30+ Unique Gemini Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

Gemini is one of the twelve astrological signs, and it’s important to know what this sign means when you’re getting a tattoo.

Gemini tattoos are special because they have more than one meaning. For example, the image of twins represents duality, which is part of the Gemini zodiac traits.

Gemini traits include duality, dualism, and paradoxes. The Greeks associated the Gemini sign with Hermes, the god of communication and traveling between worlds. This is why many Gemini tattoos feature birds or butterflies as these creatures can symbolize freedom and travel.

If you’re going to get a Gemini tattoo, make sure you know what your tattoo means so that it can have more meaning for you.

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Types of Gemini Tattoos

Small Gemini tattoos are popular because they can be discreet or easily hidden by your clothes if needed. They’re also great for those who want something small but unique!

Tribal Gemini tattoos are another option for those who want something more bold than a small Gemini tattoo but less bold than a large one like an arm piece or sleeve design with multiple elements combined into one piece like flowers or animals from nature like dragons etcetera!

14 Gemini Tattoos For Women

Women tend to go for cute, simpler, and smaller tattoos in comparison to men. In fact, they will usually dedicate a Gemini symbol to someone special in their life through a constellation tattoo, a gorgeous symbol, a date, or an outline. If you’re not a fan of bigger tattoos or if you dislike the tattooing process it is always better to go simple and petite.

1. Gemini Rose Tattoo


Small, simple, and done with a rose print, this Gemini tattoo will show the world your feminine and soft side, perfect for women who enjoy delicate smaller pieces.

2. Gemini Face Duo


This two-faced tattoo will suit women the best. It is an intriguing piece that shows your closeness and chance of seeing both sides of people: good and bad.

3. Gemini Word Tattoo


Cool, small and feminine, this flirty tattoo is for women who are aware of their sensual side and like risky or sexy designs.

4. Gemini Tattoo Symbol


This side boob tattoo is a must-have for women who have a grandiose story to tell, as well as for those who aren’t afraid of the tattooing process.

5. Gemini Constellation Tattoo


Constellation tattoos will look amazing when done in a smaller format and over your forearm.

6. Word Gemini Tattoo


Place the word “Gemini” over your forearm and stick to this smaller ink minimalism tattoo concept. If you like cute simpler tattoos this is for you.

7. Gemini Tattoo On Chest


You don’t have to go too big or too bold. This constellation design represents your beliefs and your love of the zodiac.

8. Gemini Shoulder Tattoo


This gorgeous shoulder tattoo will look great on women who prefer bigger designs, as well as those who can handle the ink.

9. Gemini Words On Arm Tattoo


Cute and simple, this wrist or forearm tattoo is for those who like smaller ideas, yet want the world to know how dedicated they are to zodiac stories and the meaningful reasons behind them.

10. Gemini Tattoo Over Shoulder


If you like art just know that this tattoo is going to look lovely on you. Make sure to consider a shoulder placement and you’ll love its bold appeal.

11. Gemini Tattoo On Wrist


Women who like to be discreet will like this tattoo. It shows your love for your zodiac, but also the nature and all things that surround you.

12. Gemini Tattoo Design For Women


Book your tattoo artist and give it a go with this black outline tattoo only if you’re a fan of mystical pieces.

13. Gemini Tattoo On Back


Your Gemini tattoo can be hidden and mysterious, as well as special to you. Give it a go with this shoulder placement and know that it will stay a personal piece, no reason to show it fully off.

14. Blue Gemini Tattoo


If you’re a fan of color this bright blue design is the right one for you. Perfect for women who like creative tattoos

16 Gemini Tattoos For Men

Gemini tattoos for guys usually symbolize two paths in their lives or two different personalities that they know they have. In fact, these designs can show an introverted and extroverted personality, as well as your acceptance of your true identity. Men tend to go for bigger and more dominant pieces.

1. Black Ink Gemini Tattoo


Add some mysterious and masculine designs to your tattoo. This one will look the best on guys who like black dominant ink.

2. Artsy Gemini Tattoo


Show that you’re an angel or that someone you know of who is a Gemini is an angel and always on your mind.

3. Artsy Colorful Gemini Tattoo


Combine some cool colors and just know that this tattoo will attract looks and be one of a kind.

4. Gemini Tattoo For Men


Scary and dominant. This Gemini tattoo shows the true colors of good and bad, perfect for realists.

5. Gemini Tattoo On Chest For Men


Go for a chest tattoo if you’re someone who likes smaller and perfectly hidden tattoos.

6. Black Ink Gemini Tattoo Design


Cool Gemini concept that will show how everyone feels about your sign. Book the best tattoo artist and give it a go with this masterpiece!

7. Giant Gemini Tattoo For Men


Have 2-3 hours to spare when it comes to this black ink and splash of color. Everyone who likes gorgeous and bold designs will like this Gemini concept.

8. Nature Gemini Tattoo Concept


Dedicate your tattoo to someone special. A pop of purple and these flower images will show how close the two of you actually are.

9. Minimalistic Gemini Tattoo


Guys who dislike bigger tattoos can give it a go with this design. If you enjoy minimalism this will suit you.

10. Black & Red Gemini Tattoo Duo


Show the true colors of your sign and yourself with this black and red tattoo idea.

11. Small Simple Gemini Tattoo


If you can’t handle the needle this tattoo is the right one for you. Show your love for the zodiac in your simplistic way.

12. Red Gemini Tattoo Design


The red color shows dominance and energy. Show that you’re always persistent in this cool way and that you know how to change within the given moment.

13. Neck Gemini Tattoo Design


Cool neck tattoo that will look amazing on dominant masculine guys. Show that you’re always ready to attract good energy with this glorious tattoo.

14. Gemini Tattoo On Neck


Simple and cool, this neck tattoo and the word Gemini will show your straightforward side. Give it a go if you’re into simpler yet showy tattoos.

15. Gemini Mask Tattoo


A gorgeous design that will suit both genders equally and as well. Give it a go if you’re into abstract art.

16. Artsy Gemini Print


Cool tattoo that has that tribal vibe. Make sure that you have 2 hours to spare when it comes to this black ink concept.

Want A Cool Gemini?

If you’re ready to try out some of these tattoos make sure to let us know which one is your top pick. Do you prefer men’s or women’s designs? All of these will shut both genders, just book a tattoo artist who you fully trust to commit to this type of design.

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