30+ October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas: Cosmos & Marigolds

October flower tattoos can be such personal and customized tattoos that anyone born in the month of October will love! In fact, did you know that there are actually two flowers that are important and linked to this month? If you want to know more and you’re intrigued by flowers that are connected with this period, keep on reading. We will talk about cosmos flowers and marigold flowers down below. Perfect for anyone who enjoys specific signs, astrology (specially libras), or deeper meanings that are linked to their special day!

What Are October Flowers?

October babies have got two standout blossoms connected to them, such as cosmos flowers and glorious marigolds. These vary in sizes, colors, and shapes, but are both so gorgeous in their own ways.

Who Can Go For An October Flower Tattoo?

October flower tattoo can be your go-to design if you wish to show love for yourself or for someone else born during this period. You will also enjoy this tattoo if you’re trying to show your love for flowers! Anyone who is into mystical, unique, and mysterious designs will enjoy this concept. There are no rules when it comes to this beauty.

What Is The Price Point Of An October Flower Tattoo?

The price will vary, as it always does. You will enjoy this tattoo if you know of a good tattoo artist. In most cases, flower tattoos can range and go for $100-$400. They are not too hard to do or go for since they are small-medium and they are done with slight color patterns. They are not time-consuming to go for either.

Where To Place An October Flower Tattoo?

You can place your next and new tattoo wherever you like. For most people, this is around the chest, arm, or wrist. Guys like to go for chest and leg tattoos while women are all about the minimalistic and hidden placements, such as wrist or ankle designs.

Cosmos Flower Tattoos

1. Cosmos Flower Tattoo Black And White 


Beauty for women who want a chest or collarbone tattoo!

2. Ankle Cosmos Flower Tattoo


If you like small and simple tattoos consider this design.

3. Pink Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Go for a date print along with this flower to show your love and closeness.

4. Arm Cosmos Flower Tattoo Designs


This tattoo will take you less than two hours to achieve.

5. Black And White Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Cute and simple, this tattoo is a must-have for minimalist lovers.

6. Cosmos Flower Tattoo Simple Design


If you like black and white ink this tattoo will interest you.

7. Light Pink Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Show that you are an October baby with this light pink flower.

8. Cosmos Flower Tattoo Minimalist 


This black cosmos flower will take you 2 hours to achieve.

9. Sleeve Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Gorgeous and colorful tattoo that both men and women can wear.

10. Side Stomach Cosmos Flower Tattoo 


Simple and cute, this tattoo will suit feminine and sensual women.

11. Cosmos Flower Tattoo On Ankle


Heads up when it comes to ankle tattoos, these can be so painful.

12. Thigh Cosmos Flower Tattoos


You will love this thigh tattoo if you’re a fan of bigger and more dominant tattoos.

13. Cosmos Flower Watercolor Tattoo


The perfect tattoo for women who like discrete places.

14. Stomach Cosmos Flower Print


Be careful since stomach tattoos can be painful to go for.

15. Artsy Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas


Super artsy and super colorful, you’re going to love this cosmos beauty!

Marigold Tattoos

1. Orange Marigold Flower Tattoo 


If you want a cool arm tattoo that can suit both genders, this is it!

2. Feminine Marigold Tattoo


Simple, sweet, and sensual – who wouldn’t love it?

3. Black Ink Marigold Tattoo 


If you like black and white ink tattoos this will suit you!

4. Artsy & Big Marigold Flower Tattoo


This October flower tattoo will suit guys who like big and colorful tattoos.

5. Marigold Tattoo Design Artsy Print


Show that you’re always changing and evolving with time through this marigold tattoo.

6. Thigh Marigold Tattoo


The perfect tattoo that can show off your elegance and feminine curves.

7. Marigold Tattoo Orange Ink


Add a bit of color and show that you’re an October baby with this bright design.

8. Chest Marigold Tattoo


Women who like sensual tattoos will enjoy this one.

9. Arm Marigold Tattoo


This arm tattoo will suit men and women.

10. Leg Floral Marigold Tattoo


Giant tattoo that is a work of art, who wouldn’t love it?!

11. Small Forearm Marigold Tattoo


Small and sweet, this design will take you 2-3 hours to do.

12. Marigold Tattoo Outline


If you like defined lines consider this tattoo.

13. Minimalist Marigold Tattoo


Women who like colorful yet smaller prints will enjoy this outcome.

14. Colorful & Vibrant Marigold Tattoo


Add a ton of color and show that you’re a fan of elegance with this design.

15. Feminine Rib Marigold Tattoo


Heads up when it comes to this final tattoo since stomach tattoos can hurt.

Want An October Flower Tattoo?
Which tattoo looks like a must-have from the list? Are you more so into small or big and bright designs? Let us know what you can’t wait to wear and what is your favorite design out of the bunch. We will love seeing it on you.

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