30+ Awesome Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas: Meaning, Symbolism & Cost

Have you ever thought about getting a hummingbird tattoo? If not, now is the right time to consider going for this print. It is a gorgeous tattoo and a fun concept that both men and women can rock and should consider. Keep on reading to understand its meaning, but to also browse through some gorgeous and unique ideas down below!

1. What Does A Hummingbird Tattoo Symbolize?

If you end up getting a hummingbird tattoo you should know that its meaning and interpretation can vary depending on the colors that you end up using. The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, good luck, messages from spirits, as well as positivity. It is a cheerful design that everyone will enjoy due to its clear, loud & colorful message.

2. What Is The Best Placement For A Hummingbird Tattoo?

Both men and women can go for any enjoy this tattoo and its concept. Most people prefer placing it over their chest, thigh, or wrist when it comes to its placement. The final placement & decision is entirely up to you.

3. How Much Do Hummingbird Tattoos Cost?

The final price will depend a lot on the size of your hummingbird tattoo. A small, simple & black and white tattoo can be around $70-$100. Bigger & colorful watercolor-like tattoos can go up to $400. This will depend a lot on the expertise of your tattoo artist and their used materials.

1. Bright & Small Hummingbird Tattoo


Cute and quirky! This small hummingbird is for minimalist lovers.

2. Floral Hummingbird Tattoo


Combine your favorite flowers along with this cute little bird idea.

3. Geometric & Artsy Hummingbird Tattoo


If you like simple black and white ink tattoos you’re going to like this beauty.

4. Small Bright Hummingbird Tattoo


This forearm colorful tattoo will suit those who like retro ideas and loud concepts.

5. Bright Floral Hummingbird Tattoo


If you like flowers consider matching and pairing these two to enjoy a loud concept.

6. Artsy & Unique Hummingbird Tattoo


Go with this cute hummingbird especially if you enjoy the color!

7. Large Thigh Hummingbird Tattoo


Those who like watercolor tattoos and splashes of paint will be intrigued by this concept and this beauty.

8. Black Ink Shoulder Hummingbird Tattoo


Go for this back black ink and this cute hummingbird if you enjoy black detailed artsy pieces.

9. Giant Chest & Collarbone Hummingbird Tattoo


You can add two hummingbirds and show that you’re a passionate and family-oriented person.

10. Artsy Colorful Print Hummingbird Tattoo


If you enjoy watercolor art and flashy ideas you’re going to gravitate toward this tattoo.

11. Black Detailed Ink Hummingbird Tattoo


Men or women who like black outlines and delicate tattoos are going to like this outcome.

12. Large & Bold Hummingbird Tattoo


Those who like loud tattoos will enjoy placing this one over their shoulder or thigh.

13. Colorful Red Arm Hummingbird Tattoo


Get a hummingbird and a flower next to it to show off your inner peace and passion to create.

14. Chest Two Birds Tattoo


These two birds underneath your chest will look so good on men who work out.

15. Forearm Hummingbird Tattoos


If green is your favorite color make sure that you stick to it as your primary hummingbird design color.

16. Wrist Hummingbird Tattoo


This cute wrist tattoo will take you less than two hours to achieve.

17. Big & Bright Back Hummingbird Tattoo


Those who like elegance, drama, and precision are going to enjoy this giant shoulder piece.

18. Hummingbird Tattoo With Flowers


Lighter and washed-out ink will look cute and playful on younger women.

19. Hummingbird Tattoo Artsy Concept


Show off your joyful and positive side with this artsy tattoo.

20. Small Black Ink Hummingbird Tattoo


If you are a true minimalist lover and you want a tattoo that takes minimal time & money to do go with this ink.

21. Big Neck Hummingbird Tattoo


This large neck tattoo is not easy to do + it can be painful to go for. Heads up in advance.

22. Creative Black Ink Hummingbird Tattoo


If you like feminine artsy tattoos this hummingbird will suit you. Make sure that you have 4-5 hours to spare for this design.

23. Black Ink Leg Hummingbird Tattoo


Black ink such as this one will suit men and women.

24. Sleeve Hummingbird Tattoo


If you dare to wear sleeve tattoos why not go with this print? Perfect for attention-seekers.

25. Palm & Hand Hummingbird Tattoo


Cute & low-key design that you’re going to like over your arm or your palm and forearm.

26. Chest Bright Hummingbird Tattoo


Go with this bright chest hummingbird tattoo if you’re someone who works out and likes masculine ideas.

27. Small Hummingbird Tattoo Over Chest


Cute hummingbird tattoo that shows you that even women can go for chest placements.

28. Retro Sleeve Hummingbird Tattoo


This loud, big & bright shoulder and sleeve tattoo can be quite pricey to go for, so heads up.

29. Small Artsy Cartoon Print Hummingbird Tattoo


Those who like artsy & geometrical tattoos will like this hummingbird print.

30. Black Ink Neck Hummingbird Tattoo


You can look feminine and elegant while sticking to this delicate hummingbird tattoo.

Want To Try Out Some Of These Ideas?

It is time to try out something fun and new. Which design was your favorite from the bunch? Let us know what you can’t wait to place on your body, as well as which tattoo you plan on placing where. Men and women will find their ideal design with our article and recommend options, we can vouch!

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