30+ Kraken Tattoo Ideas: Inked Depths of Maritime Lore

Dive with us into the mystical depths of the ocean as we explore the enigmatic Kraken, a legendary sea monster from Nordic folklore. Depicted as an enormous octopus or squid, the Kraken is a symbol of nature’s raw power, the mysterious unknown, and personal transformation. Its myth, dating back to the 12th-century Norwegian sagas, has seen the Kraken terrorizing passing ships and evolving into an icon in popular culture.

Kraken tattoos have become a popular way for people to express their respect for the mysteries of the natural world, their personal battles, and their capacity to face and overcome fears. Not just a compelling visual, a Kraken tattoo can be a personal symbol, a tribute to mythology, and a stunning piece of art. Join us as we explore 30+ awe-inspiring Kraken tattoo designs that might inspire your next ink adventure!

1. Detailed Kraken Tattoo on Arm


This masterful design is like a work of art. Every line, curve, and shadow brings the mythical sea creature to life in extraordinary fashion. From the swirling tentacles that coil around your arm to the mesmerizing textures that mimic the kraken’s skin, the level of detail in this tattoo is truly inspiring.

2. Kraken Tattoo with Skull Design 


If you want to try something new and add a creative touch to your kraken tattoo, this design on the arm is for you. It combines the mythical creature, the kraken, with a skull design to create a powerful and visually striking image. The eye sockets are red and the red shadows are amazing.

3. Kraken Tattoo with Blue Eyes 


Choosing blue eyes for the kraken tattoo can mean a lot to the person getting it. Blue eyes often symbolize depth, intuition, and wisdom. They can show a connection to the vastness of the sea and its mysteries. Go for this amazing tattoo on the back.

4. Cute Orange Kraken Tattoo


Kraken tattoos can be cute and fun too! This design makes us smile because the kraken looks so adorable with its puppy eyes. It’s like a friendly little monster with its orange body color and blue shades on its tentacles.

5. Artistic Blackwork Kraken Tattoo


A blackwork tattoo is an amazing and eye-catching design that uses the blackwork technique to bring the legendary kraken creature to life. With bold black ink and intricate lines, it creates a powerful and dramatic representation of the kraken, almost like it’s coiling around your upper arm.

6. Dotwork Kraken Tattoo on Forearm


By putting this awesome dotwork kraken tattoo on your forearm, you can proudly show off its intricate design. The forearm acts as the perfect canvas to display the stunning details and symbolic representation of the kraken. Doesn’t it look so real?

7. Kraken Tattoo with Ocean in a Bottle 


The bottle adds another meaning to the tattoo, symbolizing hidden secrets and treasures beneath the waves. This kraken tattoo with a bottle sets free your inner adventurer and celebrates your fascination with the mysterious beauty of the sea. Being upside down, this cute orange kraken surrounds the bottle.

8. Realistic Purple Kraken Tattoo


Dive into a magical world with a stunning purple kraken tattoo. Its mesmerizing orange eyes and turquoise tentacles make it truly extraordinary. This lifelike tattoo captures the legendary sea monster’s power and beauty in intricate detail. Get this tattoo on your leg and stand out.

9. Red Kraken Tattoo on Arm


Get a cool red kraken tattoo on your upper arm! It’s half kraken and half ship, with amazing details and shading to make it look real and powerful. Stand out with this awesome tattoo!

10. Vibrant Kraken Tattoo


Get ready to be amazed by a lively and colorful kraken tattoo that’s full of life! Each stroke and detail of this tattoo is carefully created to capture the kraken’s powerful and mysterious essence. Plus, the color palette makes the tattoo look like a cartoon.

11. Full Arm Kraken Tattoo


Set sail on a marvelous art adventure with a huge kraken tattoo! It wraps your whole arm in a captivating sea-themed design. The fierce red kraken surrounded by mighty waves makes it an epic cover up tattoo!

12. Creative Blue Kraken Tattoo


Immerse yourself in a captivating world of wonder and calmness with a beautiful blue kraken tattoo. This legendary sea creature, inked in mesmerizing blue, appears as if it’s carrying a golden ship with its amazing tentacles. If you appreciate classic tattoo art, this design is definitely worth considering!

13. Quirky Kraken Tattoo on the Thigh


Thigh tattoos rock! This realistic and quirky kraken tattoo will make heads turn and bring smiles to faces. This imaginative design takes a playful approach to the legendary sea creature. Every line and detail on his head and arms makes the kraken look realistic. Plus, dark shadows add a different depth.

14. New School Kraken Tattoo


Are you the one who prefers colorful tattoos? If your answer is yes, we have a great idea for you. The new school style emphasizes bold outlines, vibrant colors, and exaggerated proportions. The kraken tattoo is cartoon-like, making it a fun and eye-catching choice.

15. Artistic Kraken Tattoo on Foot


Explore the fascinating world of sea legends with an amazing kraken tattoo that elegantly embraces your foot, adding a touch of magic to each step. Its beautiful deep orange color and charming pink tentacles create a visually captivating design. Also, its tentacles stretch to the ankle in a great way.

16. Big Size Kraken and Ship Dotwork Tattoo


The combo of a kraken and an old-fashioned sailing ship is fabulous, isn’t it? The design is created using a dotwork technique, which involves using small dots to create shading and texture. It seems like the kraken captures the ship with its giant tentacles.

17. Lighthouse and Kraken Tattoo Design on Arm


Here is a visually striking tattoo that captures the essence of adventure and exploration, with the contrast between the solid lighthouse and the swirling tentacles of the kraken. The waves and the upside down kraken create a bold image.

18. Neo-Traditional Art Kraken Tattoo


The kraken tattoo above has rich colors, deep hues, and eye-catching contrasts that make it stand out. You can easily stand out with it wherever you go. Done by using the neo-trafitional art, this tattoo look amazing with its detailed linework and shading, making it a captivating centerpiece on your chosen canvas.

19. Kraken & Pegasus Tattoo Design on Chest


The tattoo’s placement on the chest allows for lots of details, and the oil painting style matches the stormy and intimidating concept perfectly. Two mythical creatures, pegasus and kraken, are gathered together in this design. Plus, the dark tones like deep blue, purple, and gray in the color palette are incredible.

20. Pretty Kraken and Bottle Tattoo Design


Get ready to meet the magnificent Kraken! It’s a creature of elegance and beauty, with its smooth shapes and lovely designs. Imagine its gentle tentacles embracing a sea bottle, inside of which you’ll find a breathtaking ocean sunset. If you adore the sea, this magical combination of the sea bottle and the Kraken will make you shine like never before.

21. Colorful and Complicated Kraken Tattoo on the Calf


This amazing design is full of vibrant colors that make the kraken come alive in a captivating way. It has electric blues, radiant greens, fiery oranges, and passionate purples that dance across your skin, creating a mesmerizing sight. The ship above and and the purple kraken in fierce waves create such an epic scene!

22. Small Line Art Kraken Tattoo Idea


This cool design keeps it simple with its beautiful lines and patterns, showing the mighty kraken in all its glory. Every line is carefully drawn to shape the kraken’s body, curves, and tentacles, making it an eye-catching masterpiece that you can’t help but notice.

23. Engraving Kraken Tattoo Design


This design is unique, isn’t it? The engraving design is created in a style that resembles engraving, which is a technique used to carve or etch designs onto surfaces like metal or wood. Imagine having a really cool tattoo of a massive sea monster with many long tentacles on your lower arm. The tattoo design looks like it has been carved or etched into the skin, giving it a unique and artistic appearance.

24. Colorful Traditional Art Kraken Tattoo


A fun and vibrant tattoo design features a mythical kraken monster in bright colors, playfully attacking a World War II airplane. It combines the excitement of a legendary sea creature with the historical reference of a vintage warplane, creating a unique and eye-catching image.

25. Kraken Tattoo with Lighthouse Design


The kraken is a majestic sea creature full of intricate details. It represents the wild forces of the ocean. The lighthouse, on the other hand, is a tall and strong beacon of hope. It guides sailors with its light in dangerous waters. Together, they tell a story of the fight between darkness and light.

26. Traditional Blackwork Kraken Tattoo


If you’re into the idea of a giant kraken wrecking a ship, but the designs we’ve shown you aren’t really your thing, you might want to check out this one. It doesn’t use any colors or fancy blending, but it still manages to make a strong impression.

27. Classy Blackwork Kraken Tattoo


The calf tattoo above features an artistic representation of a kraken done in black ink. It covers almost all of the calf and offers a quite bold look. Plus, the shading details have a mysterious and dark vibe.

28. Big Size Kraken Tattoo on Leg


If you want to get a tattoo on your leg as body art, this big size kraken tattoo is for you. It starts from the belly and goes down to the lower leg. Bold and thin lines are gathered together to create the kraken. A little bit of imagination is also added by incorporating leaves around its tentacles.

29. Full Back Kraken and Ship Tattoo


Here is a tattoo design that covers the entire back of a person’s body. It depicts a powerful mythical creature ‘Kraken’ along with a ship. The ship is giant and there is a cross on top of it. Kraken’ face is not seen. Instead, we only see its enormous tentacles.

30. Traditional Ship and Kraken Tattoo


It can be a great idea to combine a ship and mythical kraken. Done by using a traditional art technique, the ship represents adventure, exploration, and freedom, while the kraken symbolizes power and the mysterious depths of the sea. We also have to say that the turquoise color of this creature is truly amazing.

31. Forearm Kraken Tattoo


This gorgeous kraken is inked onto the skin of forearm. It can be a cool and adventurous way to express your love for marine life. The shading techniques make it look scary and the tattoo covers half of your arm, so consider the permanence and potential impact of such a tattoo before getting it!

32. Minimal Kraken Tattoo


Wanna have a tentacle friend on your arm? That sounds crazy but just look at how cute this kraken tattoo is! Being small in size, the tattoo uses clean lines and minimal shading to convey the strength and mystery of the kraken in a subtle yet powerful way.

33. Kraken Tattoo on Hand


This design turns your hand into a magical canvas for the legendary sea creature, displaying its powerful and captivating nature. It is a very radical decision to have this tattoo, which is given a shadow effect with black ink, on your hand. That’s why you should think twice before doing it.

Kraken tattoos, combining personal symbolism and artistry, are a captivating choice for those keen on mythology and self-expression. Explore with us 30 stunning Kraken tattoo designs that might just spark your next ink inspiration!

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