50. Dog Paws Tattoo on Arm


The tattoo typically features two large dog paws, near to one another, that depicted with perfect detailing and shading. It’s not super dark and the shading effects make these paws look real. You can get this tattoo to let everyone know about your love for animals or your love for your dog forever.

51. Cute Bulldog Tattoo


Although dogs are silent creatures, they express their love for their owners by using many different methods. Being creative in tattoo art is limitless, so the cute bulldog above is showing his love for his mom with the “i love mum” tattoo on his arm. This dog wearing a costume will look great on your leg.

52. Husky Portrait Tattoo


Huskies are amazing animals with their look and personality! The husky portrait above is very detailed and realistic, capturing the unique features and characteristics of the breed. To make a combo of this breed and modern tattoo design, geometrical shapes can be used. A triangle is placed behind the fluffy dog and it symbolizes stability and balance. Also, different shaped lines are placed around the husky so that the whole image looks awesome.

53. Dog Tattoo on Wrist


You can get a tattoo just because you love dogs, but if you have a dog and you want to get a special tattoo, this wrist tattoo might be a good idea. In this tattoo made with line technique, besides the dog’s face, its paw and name are also added. Also, the red heart placed above is a nice detail to show the love for the dog.

54. Line Art Dog Tattoo  


Instead of a detailed tattoo, you can look great with this simple and thin line tattoo. In the tattoo, the golden dog extends its paw into the hand of its owner. You can choose this tattoo to show the love and bond between you and your dog. Also, the heart sign placed above is very cute. Let’s turn your arm into something adorable.

55. Floral Couple Dog Tattoo


Can you spot this cute dog couple among a floral arrangement? All of these dense flowers look amazing with different sizes and the dogs are placed separately. The design is done in a fine line style, which means that the lines used to create the whole image are thin and delicate. We also need to say that the forearm is a popular spot due to its visibility.

56. Traditional Art Punk Dog Tattoo


Have you ever seen a punk dog like this? A circular shape is created with a red background and the dog is placed inside it. The most striking part is that he is wearing a leather jacket which is decorated with a leopard print and a skull. Also, this cool dog has a spiked collar. Created by using a traditional art design, the tattoo offers a unique technique with a bright color palette, too.

57. Cute Dog Tattoo with a Floral Circle


To commemorate a beloved pet, this tattoo is a nice idea. The tattoo design above features a portrait of a cute terrier puppy which is surrounded by a circle of floral elements, such as flowers and leaves. It is placed on back of arm so that you can easily cover it with clothing if you want. Go for this idea!

58. Portrait of Dog Tattoo


Doesn’t this dog with its tongue sticking out look so cute? In the tattoo, only the dog’s face is depicted in side profile. This dog looking in a different direction can be a great idea to show your dog lover side. In addition, the shadow transitions in this tattoo applied to the arm look very realistic.

59. Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Tattoo


These two small Yorkshire Terrier puppies are so cute, aren’t they? This tattoo is especially great for those who are the owner of two dogs. It may be intended to symbolize a bond or connection between the two puppies, or it may simply be chosen because of the wearer’s love for his dogs. You can also include the name of them and add hearts as a nice detail as well as framing the tattoos with a black ink.

60. Geometric Dog Tattoo


Geometric tattoos never go out of the style! The tattoo above features a face of a dog and it is divided into two different parts. The dog’s left face is drawn with a realistic technique so that a real dog look is achieved. To create a unique effect, the right face is created with geometric elements. As a final touch, random splashes are added around it.

61. Dog Balloon Tattoo


Why not getting a different dog tattoo? A dog balloon is a type of inflatable decoration that is shaped like a dog. Medium size dog balloon is placed on one of the most visible parts of the body, which is the neck.   The inks red and black could also hold additional meanings such as passion and power for red, and mystery and sophistication for black. They also highlight the balloon dog.

62. Memorial Dog Tattoo


If you have a photo taken with your dog, it means you have immortalized that moment. What if we say you can carry that moment in your body forever? In the tattoo above, we see a sweet dog and its owner holding hands. This never-ending friendship line has been applied to the arm area with the tattoo technique.

63. Funny Dog Tattoo


The image of a cute and playful pug wearing a colorful party hat will cheer you up! The party hat can symbolize celebration of your dog’s birthday party and it looks so funny. Plus, blue and orange inks are applied to the party hat to offer a cute flair to the tattoo.

64. Shiba Inu Dog Tattoo


Try this tattoo to be creative. A Shiba dog wears a suit and he looks so professional and symbolizes wealth and success. Also, a stamp-like image is given to the tattoo because there is a frame surrounding his portrait and  colorful inks are used. Go for it to catch everyone’s attention easily.

65. Dog Paw & Hand Tattoo


We know that there is strong bond and connection between a dog and its owner. If you want to show this bond and have it on your body forever, here is a great tattoo idea. In this tattoo, a human hand and a dog paw get together and they hold each other. Since just a simple line is used, it is a simple tattoo and it represents the mutual love and loyalty.

66. Chihuahua Dog Tattoo


Here is a popular choice for those who love the tiny yet feisty breed. The tattoo above typically features the face of a Chihuahua, with its big round eyes, small snout, and perky ears. If you want to personalize it for your pretty dog, you can also include the dog’s name, written in a nice font.

67. Couple Dogs Tattoo


Do you have two dogs that like playing with one another? Bring them together and have them inked on your body. The dogs look so real with all the shading techniques used and the inclusion of the dogs’ names emphasizes the personal and sentimental nature of the tattoo. Also, the names and the dogs are highlighted with a yellow ink, which symbolizes happiness and positivity.

68. Lovely Dog Tattoo


Are you looking for a meaningful way to commemorate a special bond between you and your beloved pet? Go for this idea. Have your pet’s face inked on your arm and have the name of it written below its face. To give this personalized dog tattoo a cute and adorable look, add a heart symbol. It’s a great way for a pet lover to show how much you love your furry friend!

69. Husky Puppy Tattoo


A Husky puppy tattoo on the sleeve with flowers is a unique and beautiful design that combines two different elements to create a unique and meaningful piece of body art. It covers half of the arm and the husky is drawn with shading details with a black background. The husky puppy looks like he is smelling the flowers that he is holding.

70. Dog and Owner Line Tattoo


Show your dog and you with a line tattoo. In the tattoo above, the owner and the dog sit together and they watch the night sky which is full of stars. The whole image suggests a sense of intimacy and shared experiences between these two, while the stars symbolize the vastness of the universe and the infinite possibilities that the future holds. The tattoo is quite simple and easy to apply.

Dog tattoos are a popular and meaningful way to honor the special bond between humans and their canine companions. They come in a variety of designs and styles, and can be customized to represent the unique characteristics and personality of each individual dog. Whether it’s a portrait of a beloved pet, a symbol of loyalty and friendship, or a tribute to a lost companion, dog tattoos are a powerful way to express love and affection for these loyal and loving animals.

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