15+ Knee Tattoos for Women That Turn Heads

Knee tattoos for women are a bold and stylish choice, combining femininity and strength. These tattoos can range from delicate floral designs to intricate mandalas, symbolizing resilience and the ability to move forward. The knee is a unique canvas that allows for creative freedom, making it perfect for women looking to make a statement.

Knee tattoos can be placed directly on the kneecap, wrap around the knee, or extend up or down the thigh and calf. The knee’s natural curvature adds depth and dimension to the artwork. Given the sensitivity of the area, it’s essential to choose an experienced tattoo artist to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible.

The cost of a knee tattoo varies based on the design’s complexity and the artist’s expertise. On average, expect to pay between $200 and $600, with prices higher for more intricate designs. Scroll through the 15 stunning knee tattoo design ideas we’ve shared to find inspiration for your next ink adventure.

1. Above Knee Tattoos For Women


This creative black outline is a cool floral tattoo that can represent different kinds of emotions and sentimental feelings for women.

2. Colorful Above The Knee Tattoo


What is your favorite flower in the whole world? Do you enjoy big and colorful kinds, and do you want to show your true colors and passions? Younger women are going to go crazy over this creative and artsy idea.

3. Small Knee Tattoos For Females


Show that you’ve been hurt in the past and that you’re afraid of love. We all go through some type of breakup which marks us in one way or another, right? If you’re healed yet you have some type of history, this tattoo will talk about it all!

4. Floral Knee Tattoo For Ladies


A snake placed right next to a rose can symbolize the birth of a new phase or a new beginning in your life. This big and bold tattoo will take some time to do, so heads up before you commit your time and money to it.

5. Side Knee Tattoos For Females


Side knee tattoos hurt quite a lot, and they’re not for everyone. This floral combo is used to symbolize your feminine energy and your approach toward life. If you’re hopeful and confident, we know this is going to suit you.

6. Small Knee Tattoo Floral Idea


A small floral tattoo on your knee or this small tulip is seen as a symbol of genuine care and joy. If you have a thing for flowers and especially if you’re Dutch, book this tattoo asap!

7. Meaningful Knee Tattoos For Women


Not everyone would dare to go this crazy and wild for a knee tattoo design. Would you? If you enjoy dramatic ideas and you want a show-stopping piece, you’ll fall in love with this idea. Heads up, this giant leg and knee tattoo is going to take you several attempts to achieve and finish off.

8. Bright Red Knee Tattoo


Red flowers are usually seen as signs of love, romance, and closeness. If you’re a sentimental person and someone really close to your favorite people, this design is for you. Make sure you get the right shade of red so it makes you stand out and gives you that vibrant outcome.

9. Knee Tattoos Concept


A cute light blue floral tattoo can be used to showcase your beautiful soul and your artsy personality. Anyone who likes detailed art and wants to try out something that can tell a fun story, we give you this design!

10. Butterfly Knee Tattoo For Women


Butterfly is a symbol of new life, renewal, and feminine energy that shines through. If you’re not afraid of insects and you want to show how comfortable you can be when spreading your wings, this little design will show it.

11. Cute Flower Knee Tattoo


A rose tattoo is often used as a symbol of new energy and a fun bright spirit. If you’re often going out of your way to please others and you have a soft and feminine touch, this will show it. It won’t take you more than two hours to get this tattoo, so be prepared for it.

12. Funny Artsy Knee Tattoo


Do you prefer funny and retro tattoos? Do you enjoy tattoos with a story? This design can tell quite a lot about your personality and your overall character. If you’re into working out, you love sweets and you also like flowers, this will describe your entire personality. Want to add a pop of color to it and make your knees stand out, everywhere, all the time?

13. Black Outline Knee Tattoo Flower Design


If you’re on a budget and you prefer smaller tattoos and more affordable tattoos this black ink concept is for you. You’ll need 2 hours to complete this idea. The overall style will suit different age groups and different women, it knows no boundaries. Want to try it out?

14. Mandala Knee Tattoo


Mandalas are seen as a symbol of practicality and order. If you prefer geometrical tattoo ideas and you want something that is detailed and dominant, you can’t go wrong with this concept. It will look very dominant and bad-ass on girls who want to stand out, as well as women who are into bigger and more outgoing ideas.

15. Funny Retro Knee Tattoo


Make everyone smile and laugh around you when they notice this retro tattoo. If you’re a funny person and someone who loves to joke around all the time, this print will suit you. It will show that you know how to have a good time and enjoy your life on your own terms.

16. Matching Knee Tattoos


You can try out a matching knee tattoo on both of your knees and make a fun concept out of it. Heads up as these two flowers can hurt and feel uncomfortable to go for. Only give it a go if you can handle the pain and you want a dominant black-and-white ink tattoo idea.

17. Bright Purple Knee Tattoo


Purple is a color of positivity and bright emotions. If you’re a bright and vibrant person and you want to come off as genuine and caring, this will suit you. The best part about this piece? It is super quick and easy to do.

18. Green Heart Knee Tattoo


Lastly, you can try out this bright green burning heart and express your fiery side and your caring side through this tattoo. Guys or girls who enjoy vibrant ideas and those who want a bigger knee tattoo are going to appreciate this design. Overall this color symbolizes good luck, faith, and wealth, so who wouldn’t want to have it?

Scroll through the 30 stunning knee tattoo design ideas we’ve shared to find the perfect inspiration. From intricate mandalas to delicate floral patterns, these designs will help you create a bold and stylish statement with your next knee tattoo.

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