30+ Fox Tattoo Design Ideas: Symbolism and Meaning

Foxes are a popular tattoo choice among both men and women. The fox is often associated with cunning, cleverness and deception. This makes them a great symbol for someone who is creative and likes to keep others guessing!

The fox tattoo can be done in many ways. You can get one on any part of your body that you like; however, the most common place to get a fox tattoo is on your arm or shoulder area. This is because it’s easy to conceal under clothing if needed.

The fox symbolizes many different things depending on which culture it’s being used in. For example, in Native American culture, the fox represents wisdom, magic and fertility. In Chinese culture, the fox symbolizes intelligence and cunningness.On the other hand, Japanese folklore, a kitsune (which means “fox spirit”) is thought to be able to take on human form at will; its power is so strong that it can even shape-shift into other animals as well!

If you’re looking for a fox tattoo design that represents your inner animal spirit, we’ve got plenty of ideas that will inspire you:

1. Unique Fox Tattoo


Cool, colorful, and vibrant, this fox tattoo is for those who fancy loud and dominant ideas, as well as unique color patterns. If you enjoy animals in general, this design will suit you.

2. Side Stomach Fox Tattoo


Go for a side stomach fox tattoo and show that you’re a feminine and foxy little lady! Those who like sexy ideas and want to experiment with something new will love this tattoo.

3. Rib Fox Tattoo


Bright orange fox placed on your stomach and the side will look fierce and bold. If you’re an energetic woman and you love all the attention, this beauty will speak to you on different levels.

4. Big Thigh Fox Tattoo


Show that you’re playful and a little daredevil with this fox idea. If you’re naturally very feisty and you love to play games, this tattoo is the right one for you.

5. Shoulder Fox Tattoo


A fox tattoo placed on your arm or your shoulder will tell that you’re pretty straightforward and honest with your emotions, as well as your surroundings. You will also come off as a mystical and mysterious person who loves to keep to himself or herself.

6. Black Ink Fox Tattoo


This black ink shoulder tattoo is the perfect go-to for women who enjoy monochrome yet cool pieces. Heads up since this tattoo might take you 3-4 hours to get.

7. Small & Cute Fox Tattoo


Small, cute, and foxy, this design is for women who love smaller and cartoon-inspired character ideas. If you’re a fan of minimalism and you’re still a child at heart this concept will suit you.

8. Stomach Feminine Fox Tattoo


Place a fox tattoo on your back if you’re aiming for something a bit more secretive. Not everyone has to see your tattoo, don’t you agree? In the end, those who love feminine placements and tattoos that have their own story to tell will like everything about this print.

9. Cool Fox Tattoo Design


An arm tattoo such as this one might look the best on younger women. If you’re a fan of creative pieces and you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this design? It is not as pricey, but it will leave everyone’s head turning, that’s for sure!

10. Realistic Art Fox Tattoo


How realistic is this tattoo? It is a fun concept that you’re going to like if you’re into sleeve ideas. Make sure that you book a tattoo artist who is skilled enough when it comes to 3-D or life-like tattoos. This one will look so good when shaded and colored the right way.

11. Black Outline Thigh Fox Tattoo


Cute, detailed, and artsy, this fox tattoo on your thighs will look creative and feminine, which is what makes it a must-do for most women. If you enjoy hidden and secretive tattoos and you’re someone who likes smaller designs, book this one up!

12. Colorful & Big Fox Tattoo


If your tattoo artist is skilled and knows how to do detailed tattoos + you fully trust him or her, show off your love for this print. A tattoo such as this one will take you 3-5 hours to do. If you’re in your teens and you’re looking for a design that can represent your current life state, this fox is the one.

13. Red Fox Tattoo


Red is a color of passion and love. If you’re naturally a positive and loving person and if you’re someone who likes a pop of color, book this tattoo! The finished product shows a person who is always eager to learn and is also very wise and loving during the process.

14. Artsy Cartoon Fox Tattoo


How childish and funny are you? The truth is that a lot of us love to watch cartoons still to this day. If you’re someone who loves to connect with goofy characters and you’re a fan of unique designs that others can’t have or they don’t dare to wear, this will look great on you.

15. Black Outline Fox Tattoo Idea


A calf tattoo such as this one is for women or men who love smaller designs, as well as those who want a tattoo that is hidden and not that visible to spot. Opt for black ink if you’re someone who enjoys simplicity over anything else.

16. Sleeve Fox Tattoo


A sleeve tattoo such as this one is going to look great on men who work out. It is also a cute piece with a pop of color, which makes it a tad bit pricier to go for, but truly worth it if you fancy loud and dominant ideas.

17. Small Black & Orange Fox Tattoo


If you want a realistic tattoo and you’re a fan of nicely done and shaded artwork, why not give it a go with this tattoo? It is going to look amazing on your forearm and it can suit loads of different age groups as well.

18. Vibrant Fox Tattoo


A fox tattoo in this color scheme is a loud and vibrant choice. Those who want to stand out and men or women who wish to appear and come off as creative and curious people will enjoy this wild and fun fox design.

19. Cute Feminine Fox Tattoo Idea


Heads up when it comes to this tattoo since it is a tricky design to go for + it can be quite painful since it is placed right next to your bone.

20. Bright Red And Orange Fox Tattoo


A bright and fiery tattoo such as this one will look great on men or women who love bright and optimistic creations. Simply show that you’re a strong and determined person who loves to attract positivism.

21. Palm Fox Tattoo


Palm or hand tattoos might not be for everyone. If your job allows you to wear them and if you’re looking for something different and visible, as well as quite straightforward, this will suit you. If you can rock this cute creation, why not go all out?!

22. Cool Black Outline Fox Tattoo


If you’re someone who lives for creative and elegant tattoos, this beauty will suit you. It is a gorgeous fox design that has detailed and delicate lines, which is a must-do for a lot of women who wish to express their wisdom and inner charm.

23. Big Pink Thigh Fox Tattoo


Cute, fun, and different, this thigh tattoo will take you around 3-5 hours to get. If you have enough space on your body and if you’re looking for a charming piece that you can proudly show off, knowing that it stands for your quirky persona, give it a go!

24. Fox Tattoo On Arm


A black and white ink forearm tattoo of a fox is for guys or girls who enjoy minimalism. Who says that you have to go all the way out, right? If you like detailed artsy prints and you’re on a budget, this will suit you.

25. Fox Tattoo Detailed Art


Tattoo artists who are skilled and confident in their art will know how to leave you with this tattoo. If you’re a fan of sentimental pieces and you want your design to look both cute and sentimental, this is the right way to do it!

26. Red & Cute Fox Tattoo


You can dedicate your chosen fox tattoo to someone important in your life. If you’re a mother or a daughter this design will suit you so well + it will have that sentimental touch to it.

27. Fox Tattoo Fun Print


Guys or girls who are spiritual and those who enjoy trendy tattoos that have a lot of character and unique personalities will naturally gravitate toward this tattoo. If you’re someone who loves different prints, consider this tattoo.

28. Black Shaded Fox Tattoo


You will come off as a determined individual, as well as someone sneaky by getting this print. Let the world see your sharp and clear point of view by expressing it through your chosen tattoo.

29. Creative Fox Tattoo Idea


This leg or calf tattoo is cute and playful, often worn by women who prefer smaller and seamless designs. Not everyone has to know where you stand when it comes to your plans in life, right?

30. Fox Tattoo On Thigh Black Ink


Lastly, women who want a thigh tattoo will enjoy this creation. It is placed on the right part, leaving you with minimal space for pain or discomfort, making it great and convenient for women with sensitive skin.

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