30+ Unique Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Luck and Protection

A horseshoe tattoo is a classic symbol of good luck and protection. People have long believed that a horseshoe can ward off bad luck and bring good fortune. The shape of the horseshoe is also linked to strength and freedom because of its connection to horses.

You can place a horseshoe tattoo almost anywhere. Small designs look great on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. Bigger designs can be placed on the forearm, shoulder, or calf. The curve of the horseshoe fits well with the body’s natural shape, making it look great wherever you choose to put it.

The cost of a horseshoe tattoo varies. A small, simple one might cost between $50 and $150. Larger and more detailed designs can be $200 to $500 or more. Check with your tattoo artist for an exact price.

Scroll through the 30 horseshoe tattoo ideas below to find the one that suits you best!

1. Rose & Horseshoe Tattoo


The horseshoe symbolises luck and protection. If you believe that wearing something that can act as an amulet will protect and help you, you can rely on such a beautiful tattoo decorated with roses.

2. Boats and Roses


A boat with a horseshoe can mean luck in sailing. If you sail regularly this tattoo can symbolise your life, and if not, if you are just a lover of ships and simply like this kind of tattoo, that is certainly no less reason to get it!

3. Cactus & Horseshoe


One of the symbols of the cactus is endurance and perseverance, and combined with the luck and protection that the horseshoe carries, this kind of tattoo can be the right choice!

4. Cute Dragon


Did you say luck? This little dragon has a lot of promise. You can see him as your cute protector along with the symbol of luck that the horseshoe carries. The colors of this tattoo are amazing so we are sure you would enjoy it!

5. Promise? Promise.


Does this kind of tattoo remind you of a promise, unbreakability or maybe even infinity? This kind of tattoo can also be matched with your loved one, but it doesn’t have to be. You can also make a promise to yourself, isn’t that much more important?

6. Texas Vibes


The Texas vibe that this tattoo carries with it cannot be overlooked, and it is also very interesting. However, a cowboy hat and a horseshoe can already give the impression of the Middle East. What’s your pick?

7. Infinity Sign


A brilliant idea is to make an ingenious infinity sign above the horseshoe made of string. What can be infinite for you? Abundance, love, happiness, luck? Whatever it is, you can present it this way.

8. Butterfly & Clover


So many lucky symbols in one picture. Starting with the butterfly, then the four-leaf clover, and then finally the horseshoe itself, which makes this post. Which do you choose as your greatest security?

9. Tenderheart Bear & Horseshoe


Isn’t this idea just irresistible and adorable? We are sure that in this way, even a person who does not like tattoos and is not a particular fan of them would love them very much! Unusual adorable bears that are not so well known in the tattoo world combined with a horseshoe will steal your hearts!

10. Cute Dachshund


If you are a lover of animals and you simply cannot leave them out in any case, we suggest this very unique tattoo with which you will always be noticed everywhere, and certainly get a lot of compliments!

11. Lucky Numbers


Do you have a lucky number? In that case, in combination with your amulet, you can make a jackpot that you will enjoy and in which you will certainly be unique. Tattoos like this are not known, so you will be someone’s inspiration for your next creation!

12. Colorful Tattoo


Tattoos don’t have to be just black and white, and they certainly don’t have to be just line art. With such a colourful assortment of different tattoos, you’ll enjoy the colours on your skin that showcase the exquisitely beautiful creations you’ve chosen with you!

13. Simple & Cute


Simplicity never ends. When you don’t know what to do and you simply can’t and don’t want to make a big fuss about something, this is the definitive solution. A simple line art, a small tattoo and that’s it!

14. Cute Bird


Do you have an important message to send to someone? Hmmm, we’re sure this little bird could help you out. And to still immortalize it on your skin, preserving that letter known only to you? Genius idea!

15. Horse Tattoo


The wearer of this lucky symbol will make your tattoo more interesting and even more impressive! With cheerful colours and beautiful details, a tattoo like this is sure to stand out on your body!

16. Purple Flowers With Horseshoe


Along with the horseshoe, which is most often used for good luck, there are purple flowers here. Purple flowers most often represent royalty, opulence, honour, and wealth, while also representing mysticism and spirituality. This combination is ideal together, isn’t it?

17. Lucky Clover


Double luck – a real winner! A four-leaf clover in combination with a horseshoe is an ideal thing that you can use to attract luck into your life and onto your life path.

18. Green Leaves


Green leaf with yellow lines is a good combination of two colours that can break the monotony and can add a nice look to the horseshoe which is always silver in colour.

19. Red Shoe


Interpretations of the colour red differ between cultures and peoples. Red used to be considered dangerous, but today it is considered the colour of love, joy, anger, and so on. Regardless of its true meaning, we think that the ideal combination for this kind of tattoo is red because it is striking and stands out from others.

20. Frog And Horseshoe


Horseshoe as luck, and frog for rebirth and transformation. The frog is a symbol of new life and rebirth, which can most often be considered happiness. This interesting tattoo does not contain an ordinary frog, but a frog that is like a cowboy, which goes well with a horseshoe, because cowboys never go without their horses.

21. Roses


The black and white variant of the rose and horseshoe leaves a striking impression. If you want to make it stand out, our advice is to paint this rose red or any other colour, so it will stand out even more.

22. Eagle And Horseshoe


The eagle with its keen eyes symbolizes courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered “king of the skies” and messenger of the highest Gods. In ancient Rome, the eagle, or aquila, was the standard of a Roman legion. Each legion carried one eagle – according to Google. In the form of a tattoo eagle is freedom, power, courage and strength.

23. Good Luck! 🍀


The title itself and the look of the tattoo say it all. Another lucky tattoo that contains a clover and various colours that leave a striking impression and that do not go unnoticed. Dice are added to this tattoo, which can also be a game of chance/luck.

24. 7


The number seven is another source of luck, at least that’s what people say. It is often associated with games of chance, lotto games, gambling, etc.

25. Wild West


If you have ever watched movies from the Wild West or at least cartoons, this scene will be extremely familiar to you. A sunset in a desert is often depicted in the Wild West and cartoons such as The Road Runner. And where there is a Wild West and a scene like this, there are also horses and their cowboys. 🤠

26. Ship


A tattoo like this can have a great meaning, in addition to being a tattoo with a beautiful and interesting design. If you are a sailor or have decided to go on a cruise, you know that you will need a lot of luck, right? You will need a lot of luck with the wild and untamed waves of the ocean on which you sail, therefore, this tattoo can be an excellent summoner of luck because in the horseshoe there is a ship that sails and has spread all its sails.

27. Sunset


In this horseshoe, there is one of the most loved and photographed scenes in the world – the sunset. We’ve all been blown away by the sunset at least once in our lives, haven’t we? And especially when the sunset is on a beach.

28. Red Roses


In one of the previous photos, we mentioned what a red rose tattoo would look like, so here’s an example of how it would look. Striking, clean and attractive. The combination of red and pink goes well together.

29. Hearts And Luck


Some people want to manifest happiness with tattoos, and we can see that through this example. Cubes with a heart inside a horseshoe are a perfect example of an ideal summoner of luck and love. Framed by red flowers, the horseshoe is perfectly expressed with all its details.

30. Stay Luck


It is not so difficult to summon happiness as it is to keep it. Stay Luck – is a great slogan to keep your manifest luck in life. Stay happy and get a tattoo with this slogan.

31. Minimalist Horseshoe


Horseshoe tattoos don’t always have to be flashy and large with a variety of flashy colours. This tattoo can be classified as a minimalist tattoo. It is black in colour and extremely small in size and shape, so it will be perfect for those of you who don’t like to be too striking and noticeable. We believe that it can attract luck regardless of size.

A horseshoe tattoo is more than just a design; it’s a symbol of good luck, protection, and strength. You can choose a small or large tattoo to remind you of the positive energy and resilience in your life. With so many ways to customize it, you can make it truly your own. Check out the ideas we’ve shared and find the perfect horseshoe tattoo for you!

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