60+ Oni Mask Tattoo Ideas & Trending Drawings

Oni mask are extremely popular in the tattoo industry. These masks look like a supernatural ogre or troll and are popular in Japanese folklore. The oni usually has one to two horns and carries around an iron club and you can see them dressed in a tiger skin loincloth. Japanese legend says that an oni posse’s extreme strength and can beat even the toughest of sorcerers.

In Japanese culture an oni is a darker being, usually the villain in tales, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make for an amazing tattoo. If you want to represent strength and love Japanese folklore, check out these amazing oni mask tattoos and get some inspiration for you own.

1. Modern


This tattoo is a modern looking oni mask with some clean lines.

2. Details


You can add whatever details you want to your mask.

3. Triple Oni


Find the oni mask that speaks to exactly what you want.

4. Classic


This oni mask is a classic that you will see in any tattoo parlor.

5. True Mask


Let the oni mask be a true mask for a masterpiece.

6. Dark


An Oni is supposed to be the villain in most cases.

7. Color


Choose a wide range of colors to let your oni mask tattoo come to life.

8. Small Details


The smallest of details will make your mask look stunning.

9. Geisha


Geisha on one side, oni mask on the other.

10. Artwork


This stunning oni mask is a piece of art.

11. Knife


Combining a knife and oni mask is a cool idea.

12. Traditional


Go for a more traditional Japanese style with your tattoo.

13. Pop of Color


Having just a hint of color is the perfect detail for your tattoos.

14. Flowers


Flowers work perfectly with your oni tattoo.

15. Unique


This oni mask is uniquely your own.

16. Minimal


Minimal tattoos are popular right now and you can even do I with an oni mask.

17. Demon


Make your oni tattoo look the the true villain it is.

18. Neotraditional


Combine two tattoos ideas into one.

19. Full Black


Choosing to add no color to you tattoo isn’t a bad choice.

20. Appearance


Having your oni mask tattoo wrapped in smoke is perfect for a demon.

21. Cartoon


Your oni mask can be more animated.

22. Non-traditional


A non-traditional oni mask is still stunning and makes for a great tattoo.

23. Red


A red hue surrounding your oni mask is a great representation of a oni.

24. Oni Mask Samurai


Pair your samurai tattoo with an oni mask.

25. Beetle


Your beetle can wear an oni mask.

26. Back Piece


Placing your oni mask on you back gives you tons of space for creativity.

27. Water


Your oni mask can drift off to sea with some waves.

28. Abstract


Go for an abstract design with your mask.

29. Lines


Choose line details for a great looking oni mask.

30. Smile


The oni mask doesn’t have to be a frightening piece.

31. Pop Culture


You can make your oni mask tattoo into anything you want it to be.

32. Snake


A snake wrapping around your oni mask makes for an incredible tattoo.

33. Red-Faced Oni Mask Tattoo


The Oni, a demonic figure that is said to bring terror and chaos to the world is nicely drawn in this tattoo. The color red is associated with anger, violence, and intensity, making it a fitting choice for this fierce and intimidating symbol. A few strands of black hair hanging from its head also add a different look.

34. Oni Mask Tattoo on Back


This fancy oni mask tattoo is a great option for detailed tattoo lovers. There is a dagger surrounded by ropes on the teeth of the oni mask, which is placed on the upper back. In addition, a horned skull hanging on the chin of the mask has been added as a gorgeous detail.

35. Upper Arm Oni Mask Tattoo


This eye-popping oni mask is big enough to not only scare away evil spirits, but also everyone around you! The traditional tattoo style is used and the tattoo covers the entire upper arm. If you want to get the oni mask on your body in the best way possible, give this shaded tattoo a try.

36. Two-Faced Oni Mask Tattoo


Here is another unique tattoo design of an Oni mask. Its face is split and it has a deep meaning behind. It depicts epict the contrast between good and evil, light and dark, and happiness and sorrow. When it is split, some flowers appear at the background. These flowers represent growth, renewal, and beauty, symbolizing the balance between the two opposing forces depicted in the Oni mask.

37. Minimal Oni Mask Tattoo


Those who prefer minimalistic tattoos will love this mask! It features a classic red Oni mask on back and what makes the tattoo unique is the use of sword. The addition of a sword on the mouth of the mask symbolizes the ability to conquer or overcome obstacles, as well as the power to defend oneself. Also, the red color adds to the overall aggressive and bold appearance of the design.

38. Artistic Oni Mask Tattoo


Springing out of red flowers, this oni mask tattoo extends from the shoulders to the lower arm. Using both black and red ink, this artistic tattoo looks like a work of art. Plus, half of the mask is seen above on the left side, so it seems like the flowers do not let them be one piece.

39. Symmetric Oni Mask Tattoo


40. Realistic Oni Mask Tattoo


Realistic red arm tattoo is for those who stick to this amazing color. Red is the color of energy and when you combine it with an Oni mask drawn in a super realistic tattoo design, it gets greater. Shading effects are achieved by using light and dark shades of red, black and white. Go for it to avoid all roots of evil.

41. Floral Oni Mask Tattoo


Get ready to stand out with this large and long Oni mask tattoo that starts from the lower arm and stretches to the hand. The arm tattoo, which is covered with floral patterns on the upper side, completely surrenders to the darkness on the wrist since the oni mask that covers the entire hand is placed. Reflecting both beauty and evil, this tattoo looks great.

42. Oni Mask with Laser Eyes Tattoo


Here is a design that features a traditional Japanese Oni mask with red laser beams coming out of its eyes. Adding laser eyes to the Oni mask design is a modern twist that gives the tattoo a futuristic, sci-fi look. The laser eyes symbolize power, energy, and intensity. Thus, this tattoo is a combination of traditional and modern elements that creates a unique and eye-catching design on arm.

43. Startling Oni Mask Tattoo


Drawn by using fine lines, the mask has a unique look because its face is broken into two parts above. The broken pieces of the mask symbolize the shattered beliefs, expectations, and self-perceptions that the wearer has had to face. Plus, it has a Japanese word on its forehead and its placement looks great on the thigh.

44. Full Back Oni Mask Tattoo


The oni mask, which is the symbol of fear, anger and power, is drawn in this tattoo design to cover the entire back. We can say that it is a tattoo for brave people, especially because it is large. The Oni mask is colored using red ink and thanks to the technique used, even the thin facial lines of the mask offer a realistic look. In addition, gray cloud shapes are inked in the upper part, while two flowers are placed in the lower part.

45. Cat & Oni Mask Tattoo


How about combining a wild cat with a spooky oni mask? The three-dimensional blood-red oni mask splits in the middle, revealing a cat drawn with black ink. Additionally, there is an ornament appearing around the mask in turquoise color. It’s time to cover your thigh with it!

46. Blackwork Oni Mask Tattoo


Using solid black ink to create great designs, with fine lines and geometric shapes sounds like a great idea! Having fierce expressions, horns, and sharp teeth, the Oni mask thigh tattoo is for those who want to celebrate their heritage or express their cultural roots since it is a popular symbol in Japanese culture.

47. Lady with Oni Mask Tattoo


Depicting a woman wearing an Oni mask, this tattoo rocks! On this shoulder tattoo, a beautiful woman whose hair is tied with a ribbon is placed and her hazel eyes look spooky. Starting from her nose, an Oni mask appears and this contrast between beauty and scary represents the balance between good and evil, and the inner struggle between good and bad side.

48. Floral Oni Mask Tattoo on Throat


Wanna combine traditional Japanese culture and modern tattoo art? Most of the Oni mask tattoos are so scary but this one is different. It is adorned with delicate floral elements, which softens its intimidating appearance and adds a touch of beauty and femininity. Also, its head is divided into two: one scary and one floral part. The placement of the tattoo on the throat is also significant as it is a visible and personal area of the body.

49. Vivid Oni Mask Tattoo


This Oni mask tattoo is for those who enjoy diversified ink. Get this print to stand out with an upper arm tattoo. The demon from Japanese folklore in a traditional style with bold lines to show everyone that you like classics. Plus, the tattoo has bold, bright and highly pigmented colors such as red, blue, and green and yellow.

50. Oni Mask Tattoo on Chest


This tattoo should definitely be seen as a work of art! The oni mask, embroidered with black ink, dazzles with a gothic style right in the middle of the chest. In addition, there are two snakes on the right and left sides, and their bodies spiral through the oni mask. You should definitely try this very masculine tattoo. Keep in mind that this tattooing process will take a long time.

51. Shady Oni Mask Tattoo


How about getting this leg tattoo? Black ink with a pop of red is so interesting. Placed near the calf, the Oni mask is given a shady effect with different techniques. His red eyes and the red powder smoke passing through his mouth reveal how angry and angry he is. Go and get this masculine tattoo.

52. Oni Mask & Panther Tattoo


Those who prefer traditional tattoos will like this combination of a panther and oni mask. Both the panther and the oni mask look pretty wild, and this weird panther oni, whose face is covered with red broken heart emojis, appears to grab it with its claws between the horns. Give this tattoo a try where the color palette and brightness of colors are amazing.

53. Half Face Oni Mask Tattoo


If you want combine red & yellow, try doing it with this Oni mask. The red faced demon is depicted with his half mask in the design above. The half-face design may represent the duality of good and evil within an individual. Also, the yellow rope symbolizes spiritual binding, with the Oni being bound or controlled by the rope.

54. Cursed Oni Mask Tattoo


This grand and bold design is for the daring individuals who desire to be different. The dark ink used in this design represents strength and provides a barrier against negative karma and outside forces. What makes this tattoo awesome and different from the others must be the bright turquoise light that comes out of your eyes! It looks like the oni mask is cursed.

55. Oni Mask and Skull Tattoo


This menacing figure, with horns, sharp teeth, and a fierce expression is taken to a different level with this tattoo that starts from the hip to the thigh. A rope is seen between the teeth of the oni mask, which covers most of the hip. This rope gets through the skull below the mask and allows it to be carried. The skull on its mouth symbolizes death, adding to the ominous and frightening aspect of the oni mask.

56. Oni Mask with Samurai Helmet


The oni mask and Samurai helmet is a combination of two traditional Japanese cultural items. Worn by the samurai warrior class in feudal Japan, this helmet is placed on top of oni mask and some ornamental details are added on it. When combined, these two create an image of a fierce warrior who is both feared and respected.

57. Neo-Traditional Oni Mask Tattoo


Neo traditional tattoo design involves bold lines and bright colors and we see a lot of them above. On the lower leg, a scary oni mask with a wide mouth is placed with bold lines. To add a creative spin to the design, a color palette consisting of purple, blue, red and yellow is used and a fun and colorful look is achieved.

58. Robotic Oni Mask Tattoo


Why not turning oni mask into something robotic? The Robotic aspect of the tattoo adds a futuristic twist to the design, incorporating glow effects with a blue color. This tattoo placed on the arm also looks three-dimensional and this is due to the shadow effects used. If you want an oni mask tattoo that is different from others, you can try this.

59. Chrysanthemum and Oni Mask Tattoo


Both the Chrysanthemum and Oni Mask are traditional Japanese tattoos that hold significant cultural meaning. While chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity and happiness, oni mask represents evil but also strength and protection. In the design above, the middle of the Oni mask is slit, and chrysanthemums comes out of it. This detailed tattoo placed on the upper arm will show you that good and evil can be intertwined.

60. Bloodlust Oni Mask Tattoo


Wanna have a tattoo representing the darker aspects of human nature, such as anger, lust, and revenge? Then, this is for you. With bones sticking out from different parts of his head and red eyes, this oni mask looks so scary that it’s sure to stun everyone. You will feel the magical energy of this tattoo with its rotten and scary teeth and the red thread tied to its head.

61. Oni Mask Snake Tattoo


The image of a blue oni mask with a green snake surrounding it is so powerful. If we look at the tattoo in detail, it features a blue angry oni mask with a yellow eye sticking out of its head, and a wild green snake that goes through its head and surrounds it. You can get this tattoo, which has a very tough and scary image, on your upper leg to show your wild side.

62. Oni Mask Dagger Tattoo


Things get creative here! Image that there is a half face of oni mask which has long, sharp horns and fangs and the mask acts as a blade of a dagger. The combo of a dagger and one mask may represent the idea of overcoming obstacles, defeating evil, and facing challenges with courage and determination. Plus, the vibrant colors of red and yellow offer such a great look and make the tattoo scary.

Oni mask represent a lot in Japanese culture and you can get one for yourself to represent strength or maybe the folklore villain.

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