30+ Orchid Tattoos: Top Ideas & Designs, Symbolism, Meaning

Orchid tattoos are such gorgeous tattoos that most women like to wear somewhere on top of their skin and bodies. On the other hand, guys can also wear this design. Do you like flowers and you’re craving a cute tattoo yourself? Keep on reading as we talk about some of the prettiest ideas that you won’t be able to resist down below!

1. What Does An Orchid Tattoo Symbolize?

An orchid tattoo is a feminine symbol that stands for refinement, fertility, rare beauty, and strength. You can use an orchid tattoo to show off your elegance, feminine side, as well as balance, and pure perfection. The color of the orchid can dictate and make an impact on its meaning. Yellow stands for wealth, green for hope, white for purity, etc.

2. Who Can Go For An Orchid Tattoo?

Anyone can go for an orchid tattoo print or symbol. Those who like cute flowers or tattoos that have a deeper meaning will enjoy rocking such a soft and feminine design. There are no rules when it comes to your age or gender with this flower.

3. How Pricey Is An Orchid Tattoo?

Expect to pay around $80 for a small and minimalistic tattoo that is done in simple black ink. Colorful, big, and loud flowers can go for $200! The bigger the design and the more colorful and extravagant it is, the pricier it is in the end. Most tattoo artists will bill higher amounts due to their level of expertise.

Black & White Orchid Tattoos

1. Black Orchid Tattoo


Simple and pretty straightforward, cute for both genders!

2. Foot Orchid Tattoo


This foot tattoo will suit women who like elegant and feminine pieces but with a hidden placement.

3. Detailed Orchid Tattoo


Pay close attention to all the little details and bring your orchid back to life!

4. Small & Minimalist Orchid Tattoo


This orchid print will suit women who enjoy elegant and cute art that is not too extravagant or bold.

5. Shoulder Orchid Tattoo


This giant shoulder tattoo is a must-do if you’re someone who likes flashy and dominant tattoos.

6. Collarbone Orchid Tattoo


Collarbone placement will suit women who like to look sleek, feminine, and fancy.

7. Arm Orchid Tattoo Black Ink


This smaller forearm tattoo is for women who want to tattoo a cute flower without spending way too much money or time at a tattoo shop.

8. Big Thigh Orchid Tattoo


Thigh tattoos will look the best on playful souls who like the attention.

9. Half-Sleeve Orchid Tattoo


This half-sleeve will take you 2-3 hours to achieve.

10. Small & Elegant Orchid Tattoo


If you’re in love with smaller & simpler tattoos try giving this one a go!

Small Orchid Tattoos

1. Wrist Orchid Tattoo


Show your feminine side and your caring character with this bundle of flowers!

2. Pink Orchid Tattoo


If pink is your favorite color you’re going to enjoy these chic orchid tattoos!

3. Bright Blue Orchid Tattoo


The blue color is a color of royalty and big moves that you will make in the near future!

4. Forearm Orchid Tattoo Artsy Ink


If you like forearm tattoos and you want a colorful flower bundle, consider this cheerful beauty!

5. Orchid Tattoo For Women


This bright orange orchid symbolizes your perky and cheerful motivated character, ideal for caring women.

6. Bright Orchid Tattoo With A Frog


Combine purple and yellow if you dare, and show that you’re always a trendsetter when it comes to your tattoos and your character.

7. Whale & An Orchid Tattoo


If you are a nature & animal lover you’re going to like this pretty colorful duo.

8. Pink Forearm Orchid Tattoo


Go for this forearm tattoo and show that you like to have fun at all times and that you’re a spiritual soul.

9. Colorful Chest Orchid Tattoo


Switch up your approach and consider this unique retro & colorful chest tattoo.

10. Purple Leg Orchid Tattoo


This leg tattoo and the purple color combo will suit feminist and attention-driven women.

Big & Colorful Orchid Tattoos

1. Wrist Forearm Orchid Tattoo


Make sure that you find a trustworthy tattoo artist when it comes to this masterpiece.

2. Cool Chest Orchid Tattoo Concept


This giant chest tattoo will show your elegance and your eye for detail! Let the world see you as a risk-taker with this floral beauty.

3. Bright Pink Orchid Tattoo Design


Pink is a color of happiness and elegance. Show that you know how to wear feminine tattoos and that you’re a fan of realistic art.

4. Purple Orchid Tattoos


Combine purple and green to make your tattoo more intriguing and different from the rest.

5. Giant Neck Orchid Tattoo


This tattoo will take you 3-5 hours to achieve. Embrace it if you’re into larger and dominant tattoos.

6. Orchid Tattoo With A Name Print


A name print along with an orchid will let the other person know how much you love them and value their presence.

7. Orchid Tattoo With A Date


Add a significant date and dedicate this design to your closest one.

8. Leg & Calf Colorful Orchid Tattoo


Leg or calf tattoos will look good on men and women. Go for this playful color combo if you want to look different.

9. Shoulder Colorful Orchid Tattoo For Women


Add some butterflies to your orchid design and make the whole story a lot more fun & unique!

10. Geometrical Orchid Tattoo


If you’re a fan of geometry, unique shapes & innovative tattoos, go for this stunning orchid!

11. Bright Blue Neck Orchid Tattoos


Blue color shows your elegance and royalty. Place this tattoo over your neck to emphasize your dominant personality.

12. Orchid Tattoo For Men And Women


This type of orchid and this color combo will suit guys the best.

13. Retro & Cool Orchid Tattoo


Make sure that you book the best tattoo artist when it comes to this tattoo.

14. Orchid Tattoo Purple Print


Purple is an elegant color that will make you stand out and look like a caring persona everywhere you go.

15. Feminine Back Orchid Tattoo


Back tattoos are for men and women who like flowers, yet they wish to hide them or place them somewhere more hidden.

New Tattoo Time!
Which floral tattoo out of these was your favorite? Let us know if you’re ready to wear any of these bold images and if you prefer colorful or black and white flower prints.

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