Jungkook Has 5 Tattoos: Here’s What They Are & Their Meanings

Jungkook is a South Korean singer and the youngest member of a famous k-pop group named BTS. Even though artists in South Korea are not allowed to exhibit their tattoos while on TV shows it did not stop him from expressing his love for this kind of art. Later on, he slowly showed his tattoos to the public and made them change their view regarding it.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Jungkook’s tattoos and their meanings.

Jungkook’s Hand Tattoo

The tattoo on Jungkook’s hand consists of designs that are dedicated to his groupmates and their fans. His first tattoo was noticed by a fan who was asking for his autograph and that was the “ARMY + J” tattoo. Jungkook is well known for his love for his fans and BTS fans were called the “BTS Army” that’s why there’s some speculation that this specific tattoo is dedicated to them.

The BTS logo tattoo was dedicated to his group and fans. If you have noticed the design is like a door that was opened from the outside and they have announced that this symbolizes that the BTS and Army will always meet at the door.

Once again this purple heart tattoo is dedicated to the BTS Army. It is believed to portray the word “I Purple You” which means “I will trust and love you for a long time”.

Jung Wook’s New Tattoos and Cover Up

From Polyc official account (Jungkook’s Tattoo Artist)

This new skeleton hand tattoo was enhanced by the tattoo artist named Polyc. It is said to portray Jungkook’s love for music. If you have noticed there’s a phrase that was designed as a cross, it says ” Rather Be Dead Than Cool” this line was from the song Stay Away by the popular band Nirvana and this phrase became Jungkook’s life motto.

From Polyc official account (Jungkook’s Tattoo Artist)

Jungkook’s new tattoo “POLYC” was dedicated to his tattoo artist. He mentioned on an Instagram post that he was very thankful to Polyc after giving life to the tattoos on his arm.

From Polyc official account (Jungkook’s Tattoo Artist)

The BTS members got their friendship tattoos and they chose this minimalist “7” tattoo which stands for the number of members of BTS. Jungkook decided to it put behind his ears while others have their tattoo on their calf and pinky finger which means “to have a good relationship”.

From Polyc official account (Jungkook’s Tattoo Artist)

Jungkook decided to cover his Magna Eye Tattoo with a bulletproof design. Many fans believe that this has a connection with their new song or it is about BTS since it stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan which means “bulletproof scout”.

Who can miss the flower design on top of the Bulletproof tattoo? That was a tiger lily design that symbolized Jungkook’s birth month. It is also believed that the tiger lily conveys the words “Please Love Me”.

I’m sure you are one of the BTS Army who’s looking for the meanings behind Jungkook’s tattoos. I hope I was able to help you decide on which tattoo you want to pick. What are your thoughts about his tattoos? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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