30+ Hydrangea Tattoo Designs As Unique As The Flower Itself

Hydrangea flowers are beautiful. They are an amazing shade of blue, and they have a delicate, almost-transparent quality to them. Their petals look like they’re made of tissue paper, but they’re actually very sturdy. They can take a good amount of wear from the elements, but they don’t last forever—in fact, they’re known for their short lifespan.

That’s why it’s a great idea to get a hydrangea tattoo: it will remind you that even though things may seem fragile and delicate in life, there’s strength behind them too. If you want to show off your love for nature or for the idea of being grounded in your beliefs, this flower is an excellent choice

These flowers are also known for their big blooms and bright colors, which makes them perfect for a tattoo that you want to be noticed. The large size of hydrangeas also makes them great for covering up larger areas of your body if you’re looking for a large piece of art.

If you want to get a hydrangea tattoo, check these 30+ designs and ideas for inspiration:

1. Giant Thigh Hydrangea Tattoo


A giant thigh tattoo such as this one should be done in black ink. Keep it simple and monochrome since the design is very big and bold on its own.

2. Cool Forearm Hydrangea Tattoo


This cute and feminine purple hydrangea will stand for your pure feminine energy. If you’re a fan of the beauty surrounding us, this is for you!

3. Small Hydrangea Tattoo


Small, simple, and well-done, place a hydrangea tattoo on your forearm if you want it to be a conversation starter and if you enjoy elegant ideas.

4. Blue Hydrangea Tattoo


A blue hydrangea tattoo like this one can take 2 hours to do. Most women who enjoy floral tattoos and creative pieces will want a piece of this!

5. Wrist Hydrangea Tattoo


For some people, less is more! Does this apply to you? If you enjoy petite art and you want a wrist tattoo, this is a new must in your case.

6. Collarbone Hydrangea Tattoo


Heads up before you give it a go with a collarbone tattoo, as these can hurt quite a lot. If you enjoy sexy designs and you want to try out something that is somewhat hidden and personal to you, this is the right choice.

7. Blue Arm Hydrangea Tattoo


A gorgeous arm tattoo such as this one will look great on those who work out, as well as those who prefer bigger pieces. If you trust your tattoo artist and you want a show-stopping piece, consider this design.

8. Artsy Hydrangea Tattoo


A hydrangea tattoo and a lizard paired together will symbolize your will to live and a chance to grow in life. If you’re experimenting and trying to do something good for your own benefit, this tattoo will show it!

9. Hydrangea Tattoo Blue Ink


Blue is a color of constant renewal and new chapters in your life. If you’re an optimist and you believe that life is beautiful and worth exploring, give this a go!

10. Small Mini Hydrangea Tattoo


Go for this mini hydrangea tattoo and show how a change can be positive, it’s just about believing in yourself and the process of it all.

11. Big Purple Hydrangea Tattoo


Go for a flower and bee tattoo to show the symbolism and cycle of life. Nothing would be possible without a bit of effort and faith, right?

12. Hydrangea Tattoo On Arm


Purple is a color of mysterious and bright energy. Those who believe that life is worth living and those who find beauty in all the little things will enjoy this creative and gorgeous tattoo.

13. Fun Wrist Hydrangea Tattoo


A wrist tattoo such as this one will take you 1 hour to complete. If you’re in a rush and you prefer smaller and more sentimental pieces, this is the right call to make!

14. Cool Back Hydrangea Tattoo


Women who want a sexy piece and those who love their bodies will like this tattoo. Show that you’re proud of yourself and your feminine energy with this design.

15. Light Blue Hydrangea Tattoo


This tattoo stands for a new and bright future. If you’re an optimist and you believe that everything happens for good reasons, give this tattoo a try and place it knowing that it is a unique piece.

16. Side Stomach Hydrangea Tattoo


Side stomach tattoos can be painful and tricky to go for. If you’re a fan of elegant ideas and if you’re a woman we highly recommend that you get this somewhat secretive and sexy tattoo.

17. Fun Wrist Hydrangea Tattoo


Add color to your tattoo and go a bit more modern. If you want to show that you’re positive and bright and that you’re always ready to have fun on your own terms, this is for you

18. Hydrangea Tattoo Art


Blue shoulder tattoo such as this one will take you 3 hours to get. It stands for new and positive energy, as well as the inner strength that you’re showcasing to the world in your own way.

19. Whale And Hydrangea Tattoo


A whale and a flower duo can be used to describe your love for wildlife, sea animals, and all things surrounding us. If you believe that beauty exists in other forms, this will look lovely on you.

20. Calf Hydrangea Tattoo


A calf tattoo such as this one will take you 2 hours to complete. It can be an amazing design for both men and women, which is why anyone can and should give it a go.

21. Chest Hydrangea Tattoo Idea


Go for a hydrangea print across your chest and add an important name right next to it. This way, your chosen person will know that they’re important to you and that you value them in your life.

22. Blue & Purple Hydrangea Tattoo


Combine two different colors and show that you have layers. This will suit all the ladies, especially those who are always experimenting and exploring their lives.

23. Sexy Hydrangea Tattoo


A sexy and somewhat hidden tattoo such as this one will look amazing on your thighs. If you enjoy sexy looks and you want a tattoo that is a must-do around your legs, why not this beauty?

24. Stomach Hydrangea Tattoo


If you want a sexy tattoo and you enjoy stomach designs, this will look amazing on you. Show that you’re ready to blossom with this gorgeous and sexy design.

25. Blue Vase Hydrangea Tattoo


Go for a blue hydrangea on your stomach and add these cute flowers knowing that it is a stylish piece. Put them in a vase and just know that this tattoo represents renewed life.

26. Big Hydrangea Tattoo


Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to do this design. Does yours? If you fully trust him or her, why not book this design and show it off?

27. Feminine Hydrangea Tattoo


Go for a sexy tattoo and place it on your lower back or even your bottoms. If you’re a fan of secretive ideas and you want to get a tattoo that is only known to you, this is it!

28. Red Hydrangea Tattoo


Red is a color of love and passion. If you are a sensual person and you’re close to someone special and you wish to show it with a tattoo, this hydrangea is the right way to do it.

29. Orange Hydrangea Tattoo


Orange flowers are quite unusual, yet so beautiful. If you have an eye for neat ideas and you want to try something new and modern, this is it! You can symbolize your growth and new beginnings with this cool image.

30. Cool Purple Hydrangea Tattoo


Several kinds of hydrangeas will show your true colors (literally). If you’ve been through a lot of growth in the past and you wish to show it you can do it with this concept.

31. Fun Purple Hydrangea Tattoo


Such a mystical and mysterious tattoo, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re a fan of artsy ideas and you want something new that not a lot of people have, this is it!

32. Artsy Hydrangea Tattoo Design


Cute and colorful, this green hydrangea is for those who like nature, and are willing to show off their love for beautiful kinds in one simple design.

33. Hydrangea Tattoo On Thigh


If you want this tattoo make sure that you can commit to its tattooing process. A tattoo such as this one will take you around 5 hours to get, and it is also a pricey piece of artwork.

34. Vibrant & Cool Hydrangea Tattoo


Get a lot of cool and unique shades, and mix them all in one! The final result is this magical and glorious, positive-boosting hydrangea design.

What’s next?

Have you made up your mind about which hydrangea tattoo design you want to present to your tattoo artist? Then comment below and let us know, too!

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