30+ Glitter Tattoo Ideas to Sparkle Up Your Skin

Glitter tattoos are body art that are created using a stencil and special glue to apply glitter to the skin. They are a popular form of body art, especially among children and teenagers, and are often seen at festivals and other events. Glitter tattoos are typically applied to the arm, shoulder, or face, and can last for several days before they start to fade. They are an affordable and fun way to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any outfit.

Glitter tattoos are easy to apply and remove, and can be a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your look. They are typically applied by a trained artist who uses a stencil to create the desired design on the skin. The stencil is then removed, and a special glue is applied to the skin. The glitter is then applied on top of the glue, and the tattoo is left to dry. Once it is dry, the tattoo can last for several days before it starts to fade. Glitter tattoos are a fun and creative way to add some sparkle and shine to your look, and are a popular choice for special occasions and events.

Find our favorite glitter tattoo design ideas below:

1. Winnie The Pooh Glitter Tattoo


If Winnie is one of your favorite characters and you’re a cartoon lover yourself, this tattoo is for you! Show that you love cute ideas or even honey with this fun colorful concept.

2. Pink Cow Glitter Tattoo


A small pink cow glitter tattoo such as this one is for those who have a sense of humor. If you’re still a playful child at heart, this design will suit you.

3. Fun Heart Glitter Tattoo


A fun heart symbol that is covered inside with glitter shows off your closed-off and bottled emotions. If you have a ton of love that others don’t have to see or know about, this design will suit your true character.

4. Magic Lamp Glitter Tattoo


If Aladdin is one of your cartoons still to this day, why not get this tattoo to show it off? You can also show that you believe in magic with this colorful print.

5. Blue Butterfly Glitter Tattoo


Women who want a glitter tattoo will fall in love with this cute and elegant design. It will symbolize your free spirit and the dreams that you wish to achieve.

6. Animal Glitter Tattoo


Those who are animal lovers will fall in love with this cute platypus creation. Show that you’re a bit shy yet full of love and fun with this creation.

7. Cartoon Villian Glitter Tattoo


Those who are Power Puff lovers will want to get this design. It is a must-do if you’re a fan of evil villains and bad guys in movies or cartoons.

8. Scream Glitter Tattoo


If Scream is your favorite movie still to this day why not show it to the world by getting this scary yet shiny design?

9. Death Glitter Tattoo


A giant death-inspired symbol that is on your thighs will look bold and creative. If you enjoy loud and retro tattoos and you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this design?

10. Pink Puma Glitter Tattoo


Fun, colorful, and wild pink panther such as this one will show that you’re always ready to show your teeth and protect what’s important to you.

11. Dragon Glitter Tattoo


A fun, cute, and quirky little dragon head such as this one is for those who like experimenting with their shiny and wild tattoo ideas.

12. Cool Cup Glitter Tattoo


If you believe that the essence of life is within you, this tattoo will suit you. Show that you believe in all magical things and that you’re an optimist with this bright design.

13. Cute Turtle Glitter Tattoo


A cute and colorful turtle tattoo such as this one is for those who love animals, wildlife, and sea creatures. Does this sound like you?

14. Pumpkin Glitter Tattoo


If Halloween is your favorite holiday, why not rock this pumpkin design? It is a colorful tattoo that will suit most genders and is a must-do if you enjoy sparkly and bright ideas.

15. Colorful Cat Glitter Tattoo


Wild and colorful cat tattoo such as this one is for those who love to experiment and who are quite wild in their nature. If you believe that magic surrounds us, give this tattoo a go.

16. Pokemon Glitter Tattoo


If you’re a Pokémon lover still to this day, this cute and gorgeous little Squirtle tattoo is the one! Place it on your leg and show off its beauty.

17. Red Heels Glitter Tattoo


Women who love to wear heels will enjoy this beauty! Go for your favorite shade and decorate it entirely with glitter.

18. Rainbow Glitter Tattoo


A rainbow glitter tattoo and this little pony are for those who enjoy small and feminine art. If you are a girly girl who loves bright ideas, this is for you.

19. Duck Glitter Tattoo


Another Pokémon that you may enjoy is this one! If you’re a fan of Psychduck still to this day, give this yellow glitter design a go. It will symbolize your fun and playful character.

20. Puma Glitter Tattoo


If you’re a spiritual person and someone who loves bright and bold ink, this is for you! Show that you believe in yourself and that you’re committed to anything that may come your way.

21. Snorlax Glitter Tattoo


One more Pokémon tattoo that you may enjoy is this one. If you’re a huge fan of Snorlax, this is for you. Perfect for both genders.

22. Blue Cat Glitter Tattoo


Women who love cats will enjoy this cute little blue beauty. Show that you’re an animal lover and that you love your pets with this design.

23. Lemon & Dagger Glitter Tattoo


Sometimes, people like to get creative. Does this apply to you? If you have been through a lot show that you’re ready to conquer it all with this lemon and dagger duo.

24. Scary Scream Glitter Tattoo


This glitter tattoo will take you 3-4 hours to do. If you have time to spare and if you’re a fan of loud and bright ideas, this is for you.

25. Glitter Tattoo On Thigh


Show that you enjoy colorful tattoos and wild animals with this thigh design. It is going to symbolize your new beginnings, perfect for both genders.

26. Dog Glitter Tattoo


A dog glitter tattoo such as this one will show that you live for the animals and the wildlife. If you’re a fan of cute and sentimental pieces, this is for you!

27. Pink Glitter Tattoo


This pink glitter dagger tattoo is for women who are true warriors, yet they are feminine and are proud of their feminine energy. Does this sound like you?

28. Colorful Cat Glitter Tattoo


Some women like to go all out. Do you? If you enjoy big and colorful ideas and if you’re a fan of funky tattoos, this is for you!

29. Cupcake Glitter Tattoo


Those who like to eat a ton of sweets will enjoy this print. Show that you have a sweet tooth and that you’re a true foodie with this glitter design.

30. Retro Glitter Tattoo


If you love toys and you’re still a child at heart, this tattoo is for you. Show that you love to play games and go crazy with this glitter tattoo.
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Is this too much glitter for you? If not, why not go all the way out? We know that all of these beauties will suit different people and that you will easily find a tattoo that suits your style. Which one is it? Let us know!

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