30+ Cool Finger Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

Finger tattoos are an easy way to add some flair to your look. Finger tattoos can be used as a symbol of your personality, or they can simply be a way to express yourself without having to get a full arm or leg tattoo.

If you’re looking for the perfect finger tattoo, here’s what you need to know:

What Does Finger Tattoo Mean?

Finger tattoos have many different meanings depending on which finger you choose for your tattoo. If you get a finger tattoo on your right hand and one on your left hand, it can be said that the two represent opposites—like love and hate or life and death. Some people also believe that if you get a finger tattoo on each hand with the same design, it represents balance in life and that everything will work out perfectly.

The index finger represents the mind and intelligence, so when choosing your finger tattoo, think about what makes up your mind or personality. The thumb represents power or strength, so if you want an empowering tattoo that will last forever then consider getting one on this digit! The middle finger represents action and passion—this is one of the most popular places for people to get tattoos because it tends to stand out more than other fingers.

You can also use finger tattoos as symbols of your personality. For example, if you’re an artist who loves drawing with charcoal or pencils, getting a hand-drawn pencil on one of your fingers could be symbolic of how much art means to you and how much it influences everything else in life (especially since most artists find themselves using their hands when drawing).

What Are Some Good Finger Tattoo Ideas?

Finger tattoo ideas vary based on your preference and style. The truth is that you can give it a go with something plain and simple or big, bright, and colorful. For a lot of people, some creative and cool ideas are:

  • Important dates
  • Names
  • Mystical symbols, or artsy prints

Finger Tattoos For Women

Finger tattoos for women are often small, simple, and sentimental. You can find a ton of different cool designs down below.

1. Finger Tattoos Symbols


If you can’t make up your mind give it a go with this tattoo concept! It will look amazing on women who wish to show off their cool symbols and nails at the same time.

2. Small & Detailed Finger Tattoo


Small details like these will look great on women who want to embrace the magical tattoo concept! If you believe in powers, magic, and everything mystical, this will suit you.

3. Floral Finger Tattoo


Women who like flower details and cool little floral patterns will enjoy this art and all of these petal details!

4. Pet Paw Finger Tattoo


If you want to show love and closeness to your pet give it a go with this cool little paw design. This way, you will show your love and appreciation in your own way.

5. Mystical Finger Tattoo Design


Do you believe in magic? If that is the case try out these cool magical sprinkle details.

6. Fire Finger Tattoo Design


A fire is a sign of a true warrior. Show that there’s a flower within you through this small and cute flame design.

7. Dot Finger Tattoo


Blue dot lines, semicolons too, will look lovely and cool at the same time. They represent new beginnings + will look amazing if blue is your favorite color.

8. Heart Symbol Finger Tattoo


This heart symbol tattoo will take only 1 hour to achieve, but its meaning and passion are forever!

9. Retro Finger Tattoo


Show that you’re a true and firm believer in magic! All of these symbols will look retro yet mysterious, perfect for guys and girls who are obsessed with Harry Potter and similar concepts.

10. Name Finger Tattoo


Cute, sentimental, and beautiful, a name tattoo is always a bulletproof option to make and show your true love and closeness to your favorite people.

11. Flower Finger Tattoo


This floral tattoo will look cute and simple + it won’t take more than 2 hours to achieve. Heads up since tattoos that are placed next to your bone can be painful to go for.

12. Cross Finger Tattoo


A fire symbol and a cross symbol will look cool and edgy. If you want to enjoy something unique and you’re looking for something that will suit your “dark” or rocker side, consider this.

13. Heart Print Finger Design


Two small heart symbols can show you and your partner. These two designs will let the world know how close and connected you truly are.

14. Clover Finger Tattoo


Cool clover finger tattoo that symbolizes good luck and faith, perfect for natural optimists.

15. Palm Tree Finger Tattoo


If you love to travel and you’re a fan of warm weather and hot climate this small colorful palm tattoo on top of a finger will suit you.

Finger Tattoos For Men

Guys tend to go for bold, dark, and outgoing designs. If you enjoy standing out with your chosen tattoo you will find a ton of cool options with some of these cool ink!

1. Knuckles Finger Tattoo


Knuckles and knuckle tattoos are always a fun option to go for. If you are a true badass and you like giant designs consider this black ink art!

2. Chinese Letter Finger Tattoo


Several finger tattoos in a Chinese language or other types of lettering will show that you’re multicultural and always wanting to explore and learn.

3. Black Ink Finger Tattoo


Go for this avant-garde type of tattoo and show your artsy side!

4. Earth Symbols Finger Tattoo


Represent all the earth elements and place an element each per your knuckle to round up this fun story.

5. Black & Red Tattoo Finger Print


Black and red are always fun and edgy to combine. Want to give them a go across your finger?

6. Lion Finger Tattoo


A lion is used to represent and describe a determined wild person. This tattoo will suit guys who are natural leaders the best.

7. Black Lines Finger Tattoos


If you like to express yourself through art and you prefer scary black ink tattoos this is going to look great on your fingers.

8. Small Lines Finger Tattoo


These black lines can represent an end of life. Consider going for these rings only if you were really close to that person.

9. Number Finger Tattoo


A year of your birth is a fun story to go for and consider placing it on top of your fingers or your knuckles.

10. Cartoon Finger Tattoo


If you’re a quirky and creative guy this small cartoon duo will suit you.

11. 1993 Finger Tattoo Design


Yet again, the year of your birth that’s been done in a neat way and with these clean precise lines can look fun and amazing!

12. Spider Finger Tattoo


Spider print and this tattoo will symbolize your inner creativity and will to explore all the time.

13. Artsy Finger Tattoos


Book this type of finger tattoo only if you trust your tattoo artist and you know of someone amazing.

14. Finger Tattoo Design On Every Finger


The more the merrier! All of these tattoos will look retro yet so much fun. Give them a go if you can’t make up your mind as easily.

15. Anchor Finger Tattoo Print


Anchors usually symbolize new and firm beginnings. Want to give them a go?
Which Finger Tattoo Is Your Favorite?
Which one tattoo you can’t wait to wear and try out of the bunch? All of these are fun and retro, ideal for men and women who wish to stand out and tell their story through one cool design. Black and white or colorful? The choice is up to you!

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