30+ Khanda Tattoo Designs that Visualize Sikh Spirituality

The khanda is a meaningful and iconic symbol in Sikhism that makes for a powerful and spiritual tattoo. This double-edged sword surrounded by a chakkar is rich in symbolism and history. When inked on the body, the khanda tattoo represents the Sikh ideals of strength, freedom, and spiritual enlightenment.

This sacred emblem is best suited for large tattoos that allow for intricate detailing of the sword, chakkar, and other elements. Placement on the upper back, chest, or bicep can look impactful. Since khanda tattoos tend to be fairly complex, they can cost $200-$500 on average depending on the size and level of detail. However, the meaning behind this design makes it worth the investment for many Sikh tattoo enthusiasts.

Now let’s look at 30 stunning khanda tattoo ideas! From photorealistic to abstract interpretations, minimalist to bold, black ink to vibrant color, there are many ways to depict this iconic Sikh symbol. Scroll down to see khanda tattoos that may spark inspiration for your own.

1. Blue Khanda Back Tattoo 


There’s a beautiful Khanda symbol tattoo on the back. Some lovely blue coloring is added to certain parts and it is a nice touch. Isn’t it so elegant?

2. Lion and Khanda Shoulder  Tattoo 


Are you ready to make your shoulder stand out with this tribal tattoo? The design includes the silhouette of a lion in a side profile. Additionally, the lion’s mane incorporates a portion of the Khanda symbol.

3. Khanda Tattoo with Wings


How about a small, realistic-looking khanda symbol on your upper arm? It is not a classic one because this symbol has two wings. Plus, it looks realistic with shading details.

4. 3D Khanda Tattoo Design


Imagine a cute little 3D khanda tattoo nestled on your inner arm. It’s like a tiny piece of metal art placed into your skin!

5. Ornamental Khanda Arm Tattoo


Are you fond of cool designs made up of different geometric and tribal shapes? This one rocks the tattoo game. The khanda symbol is filled up with intricate patterns and right below the symbol, a yin yang is placed.

6. Side Rib Khanda Tattoo Idea


That upper side rib is such a sexy part to get this khanda tattoo. The symbol looks all cool and shadowy, kinda like something real. Give it a try.

7. Necklace Khanda Arm Tattoo


Wow! Look at this khanda necklace tattoo. The necklace has both big and small beads on it. The idea of a necklace tattoo sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it?

8.  Lotus & Khanda Back Tattoo


A beautiful lotus flower is drawn on the back. Right beneath the flower, there’s a khanda symbol. The bead-like lines and dots hanging around the flower look so cute, don’t they?

9. Blackwork Khanda Tattoo


Let’s get a tattoo on the inner arm! It’s the Khanda symbol, you know, that Sikh emblem. The use of shading techniques make the tattoo look super realistic! And don’t worry, the size isn’t too huge either, just the right fit.

10. Khanda Tribal Shoulder Tattoo


This awesome tribal tattoo covers the shoulder. It’s got a thick black outline and right in the middle of the shoulder, a Khanda symbol was drawn. Around it, there are these cool tribal designs with geometric shapes added to complete the look. How epic would that be?

11. Black and Red Khanda Neck Tattoo 


Here is a khanda design with black shading and red light reflections. It’s a pretty big and bold design! Go for this neck tattoo.

12. Outstanding Tiger & Khanda Tattoo


This super wild tattoo starts from the shoulder and goes down towards the bicep. At the top part of the tattoo, there’s a roaring tiger and at the bottom part of the black tattoo, there’s a khanda symbol with a tilted orientation.

13. Ren Ink Khanda Tattoo


Check out this tattoo, it’s like whoa! It’s the Khanda symbol, drawn with delicate lines, and the inside is filled with a soft red ink. You gotta give this arm tattoo a shot!

14. Khanda and Om Arm Tattoo


Don’t you think combining two different and meaningful symbols is such a cool idea? This shaded arm tattoo has a black om symbol added right in the middle-upper part of the khanda.

15. Eagle & Khanda Arm Tattoo


This majestic eagle is drawn in a way that looks just like sketches, and you can see its side profile. The cool part is that there are these two swirling lines that are drawn around its body. And right below this design, a black and thick-lined Khanda symbol is added.

16. Khanda Tattoo with Flowers


A black and shaded Khanda symbol tattoo may be all you need. The background kinda looks like a misty sky, giving it this mysterious vibe. Also, there are these flowers on the top and bottom that add a totally different feel!

17. Khanda with Detailed Lion Tattoo Design


With the black ink lion portrait and the khanda symbol right below it, this shoulder tattoo looks super masculine. The lion’s eyes being this awesome shade of yellow and matching the color of the rising sun behind it are just a new level!

18. Khanda and Koi Fish Back Tattoo


It’s like a masterpiece on the upper back! In the middle, there’s this cool white Khanda symbol, and on both sides of it, there are graceful koi fish swimming. The striking part is the sleek black shadow surrounding these three elements.

19. Khanda Tattoo with Praying Hands


So, you know those popular praying hand tattoos, right? Well, how about combining them with the Khanda symbol? Imagine a necklace with praying hands, and at the center of it, there’s a Khanda. Go for it.

20. Khanda and Watercolor Splash Wrist Tattoo 


Wanna have a mini masterpiece on your wrist? Check this out. It’s a black and sharp-lined khanda design and it is taken to a different level with this awesome splashy background of blue, red, and green droplets.

21. Classic Khanda Hand Tattoo


How about a cool but classic khanda tattoo, covering the hand? The areas drawn with white ink have given it this awesome multi-dimensional look. Give it a shot.

22. Khanda and Chain Calf Tattoo 


With a stylish calf tattoo, you can impress everyone! There is a chain around the calf, and below one chain, there’s another hanging with a red Khanda symbol at the end. Give it a shot.

23. Blackwork Khanda and Eagle Tattoo 


Here is a portrait of an eagle in the style of blackwork. The majestic bird is looking towards the left. Plus, it has a white Khanda symbol on its body. Go for this arm tattoo.

24. Impressive Dotwork Khanda Tattoo


To create shading and give depth to a this Khanda tattoo placed on the lower arm, dotwork technique is used. It’s like creating a picture using tiny dots. Give it a try.

25. Khanda and Armor Plate Back Shoulder Tattoo


If you’re looking for a tattoo that will always protect you, this one is for you! Being black and shaded, this back shoulder tattoo involves a massive armor plate design. And here is the surprise. Right in the middle, there’s a big khanda symbol that adds even more meaning!

26. Bold Khanda Upper Arm Tattoo


If you’re on the hunt for a meaningful tattoo idea for your upper arm, we’ve got something awesome for you! A thick and stunning sword with a multi-dimensional effect is a great idea. It’s like a magnificent broadsword!

27. Tribal Khanda Shoulder Tattoo


You can totally rock your shoulder with this simple yet stylish tribal tattoo made only with thick lines. The tribal patterns around the khanda in the top left corner look awesome! Show off that cool ink!

28. Forearm Khanda and Wings Tattoo


How about a cool tattoo with a khanda angel? This inner arm tattoo has a khanda symbol in the middle, surrounded by beautiful wings on the left and right, and there’s some shading to make it pop!

29. Khanda and Punjab Map Tattoo 


The word “Punjab” is like a happy blend of two words: “Panj” (which means Five) and “aab” (which means Water). This cool combo shows that it’s the land of five waters or rivers. In Punjab map, and there is a Khanda symbol. On the left side, there are some wheat stalks.

30. Savage Eagle and Khanda Tattoo 


By combining an eagle with majestic wings and the Khanda symbol sounds awesome. The eagle’s head has a stunning necklace with a beautiful pendant. The pendant has a black, bold-lined Khanda symbol at the end.

As discussed, the khanda is a significant symbol in Sikhism that can make for a meaningful tattoo. With its striking imagery of a double-edged sword and chakkar, intricate and detailed khanda designs stand out, especially when inked largely on the back, chest or biceps. Though complex, the richness of this revered emblem connects deeply with Sikhs’ faith and heritage. For those willing to invest in a substantial tattoo, the khanda’s symbolism and history give this iconic Sikh symbol great personal significance.

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