70+ Octopus Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

When you walk into a tattoo parlor you won’t be shocked to see one octopus lining the walls. Octopi have always been popular in the tattoo industry because of their mysterious nature but they also represent quiet a lot. Octopi can represent intelligence, growth, resilience, adaptability, and they have biblical meaning. Octopi are known to be intelligent and are the smartest of all invertebrates. They can camouflage themselves by changing their color to match their environment.

Regardless of why you want to get an octopus tattoo, any of the meanings can represent you and you can design an amazing looking tattoo with it. Take a look at some of these octopi’s tattoos that spark creativity with us.

1. Green


This octopus tattoo is vibrant and bright.

2. Thigh Piece


You can get a massive octopus tattoo on your thigh.

3. Hip


A giant octopus just works as a hip tattoo.

4. Skull


Turn your skull into an octopus for a unique design.

5. Black and Grey


You don’t need a ton of color for a beautiful tattoo.

6. Cartoon


Your octopus can be a adorable piece.

7. Swimming


An octopus in the ocean makes for a great tattoo.

8. Neotraditional


You can go outside the box for your tattoo.

9. Mandala


Combining an octopus with a mandala is a stunning idea.

10. Half Sleeve


Dedicate your half sleeve to an octopus tattoo.

11. Detailed


Go into some detail with your octopus.

12. Shipwreck


Create a whole story with your tattoo.

13. Lurking


Octopus are known to dwell the bottom of the sea.

14. Minimal


A popular idea is a minimal design with a lot of detail.

15. Circle


You don’t need a massive backdrop for your octopus tattoo.

16. Traditional


This traditional piece looks amazing and is perfect for any tattoo.

17. Beauty


Adding details like flowers and trees makes for a beautiful tattoo.

18. Anime


A little anime octopus never hurt anyone.

19. Cutie


You can go for a cute and colorful octopus if you want.

20. Pop of Color


The slightest hint of color can really make a tattoo.

21. Human


Change your portrait into something a little more unique.

22. Geometric


Placing shapes behind your octopus accents the design even more.

23. Watercolor


Filling your black tattoo with watercolors is great for an added color.

24. Cthulhu


Take your octopus to the next level with a Cthulhu piece.

25. Nautical


You can go with a nautical theme for your tattoo.

26. Chest


If you want to be loud and proud with your octopus, go for a chest piece.

27. Colorful


Let the colors fly with your stunning tattoo.

28. Clean


A clean looking octopus tattoo will be a beautiful additional to your body.

29. Space


Your octopus can be out of this world.

30. Astronaut


Have fun with your octopus tattoo.

31. Dog


Your special dur friend can swim with octopus.

32. Seahorse


Pair your octopus with another awesome sea creature.

33. Small Details


All the small details matter for this piece.

32. Flowers


Flowers with your octopus can turn it into a beautiful tattoo.

34. Off the Cuff


Your octopus doesn’t have to be perfect.

35. Shoulder


An octopus tattoo fits perfectly on a shoulder.

36. Animated


Let your octopus be animated and lively.

37. Skull


A skull into an octopus looks amazing.

38. Ink


Have your octopus swim around in ink.

39. Black


You don’t need any color for this tattoo to be amazing.

41. Awkward


Your octopus doesn’t have to be as it seems.

42. Glass Octopus Tattoo


Do you admire the beauty and mystery of the ocean and its creatures? This unique octopus species will amaze you, then. The glass octopus is a transparent and small creature that lives in the depths of the oceans and it is inked on the arm in the design above. Go and get this incredible inked on your body!

43. Octopus Tattoo on Sleeve


If you are looking for a sleeve octopus tattoo, you are in the right place. The tattoo above offers such a great look that the octopus almost look real. Amazing shading details are used and the octopus seems like three dimensional. Also, the sleeve location provides ample space for a larger and more detailed designs like this.

44. Magician Octopus Tattoo


Those who want to have fun with an octopus tattoo can go for this one. Here we see a fun blue magician octopus tattoo and it is placed leg. The blue octopus with purple tentacles is depicted as a magician, complete with a black top hat and wand, performing illusions. It is accompanied by colorful stars and sparkles.

45. Blackwork Octopus Tattoo


Here is an intricate octopus tattoo design that starts on the upper leg and stretches out to the lower leg. This visually appealing octopus is created by using solid black ink and intricate linework as well as shading so that it has a sense of depth and texture. If you want to stand out with your body art, this tattoo is worth a try.

46. Octopus Tattoo on Palms


It’s time for a unique tattoo placement! Palm tattoos can be painful but with this octopus tattoo that starts from one palm and stretches to the other one, you will be in the spotlight! It is done in a way that when you bring your palms together, the whole octopus image appears. Plus, sparkles are placed near the octopus to make it shine.

47. Long Blue Octopus Tattoo


You’re gonna rock with this tattoo design that features a large blue octopus stretching across the shoulder blade. The blue octopus is depicted with its tentacles reaching out and wrapping around the shoulder and the dark and light blue inks are used in a great way. If you love marine life and want to express your connection to the ocean, let’s give it a try.

48. Full Octopus Tattoo on Back


This tattoo is so epic that it looks like a scene from a science fiction movie! A diver looks at a giant octopus soaring above, and a giant skull is also seen emerging from the ocean. It is certain that you will be the center of attention every time you turn your back with this tattoo that covers the entire back.

49. Octopus Tattoo on Wrist


You will look amazing with this octopus tattoo that looks like a bracelet. In this tattoo on the wrist, the octopus opens its tentacles and is looking in a certain direction. In addition, ocean waves and some algae are added in the background. It is placed on one of the most visible parts of the body, so get this tattoo if you are sure.

50. Skull and Octopus Tattoo


Why not having a different octopus tattoo than others? An octopus with a skull head is all you need to do it. The sketch technique is used in this tattoo with detailed lines and the tentacles are placed on shoulder and chest. The head of octopus is replaced with a skull, which often represents death or a reminder of mortality.

51. Ninja Octopus Tattoo


An image of a red ninja character depicted as an octopus sounds fun, doesn’t it? Place this fun tattoo of a ninja octopus holding a sword on your side rib for a clear and prominent display. The color palette ranges from red to orange and black and gray colors are used for its costume. Let’s go and get it.

52. Artistic Octopus Tattoo


Here is a realistic octopus tattoo that features an octopus in a lifelike manner, with accurate details such as texture, shading, and coloration. The tattoo can be placed anywhere on the leg but in this one, the octopus starts from the knee and it goes down to the lower leg. This intelligent and elegant animal deserves to be on your body.

53. Adorable Octopuses Tattoo


Reversible octopus is quite popular. Inspired by TeeTurtles Toy’s reversible octopus with which you can show your mood without saying a word, this tattoo rocks! As you see the blue octopus above looks sad but when you flip it, a smiling pink octopus appears. This colorful tattoo is also decorated with bubbles and sparkles.

54. Colorful Kraken Tattoo


Here is a powerful depiction of the legendary sea monster destroying a lighthouse. The kraken sea monster is known for its massive size and its ability to terrorize ships and sailors. The color palette used in the tattoo complete the dark side of this tattoo well. Hats off to the artist for their outstanding work!

55. Old School Octopus Tattoo


This octopus is quite different than the others! Done by using a traditional technique of bold lines and vibrant colors, the octopus has flowing tentacles which are red and black colored and it has yellow eyes, which makes it look like an alien. Go for this unique thigh tattoo to show your bold style.

56. Vivid Octopus Tattoo


This octopus is enough to stand out! Being rich and brightly colored, this tattoo features an orange octopus with entwined tentacles. Placing it on the lower arm also makes this tattoo easy to see by everyone around you.

57. Dotwork Octopus Tattoo


The dotwork technique, which allows small dots to come together to form a pattern, looks great on this octopus, doesn’t it? In this tattoo, which starts from the shoulder and stretches to the upper arm, each part of the octopus is meticulously inked, resulting in a tough but bold image. It can be a great tattoo design, especially for men.

58. Neo Traditional Octopus Tattoo


The pink octopus is a Neo traditional take on a classic image, featuring bold outlines, vibrant shading, and a playful color palette. Also, its yellow tentacles make it outstanding. The blue waves background provides a contrasting backdrop that highlights the detailed elements of the design and creates an ocean vibe. This big tattoo looks like a perfect choice for your arm.

59. Space Octopus Tattoo


If you love both science fiction and tattoo art, let’s combine these two in one design. The tattoo seen above features a giant octopus in robot shape and alien-like appearance with dark purple tentacles. Surrounded by the turquoise blue color, this octopus starts from the upper arm and goes down to the wrist. This tattoo can be a great idea, both with its innovative design and color palette.

60. Forearm Octopus Tattoo


This complex and mysterious sea creature differs in colors. In this design, brown octopus is seen. It is quite big and it covers most of the forearm. The turquoise watercolor splash effect behind makes this amazing sea creature stand out. If you want to have a piece of body art, go for it.

61. Ramen & Octopus Tattoo


Wow, what a fun combination! The octopus inside the ramen bowl tattoo adds an artistic touch to this already delicious dish. The intricate details and vibrant colors of the tattoo perfectly complement the warm and comforting noodles. It also looks like the octopus enjoys eating it. A true work of art on a plate!

62. Trippy Octopus Tattoo


An octopus in a surreal or abstract style, often incorporating elements of psychedelia or illusion can be a great and creative tattoo! What makes this octopus trippy is that vivid colors of red, green and yellow are used as well as a mind-bending imagery of octopus is depicted. Under its head, a skull is placed to evoke a sense of awe and wonder. Let’s try it out.

63. Celestial Octopus Tattoo


It’s like this octopus came down from the sky! This octopus, whose thin and long tentacles curl upwards, is a work of creativity because its body is completely inspired by the sky. This tattoo is placed on the back arm above the elbow is also enriched with blue sparkles and stars.

64. Hand-Poked Octopus Tattoo


It is totally a work of art! Done by using a hand-poked tattoo technique, this cool octopus is created using a needle and ink without the use of a tattoo machine. Instead of being rapidly punctured into the skin by a machine, each dot or line is made individually by hand. The tentacles of the creature is colored slightly and the edges of each tentacle has a darker tone. In addition, the black drop effects on his head also give a different look.

65. Big Size Octopus Tattoo


This dark forest tattoo featuring an octopus, bird, and snake is a stunning display of the power and mystery of nature. The intricate details of each creature, surrounded by a lush and foreboding forest, create a captivating image. Plus, the tentacles of the octopus stretch out the chest and it looks amazing.

66. Leg Sleeve Octopus Tattoo


This tattoo design covers a significant portion of the leg and features an octopus as the central image surrounded by flowers. For the octopus, brown and yellow inks are used while brown and pinkish colors are used to create flowers around it. It is also decorated with some green leaves that complete the whole look. The octopus symbolizes intelligence, adaptability, and mystery, while the flowers represent growth, beauty, and nature. Let’s go and get it.

67. Unique Octopus Tattoo


A naked woman body covered with octopus tentacles tattoo typically represents a combination of sensuality and power. Being a symbol of femininity, this naked woman looks scared since her body is captured by a big octopus. This thigh tattoo is also a great idea with its symbolism. It can be seen as a representation of the duality of a woman – the ability to be both soft and strong, vulnerable and powerful.

68. Japanese Octopus Design


Inspired by a popular Japanese snack food, Takoyaki, this octopus tattoo is so fun! The food is filled with diced octopus, green onion, and tempura bits. Above, the octopus is enjoying eating his Takoyaki with chopsticks. It is brightly colored with orange color and wearing a green kimono. To have fun with your tattoo, give it a shot.

69. Half Sleeve Scary Octopus Tattoo


An octopus with spikes on its tentacles sounds scary, doesn’t it? The octopus is depicted as being frightening and menacing, with sharp, spiky tentacles that are spread out as if it is about to attack. Also, it is full of shading details and dots, which make the octopus look real. The spiky tentacles are meant to symbolize the unpredictability and danger associated with the sea creature, so go for it if you like tattoos that are on the darker side.

70. Anchor & Octopus Tattoo


Seen as a nod to the rich maritime history and tradition, the combination of an anchor and an octopus is a popular choice especially for those who have a strong connection to the sea. A traditional style of tattooing is used above with its bold lines and striking color palette which consists of red, black, yellow and pink colors. The tattoo covers the whole lower forearm and you will shine with it.

71. Side Rib Octopus Tattoo


Here is another great side rib tattoo! If we didn’t know it was a tattoo, we would actually think that an octopus was there for real. This is because of the wonderful subtle techniques used in tattooing. You can show your interest in the sea and sea animals with this octopus, whose tentacles remain behind and swim towards the front. Plus, because it’s a big tattoo, it goes from your armpit to your belly.

Getting an octopus tattoo is a great idea and popular among the industry. Their representation is perfect for anyone looking for a sick looking tattoo and you have a lot of options when it comes to your own unique piece of work.

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