60+ Pin-Up Tattoo Ideas and Trending Designs

Pin-up tattoos are quite the common theme when it comes to getting a colorful and quirky design. Are you looking for a fun and unique symbol that represents a woman in all of her glory? If that is the case keep on reading and discover your best pinup tattoo down below!

What Does A Pin-Up Tattoo Symbolize?

Pin-up girl tattoo designs have generated a lot of interest and controversy throughout the years. In most cases & for both genders, pin-up tattoos symbolize feminine energy, beauty & sex appeal.

Where To Place A Pin-Up Tattoo?

You can go for any placement that suits you that is within your comfort zone. Most people prefer forearm or leg placements when it comes to their pinup girl tattoo. However, it would look good also over your chest or calf placement ideas.

1. Giant Shoulder Pin-Up Tattoo


Great shoulder tattoo for those who wish to stand out and show off their chosen unique arm pinup girl tattoo.

2. Retro American Pin-Up Tattoo


This old-school pinup girl tattoo will suit those who like simple and common tattoos that are representative of that era.

3. Fiery Pin-Up Pink Lady


This big and funky shoulder tattoo will suit women a lot more than men. If you like the color pink and you’re looking for a feminine symbol that represents youthful and brave females – this is going to work well!

4. Dramatic Pin-Up Tattoo


Do you dare to wear one funky and funny tattoo? Foot placements are only for those who like to stand out with their chosen design. If you’re a fan of unusual placements and your pain tolerance level is high, give it a go with this placement and print.

5. Army Pin-Up Tattoo


Go for this old-school pinup marine vibe if you’re someone who enjoys historical pieces. This tattoo will take you around two to three hours to achieve.

6. Powerful Pin-Up Lady


This pinup tattoo is for anyone who likes a bit of color. You don’t have to wear something too complex or big to get noticed with your pinup design.

7. Bright Red Pin-Up Tattoo


Do you enjoy promiscuous tattoos? If so, try out this one that is sexy and flashy, ideal for those who wish to stand out!

8. Scary Red Devil Pin-Up Tattoo Ideas


How about you go with this little daredevil tattoo? This pinup creation with a devil element will show your naughty side. Do you have it?

9. Old School Pin Up Tattoo


If you like black and white ink and you’re into old-school Marilyn Monroe tattoo-like designs, try out this print. It is perfect for old-souls who live for black ink and pinup ideas.

10. Martini Pin-Up Design


This pinup lady will suit you if you enjoy and like funny tattoos. Show your love for a good beverage with it as well.

11. Black & White Ink Pin-Up Tattoo


Thicker pinup ladies can also look good! Test this tattoo design if you’re into your own representation of pinup!

12. Simple Pin-Up Tattoo


Pinup tattoos in this black concept won’t cost a lot of money. If your budget is strict and you’re not too sure what to go for, try out this pinup.

13. Old Hollywood Pin-Up Tattoo


A bit of Playboy vibe to your tattoo can’t hurt! If you’re someone who likes classical tattoos you’re going to love this pinup.

14. Scary Ink Pin-Up Lady


Show your mean daredevil side with this pinup print at any given moment!

15. Loud & Colorful Pin-Up Tattoo


Colorful tattoos such as this one will suit women who enjoy retro old-school ideas. Show your love for color with this pinup.

16. Pin-Up Retro Lady


If you’re a strong and independent girl who likes to show her elegance with our chosen tattoo, this is ideal! Let everyone see your beauty through one dominant tattoo.

17. Feminine Pin-Up Tattoo


This nude-like tattoo will look the best on those who dare to wear “flashy” ideas.

18. Giant Shoulder Pin Up Tattoo


If you prefer black and white ink stick to this tattoo. It will look magnificent over your shoulder.

19. Elegant Feminine Black Ink Pin-Up


Large thigh tattoos are for those who prefer to stand out at all times with their chosen design.

20. Leg Calf Pin-Up Tattoo


This pinup tattoo over your leg will seek and attract looks. Show that you like powerful female characters with this design.

21. Sensual Girly Pin-Up Tattoo


Legs for days! Who wouldn’t enjoy this pinup over their arm?

22. Hollywood Glam Pin-Up Tattoo


The ultimate pinup beauty that most guys and girls are going to appreciate. Stick to black ink since simplicity is in this design!

23. Cat-Like Pin-Up Tattoo


This black ink forearm tattoo will look elegant and sexy at the same time!

24. Watercolor Pin-Up Tattoos


If you want one cute tattoo give it a go with this pinup. Perfect for women who want a delicate design.

25. Pin-Up Tattoo For Men


This large shoulder tattoo will suit guys who work out the best. Show that you like pinup ideas with this dominant creation.

26. 60s Inspired Pin Up Tattoo


This cute pinup girl is a beautiful, quick, and retro design that one can go for.

27. Bright & Colorful Shoulder Pin-Up Idea


Women can also wear sleeve or shoulder pinup tattoos, as you can see yourself with this print!

28. Black Elegance Pin-Up Tattoo


A bit of black magic and elegance will look so lively and lovely in this pinup form!

29. Old Retro Glam Tattoo


This retro beauty and this boohoo pinup will look so elegant and artsy on most women who want a black and white tattoo.

30. Navy Pin-Up Lady Tattoo


Show your retro pinup side with this cute idea. Women and men of any age can rock this tattoo.

31. Marine Pin-Up Shoulder Tattoo


Shoulder tattoos and black ink designs are playful and ideal for women who enjoy true pinup creations.

32. Colorful Old-School Pin Up Tattoos


This pinup retro tattoo will take you 2 hours to place on your body. Why not give it a go?

33. Pin-Up Lady Shoulder Tattoo


This pinup with a flower image will represent your elegance and pure feminine power.

34. Black Ink Large Pin-Up Cartoon


Make sure that your tattoo artist is skilled enough when it comes to giving you similar pin-up creations.

35. Colorful Shoulder Lady Pin-Up Idea


Lastly, consider placing this shoulder tattoo if you’re a fan of drama. Let the world see you as a creative individual.

36. Woman with a Bathrobe Pin-Up Tattoo


Let’s imagine that you got out of the shower and put on your bathrobe and applied your cucumber mask to your face. Isn’t it very relaxing? Then, let’s show it with a pin-up tattoo. The pink bathrobe she is wearing suggests that she is just getting ready or getting out of the bath, adding to the sensual appeal. Get this tattoo symbolizing femininity, sensuality and glamour.

37. Space Woman Pin-Up Tattoo


Here is another great pin-up tattoo. A woman wearing a green space suit can be a symbol of bravery, adventure, and creativity. It may represent the idea of pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. The green color may represent the environment and the quest to discover new life and sustainable ways of living.

38. Female Boxer Pin-Up Tattoo


The stylish woman in a boxing stance, with boxing gloves on and a determined look on her face is waiting for you. In this design, elements of classic pin-up art, such as a flattering outfit and playful pose are added. Smoking a cigarette, this girl with bangs as well as traditional tattoos on her arm offers a nice look.

39. Dotwork Pin-Up Tattoo


This black pin-up tattoo is placed on the inner arm and depicts a cat mother. Looking stunning with her tall and curvy body, this woman carries her cat in her arms. Also, her cat’s face in her strapless blouse looks like a very sweet detail.

40. Witch Woman Pin-Up Tattoo


Wanna show your inner witch with a tattoo? Depicting a sultry and seductive witch, wearing a black and purple form-fitting corset and hat, seated on a crescent moon, this pin-up tattoo is for you, then. Those who admire the magic, and mystery can go for this thigh tattoo that symbolizes power, and femininity.

41. Princess Peach Pin-Up Tattoo 


Do you know Princess Peach from a popular video game called Super Mario? In this tattoo, the princess is inked with a classic pin-up style, wearing a revealing pink outfit and posing in a provocative manner on inner forearm.

42. Woman in Skeleton Costume Pin-Up Tattoo


The use of a skeleton costume adds a spooky and Halloween-inspired element to the design, while the depiction of a beautiful and confident woman adds a touch of classic pin-up style. She is also holding a skull mask in her hands.

43. Quirky Frog Pin-Up Tattoo


No one would ever imagine that a frog could be that sexy, right? This strange frog, which has colorful and detailed butterfly wings and wears a red suit, has thick lines on its feet and arms in this arm tattoo. This strange frog, with its attractive body features, is trying to eat butterflies.

44. Poison Ivy Pin-Up Tattoo


Here is a gorgeous tattoo that features the iconic DC Comics villain in a provocative and seductive pose, with elements of punk rock hair style. The Poison Ivy’s green body shows her connection to nature and environmental activism. The overall effect of this leg tattoo is a rebellious and attractive image of a powerful female character.

45. Catwoman Pin-Up Tattoo


Inspired by the DC Comics universe, the Catwoman inspired pin-up thigh tattoo rocks! Catwoman is a popular and iconic superhero character who is known for her cunning, intelligence, and sex appeal. Above, she is wearing a black cat suit with a seductive decollete and platform high heels.

46. Botanic Male Pin-Up Tattoo


This pin-up guy with a curly brown hair and glasses is pretty cute. This man, who looks stylish with his red dotted shirt, beige trousers and brown stylish shoes, is holding a plant vase in his hand, which symbolizes life, growth, and nurturing. It is placed on the thigh and it looks fabulous.

47. Cowpoke Lady Pin-Up Tattoo


It’s hard not to fall in love with this cowgirl placed on the arm! Wearing a beautiful bustier and a cow print vest, this girl fires her gun into the air and pops out red hearts. The harmony of the red scarf on your neck and the red hearts is wonderful. Go and get it.

48. Mega Butterfree Pin-Up Tattoo


Here is a tattoo design featuring the Pokémon character Butterfree in its Mega Evolution form. The purple Butterfree is shown as a pin-up girl with metal chain sex accessories. Her outfit gives her a suggestive expression with a seductive pose. This type of tattoo can be a great idea for the fans of the Pokémon franchise and those who appreciate cute and sexy imagery.

49. Circus Acrobat Pin-Up Tattoo


A beautiful circus acrobat whose body is covered with line tattoos is a great pin-up tattoo idea. The acrobat is balancing herself on two hands, with her legs above. She is wearing a red spotty shorts and a top. The intricate details, vibrant colors, and dynamic pose make this leg tattoo a true masterpiece.

50. Miles O’Brien Pin-Up Tattoo


Are you a Star Trek fan? Then, this pin-up tattoo is for you. Miles O’Brien is a fictional character from the Star Trek franchise, and he is portrayed in a pin-up design above. He is wearing a suit and he looks seductive with his pose. If you like this franchise, give a shot to this Starfleet officer.

51. Space Girl Pin-Up Tattoo


Those who have a love for science fiction, space exploration, and vintage pin-up art can go for this tattoo design. The women is in a spacesuit and she looks so sexy with her beauty. Her red high heels are red colored and and decorated with a lightning bolt. Let’s go and get this tattoo which is placed on the left side of lower leg.

52. Gorgeous Girl Pin-Up Tattoo


Look at how long this pin-up woman’s legs are! Wearing a red and white embroidered swimsuit, this blonde woman looks amazing with her body lines and a cigarette in her hand. Go for this inner forearm tattoo with bold lines and vivid colors to stand out.

53. Pineapple Lady Pin-Up Tattoo


This woman’s body is covered with a pineapple which is a symbol of hospitality and good fortune, making the tattoo a playful and whimsical representation of the wearer’s personality. Her hair is also decorated with pineapple leaves. The tattoo is a popular choice for those who love vintage styles and tropical themes, and is often placed on the arm, back, or leg.

54. Zebra Woman Pin-Up Tattoo


Who would think that a zebra could be that sexy? The female zebra appears in this leg tattoo in a sitting position and wearing black lingerie. She also supports this image with the black high-heeled shoes she is wearing. If you want a creative black ink pin-up tattoo, go for it.

55. Lady with a Dragon Pin-Up Tattoo


A beautiful and seductive blonde lady is sitting on a traditional dragon. She is wearing a long socks and a red colored high heels, which are sexy elements. Also, the strap of the little pink blouse she’s wearing is being lifted by the dragon. This shows that the dragon is also attracted to the woman’s attractiveness.

56. Lady with a Box of Matches Pin-Up Tattoo


Creative tattoo lovers will adore this tattoo. A female figure whose body consists of a box of matches symbolizes hope and the ability to start a fire, which is often seen as a metaphor for sparking change and starting something new. Placed on the thigh, she is holding match and she looks scared but strong in this colorful tattoo.

57. Amazon Woman Pin-Up Tattoo


In this arm pin-up tattoo, a naked Amazon woman whose body is covered tattoos is depicted sitting on top of a jaguar, which is a powerful and agile wild cat. This tattoo can be chosen by those who admire strong, confident women and want to showcase their appreciation for female empowerment.

58. Alien Pin-Up Tattoo


The pin-up style of this leg tattoo is characterized by its bold and beautiful illustration of the female form and it shows a symbol of sex appeal and sensuality. This alien-like robot woman symbolizes love and passion with her rose that she is holding in her mouth. She is inked in black color and the rose is red.

59. Male Worker Pin-Up Tattoo


Who doesn’t love muscular men? In this tattoo design, there is a strong man in manual labor with his hammer on his shoulder. He is quite muscular and it shows how skilled he is in manual labor. Colorful inks are used and a barbed wire background is added in this leg tattoo.

60. Cowgirl Pin-Up Tattoo


A female character is dressed as a western cowgirl, in a seductive or provocative pose in this tattoo design. She is wearing brown boots, a black hat and red skirt. The red color gives her a seductive look. The rope that she is holding shows how savage she is and the tattoo is placed on the arm.

61. Waitress Pin-Up Tattoo


A vintage or retro image of a waitress in a provocative or suggestive pose will look great on your upper leg! This seductive waitress is in a tight fitting red uniform of a skirt and blouse and she is blinking. She covers most of the upper leg, so give this tattoo a shot.

62. Half Bee Lady Pin-Up Tattoo


Why not combining pin-up design with a bee? A sexy woman with half of her body transformed into a bee is strange but awesome! The woman, depicted in a seductive or playful pose, has a human upper body with bee wings, legs, and antennae and honeycombs create a great background for her. The bee symbolizes a sense of community, hard work, and loyalty, while the pin-up style represents the classic female sex symbol.

63. Female Worker Pin-Up Tattoo


Here is a beautiful blonde woman wearing a welder’s uniform and holding a welding tool. The blonde lady looks confident and strong, as well as seductive and alluring. It looks like she is working in the sky because of these clouds in the background. Plus, an orange flower placed below her image is a nice detail.

64. Sexy Lumberjack Pin-Up Tattoo


Get ready to have fun with this pin-up tattoo! It features a masculine and attractive lumberjack, portrayed in a flirty or seductive manner, with traditional lumberjack symbols like an axe. His arms are also full of tattoos, too. Give it a shot to this fun tattoo.

65. Cute Lady Pin-Up Tattoo


The red spotty headband and glasses add a contemporary touch to the classic Pin-Up design, making the tattoo more unique and personal. The red color and polka dot pattern of the headband represent fun and playful energy, while the glasses symbolize intelligence and independence.

Men and women can both rock such unique and beautiful tattoos. Let us know if you’re ready to get any of our recommended designs, we can’t wait to see you rocking a pinup tattoo sometime soon.

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