20+ Fallen Angel Tattoos that Symbolize Rebellion and Redemption

The concept of a fallen angel tattoo carries profound symbolism, often delving into themes of struggle, redemption, and the complex nature of good and evil. A fallen angel can represent a personal battle, a loss of innocence, or a defiance against the traditional norms. It’s a powerful emblem for those who feel a deep connection with the idea of an angel who, despite their fall from grace, still holds onto their celestial origins.

For placement, consider the size and detail of the design. A large, detailed fallen angel with spread wings would look stunning across the back, symbolizing both the burden and strength of the wearer. Alternatively, a smaller, more abstract depiction could be more intimate, placed on the inner forearm or shoulder, serving as a personal reminder of one’s own journey and battles.

The cost of a fallen angel tattoo can vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, and the skill level of the artist. A large, detailed piece could range from $500 to over $1000, while smaller, simpler designs might cost between $150 to $300. Remember, with tattoos, you often get what you pay for, so investing in a skilled artist for such a meaningful piece is crucial.

As you contemplate the idea of a fallen angel tattoo, I invite you to scroll through the 20 design ideas I’ve shared. Each one offers a unique interpretation of this powerful symbol, helping you find the perfect representation for your own story.

1. Fallen Angel Tattoo


Show this black and white ink tattoo on your forearm and represent your spiritual side with it. Anyone who likes detailed and cool outline ideas will fancy this tattoo.

2. Black Ink Fallen Angel Tattoo


Show your true colors and intentions with this design. If you are falling to pieces and you’re not too sure where you stand when it comes to your current mental state, this will suit you.

3. Fallen Angel Tattoo On Back


A giant fallen angel tattoo across your back looks very dominant and masculine. Guys who like to come off as big and strong will fancy this design as it will define their true energy and their overall composure.

4. Small Forearm Fallen Angel Tattoo


Try out this gorgeous forearm tattoo and place it on your body if you enjoy visible and showy ideas. People who like cool graphic designs and those who enjoy portraits will fall in love with this tattoo. The right outline work will make it unique and different.

5. Fallen Angel Tattoo Simple


This black and grey fallen angel tattoo reflects your rebellion. If you have encountered a loss of some sort and you’re ready to embrace what life has thrown your way, try out this design.

6. Fallen Angel Tattoos For Guys


Go with this fallen angel tattoo and place it on your body proudly. The overall symbolism of this stands for rising right back up after falling, yet finding salvation.

7. Fallen Angel Tattoo Over Arm


Stay creative and this tattoo will show who you really are as an individual. Show that you believe in resilience and transformation and that you’re ready to embrace your new journey.

8. Fallen Angel Tattoo On Stomach


Heads up when you book this design as side stomach tattoos can hurt quite a lot. The overall design will show that you’re ready to enjoy new things at your own pace, even with the fear of falling.

9. Black Ink Fallen Angel Tattoo Idea


With the right feather accessory and addition this tattoo will say that you’re always growing and that you’re ready to face new challenges in your own way and under your own conditions.

10. Black And Red Fallen Angel Tattoo


Did you know that the color red is used to symbolize love and your true genuine connection? If you have a special little angel on your mind and you’re always looking up to them or if you have a blood connection to them this will suit you.

11. Colorful Fallen Angel Tattoo


Make your tattoo realistic by adding some color to it. This gorgeous fallen angel portrait is going to look so cool on most men and women. It is used to express your challenges and triumphs and is often worn by men and women who prefer diverse ideas.

12. Bold Fallen Angel Tattoo


If you like mythology there’s a chance you’ll fall in love with this tattoo. It is done in black ink and is a symbol of cultural difference and growth.

13. Big Shoulder Fallen Angel Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos are going to look the best on men who go to the gym. With this giant piece, you’re going to show your vulnerability and that you’re resilient no matter what may come your way in life.

14. Fallen Angel Tattoo Idea


This design is a bit abstract, often worn by people who like monochrome tattoo ideas. Show that you’re a fan of detailed tattoos and that you believe that everything in life has a meaning and a purpose.

15. Small Shoulder Fallen Angel Tattoo


A fallen angel such as this one will show that even though you may experience some falls in life you always get back up on your feet to overcome your challenges. If you are a fan of detailed artwork and you fully trust your tattoo artist you’re going to like this option.

16. Giant Thigh Fallen Angel Tattoo Print


Thigh tattoos are going to work and look so good on masculine men and guys who work out. If you enjoy bigger designs and you like your legs just know that you’re a perfect candidate for this outcome. The final design says that you’re constantly elevating and exploring what life has to bring your way.

17. Mini Fallen Angel Tattoo Over Forearm


A cute and cool circular tattoo such as this one is going to look amazing on your forearm. If you like elegant ideas and you’re all about precision this beauty will suit you. Show off its beautiful elegance and just know that it will symbolize your new beginning.

18. Side Stomach Fallen Angel Tattoo Idea


Heads up as stomach tattoos hurt. If you like your masculine features and you wish to showcase them with a tattoo, you can’t go wrong with this tattoo. It will show that you’re hiding away from something that has happened to you in the past, yet that you’re ready to overcome it in your own way.

19. Red Color Fallen Angel Tattoo


Cool and scary-looking, this angel tattoo will make you look like a true daredevil. If you’re a fan of detailed ideas and you want a pop of ink, this will look amazing on your calf or your bicep.

20. Realistic Fallen Angel Tattoo


Not a lot of tattoo artists are skilled enough to achieve this type of tattoo. Do you trust yours? Heads up as this fallen angel is a pricey design to go for. Most tattoo artists will charge you over $300 for it.

21. Simple Black Outline Fallen Angel Tattoo


Lastly, those who have several hours to invest are going to appreciate this beauty. Show you’re willing to fall, grow, and face your actions with this tattoo. People in their twenties are going to like this style the most.

When selecting a fallen angel tattoo, you’re choosing more than just a design; you’re embracing a symbol that echoes your personal narrative. This tattoo should resonate deeply, serving as a canvas of emotions and stories. As you browse the varied designs, look for the one that truly speaks to your journey. Your perfect fallen angel is not just art—it’s a part of your story, immortalized in ink.

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