30+ Stunning Jackalope Tattoo Designs for a Touch of Folklore

A jackalope tattoo is a fun and unique choice for anyone who loves a mix of folklore and fantasy. The jackalope, a blend of a jackrabbit and an antelope, stands for mystery and imagination. It’s a creature from American tall tales, especially popular in the Western U.S., symbolizing a playful spirit and a sense of adventure.

For placement, consider the upper arm, thigh, or back for larger designs that show off all the details. Smaller designs work great on the forearm, calf, or shoulder. Your choice will depend on how bold or personal you want the tattoo to be.

The cost can vary a lot, from about $150 for a small design to $500 or more for a detailed piece. It’s best to talk to your tattoo artist to get an exact price.

Check out the tattoo design ideas below to get inspired!

1. Pink Jackalope Tattoo


This beautiful mythical creature can find a good place on any part of your body. Given that everything about this beautiful animal is a myth, feel free to let your imagination run wild and play with different colours, like in this case pink!

2. Jackalope Tattoo on Hand


Have you heard that this animal can symbolize abundance? That’s right, in that case, you can use it as inspiration for your next tattoo. This tattoo is simple and striking.

3. Dotwork Jackalope Tattoo


This cute animal can intrigue many people with its interesting appearance. Her look is eye-catching and we’re sure you’ll get noticed wherever you go!

4. Traditional Art Jackalope Tattoo


The horns of this animal on this tattoo are a special detail that is so beautifully done. If you are about to get a tattoo with this interesting motif, this tattoo model can be the right choice considering such an interesting display of horns!

5. Jackalope Tattoo with Vibrant Colors


What’s the first thing that catches your eye when you see a tattoo this big? Is it the details that are made to the smallest detail, or maybe this strong colour in many shades? Whatever it is from those two, or maybe even something third, we hope it will be reason enough to have this kind of artwork on our skin and on your skin!

6. Splash Art Jackalope Tattoo


Have you ever seen anything like it? These colours are outstanding, not to mention the way this animal is presented. A small and cute tattoo like this doesn’t have to be anything special, but its colours will make it 100% different!

7. Jackalope Skeleton Tattoo


If you are of a slightly more extreme nature, this tattoo is an ideal example for those of you who like slightly different, let’s call it, more morbid things. The skeleton of this creature is an interesting display on the skin.

8. Jackalope Tattoo on Thigh


Everyone imagines this creation in a different way and each way is creative. This idea in the photo is adorable and has different beautiful colors that fit perfectly together. If you are looking for a larger tattoo, the thigh or back are perfect for that.

9. Side Rib Jackalope Tattoo


A tattoo done only with a black line is the most common technique among tattoos. With this technique, you can make tattoos of different sizes and shapes.

10. Small Jackalope Tattoo


Another tattoo made in black, only that here it is a slightly thicker black line and a smaller tattoo. This tattoo is ideal for the forearm.

11. Cartoon Jackalope Tattoo


Adorable cartoon tattoo. You can find this creature in some of the Disney cartoons. It looks like a kangaroo, although it is actually a rabbit.

12. Realistic Jackalope Tattoo


Realistic jackalope tattoo. Just look at his eyes, they look so real, don’t they? This tattoo requires a lot of work and time invested in it, but it pays off in the end. Consult your chosen tattoo artist for details and colors.

13. Jackalope Tattoo on Neck


Minimalistic and adorable jackalope tattoo on the back. This tattoo is so small that you can place it anywhere on your body. It doesn’t require too much work, but it’s also adorable and can be combined with other tattoos.

14. Vampire Jackalope Tattoo


People have a lot of their own theories about this strange phenomenon, so there are always a lot of different stories and a lot of different opinions and appearances of this being. Here, the real appearance of this creature is combined with vampiric details. You can make your own picture of this phenomenon with the help of your imagination and the skillful hands of a tattoo artist.

15. Winged Jackalope Tattoo 


Another interesting phenomenon in the form of a bat. The moon appears behind him as the main symbol of bats, vampires and other nocturnal phenomena.

16. Carousel Jackalope Tattoo


If you have been to amusement parks as a child, this tattoo will be familiar to you. Instead of a horse, there is a jackalope here, and this is another example of how powerful and creative human imagination can be.

17. Jackalope Tattoo with Crystals


Crystals are most often used in manifestations, tarot and other matters related to divination of fate and the future. On this tattoo, it fits perfectly with the colors and the image of the jackalope, black and purple colors are a perfect pair and complement each other perfectly.

18. Neo Traditional Art Jackalope Tattoo


This tattoo cannot go unnoticed. The picture itself and the colors on it are so striking and eye-catching. Everyone who passes by you will notice and see you, and we believe that they will wonder about the meaning behind the tattoo.

19. Cute Jackalope Tattoo


This jackalope is adorable and beautiful. It can be said that this jackalope is actually female, due to the appearance of the face and the long eyelashes. Hearts on her body complement and decorate her additionally.

20. Sweet Jackalope Tattoo


Another example of an adorable blue colored tattoo that is eye-catching and can’t be missed. If you decide for this tattoo, we are sure that you will amaze the people around you.

21. Blackwork Jackalope Tattoo


A black variant of this adorable mythical creature may suit your taste. You can also consider making this tattoo smaller or bigger, depending on which part of the body you want it on!

22. Cool Jackalope Tattoo


You will absolutely love the fine detail on this tattoo in the form of red eyes and this animal that looks like it is hunting. Too well done, sure would be more expensive but 100% worth it!

23. Oldf Traditional Art Jackalope Tattoo


A traditional tattoo that will surely appeal to the people of North America, since that is where this mythical creature originates from, it will steal your heart and you will want to have it on your skin. A cool flower design with such a good tattoo is a hit!

24. Funny Jackalope Tattoo


Do you think you stand out and are too cool for regular tattoos? And even the jackalope, an animal that is not so well known in the world, together with such an interesting motif, can look great on your body. Uniqueness is guaranteed.

25. Floral Jackalope Tattoo


A floral jackalope tattoo exudes elegance and tenderness. If you want to approach this animal on the gentle side and portray it as a cute creature, this is the ideal way to do it!

26. Forearm Jackalope Tattoo


Big but beautiful, a tattoo like this with such beautiful vibrant colors that perfectly depicts this adorable animal is original and surely something that took many hours to turn out this beautiful. What is your opinion?

27. Black Inked Jackalope Tattoo


Red and black is an excellent combination of colors, both in the tattoo world and in the world of fashion and make-up. If you are someone who likes to play with colors and loves tattoos that stand out, this tattoo is perfect for you.

28. Brown Jackalope Tattoo


The jackalope, an animal with the head of a rabbit and the body of a deer, can also be depicted in its baby form, as a small fawn with the head of a bunny. A tattoo like this can be an expression of your fragility and the child inside you that you never want to grow up.

29. Detailed Jackalope Tattoo


Exactly how many dots do you think there are on this tattoo? We didn’t count and we don’t know either, but we are quite surprised by the dedication and patience of this tattoo artist who created such a good masterpiece. Do you think it’s to your taste?

30. Comic Art Jackalope Tattoo


Comic stuff never goes out of fashion and once you get your hands on it, you’ll rarely get rid of the variety of ways you can use it in a creative and different way. This kind of tattoo is an absolute must have!

31. Jackalope Tattoo with Roses


Roses are very famous when it comes to tattoos and you can always add them if you feel that your tattoo is too empty, plain and monotonous. They make every tattoo richer and more beautiful!

32. Purple Jackalope Tattoo


Playing with colors is no stranger to the tattoo world, so this is an absolute hit. Purple suits this creature very well, just like maybe green, yellow or orange? The choice is yours!

33. Artistic Jackalope Tattoo


Does it look to you like this tattoo is actually a painting on a canvas? But no, this is a 100% human skin tattoo. If you know someone who would play this well and create such a beautiful work of art on your body, what are you waiting for?

Hope you enjoyed the tattoo design ideas! A jackalope tattoo is a perfect blend of whimsy and folklore, making it a unique and imaginative choice. You can go for a bold, detailed piece or a smaller, subtle design to reflect your adventurous spirit. Don’t forget to discuss design, placement, and cost with your tattoo artist to bring your vision to life.

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