60+ Rose Tattoo Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Rose tattoos aren’t only tattoos for women, as one might think. Nowadays, everyone can go for this cool floral print, especially those who are in tune with nature and their emotions. Roses come in a ton of cool shades, sizes, and types, leaving too with a variety that can suit both genders.

A rose is one of those ancient flowers. Most scientists believe that it probably originated in Central Asia, and managed to spread across the globe million years ago. Keep on reading to find your next perfect rose design down below.

Alternative flower tattoo ideas: Chrysanthemum, lotus and dandelion

What Does A Rose Symbolize?
A rose tattoo is used to describe your love and emotions, along with your deep and true connection. One rose often symbolizes “the one”, while certain roses can also symbolize grieving and loss. The color of your chosen rose will also tell a lot about your character, as well as the emotion/story that you’re trying to tell and show through.

1. Blue Rose Neck Tattoo


This bright blue rose tattoo over the neck is very interesting and fun to go for. Men and women can rock this print, as long as their jobs allow them to show off such visible ideas. Blue is a color of peace and calmness. If this is what you wish to be, embrace it with the right tattoo.

2. Bright Colorful Rose Tattoo


Some people prefer these tattoos more than any other kind. The truth is that everyone enjoys a bright and optimistic-looking design. If you can’t make up your mind when it comes to your favorite color, go all out!

3. Rose Tattoo With A Crown


This rose tattoo with a crown symbol is for those who want to dedicate their chosen design to someone special. If you have a gentle and delicate little soul that you love to treat as a queen, this tattoo is the right one for you.

4. Pink Rose Tattoo On Forearm


Try out a rose tattoo and add a name print or a specific detail next to it. If you have someone important in your mind and you want to show love, gratitude, and dedication, do it all with this concept.

5. Small & Sweet Rose Tattoo


Wrist tattoos are some of the most popular placements for most women. This design will look personal and feminine, ideal for those who want to show off their tattoo, as well as those who have a story to tell along with it.

6. Big Shoulder Rose Tattoo


Cool and giant arm tattoo or this shoulder design will look great on guys who work out. Show and dedicate your love with this design, letting the world know how much you truly love the other person.

7. Snake And Rose Tattoo


A snake and rose are used to symbolize your life path and anything that you may come in contact with. Don’t be afraid to live life, and show your passion and both love and determination with this duo.

8. Red Rose Tattoo Idea


You can show your true love with this bright red design. Go for a rose print and a rose tattoo but add your own personal touch with a baby character or a face design of someone you truly love. It is a true masterpiece in the end.

9. Rose Tattoo Blue Idea


Blue roses are used to symbolize your true passion and deep emotions. This design looks a tad bit different, which is why you can opt for it. You can give it a go if you’re a guy or if you’re looking for something new that is a tad bit different. In the end, this will suit most people.

10. Rose Tattoo Idea On Arm


Cool rose print design that stands for pure emotions. If you fancy darker flowers and you’re into stylish feminine ideas, this is for you. It will take you 1-2 hours to get this print in the end.

11. Dark Red Rose Tattoo


Calf tattoos and this giant design is for those who like to stand out and wish to look bold. Is red your favorite color? Do to want to show your deep and true emotions with an obvious design? This is the right way to do it.

12. Cool Back Rose Tattoo


Shoulder or back tattoos are for those who like being secretive and low-key about their designs. Who says that you have to show off your tattoo to the entire world? Those who like cute ideas will like this concept.

13. Artsy Detailed Rose Tattoo


If you’re an artsy person you’re going to like this design. Both men and women can give it a go. It is not too pricey to go for either + it will showcase your true love and emotions, but in your own artsy way.

14. Palm Rose Tattoo


Palm or hand tattoos aren’t for everyone. The truth is that you can go for them only if your job allows you to. Make sure that you’re okay with showing off your design everywhere you go before you put it on your body.

15. Sexy Thigh Rose Tattoo


This cute and artsy thigh tattoo is for women who like bigger masterpieces. The thigh placement usually looks sexy and seductive, which is why a lot of women tend to go for it, along with this cute rose design.

16. Back Rose Tattoo Design


Show your inner feminine side with this red rose image. Women who prefer hidden and smaller tattoos will like this concept. It will show your youth, as well as femininity as you grow up.

17. Blue Rose Tattoo On Forearm


How intriguing is this arm tattoo?! It is a gorgeous tattoo with a subtle blue hue that is a must for women who enjoy feminine art. If blue is your favorite color and you enjoy showing off your artsy work, this is your new must-do!

18. Dark Blue Rose Tattoo


A giant thigh tattoo such as this one might look the best on guys. A dark rose can symbolize grief and loss. Have you lost someone you care about recently? If so, stick with this tattoo and dedicate the design to them.

19. Rose Tattoo Design On Chest


Heads up when it comes to this giant chest tattoo since it is a bold statement to go for. Not only that, but chest tattoos hurt quite a lot. Give this a go only if you dare and if you fancy showy and giant chest ideas.

20. Small And Simple Rose Tattoo


Sweet and innocent, this little arm and palm design are for those who are afraid of needles. If you’re quite picky when it comes to your creations and you want to try out something sentimental, this is truly it.

21. Rose Tattoo Idea For Women


Decorate your shoulder and your skin with several kinds of roses. You can mix and match different sizes in order to create a story that works well for your path, storyline, and preferred sentimental meaning.

22. Side Stomach Rose Tattoo


Stomach tattoos are quite painful. If you can handle the pain and you’re someone who likes hidden tattoos and you enjoy their sexy and sensual sides, this one has got it all!

23. Orange Rose Tattoo


This orange rose tattoo is quite different than some other options that one can go for. Do you like big and feminine art? Are you into quirky and one-of-a-kind flowers? Orange is a color of true inner emotions, so show where you stand with it!

24. Rose Tattoo Under A Bell


If you know of someone who is as gentle and as delicate as a rose, why not get a tattoo in their honor and hide it underneath this glass?! You can also dedicate an important quote that is very dear and important to you to round up the story.

25. Small Bright Red Rose Tattoo


Red ink is often associated with deeper feelings, as well as romance. If you are feeling love and you want to show it to your other half, this small and sweet tattoo is the right way to do it. Make sure that you stick to this size to make the design quite special.

26. Bright Yellow Rose Tattoo


Hot orange or yellow colors for roses aren’t as popular. Do you want to stand out with your chosen design? If you want a tattoo that not that many people have, this is the one! You’ll enjoy it no matter your gender.

27. Black Arm Tattoo Rose Tattoo


Small, simple, and truly creative, this arm design is for those who enjoy sweet and straightforward tattoos. The best part about this design is that it won’t take a lot of time to do or complete. It is cute and fun, perfect for those who enjoy personalized ideas.

28. Rose Tattoo Outline


Half rose half skull design such as this one is for those who have been through a lot in their lives. If you’re struggling with self-image and loving yourself, this tattoo will remind you to never stop doing it.

29. Rose Tattoo Idea On Palm


Black ink tattoo such as this one that is perfectly shaded is for those who are picky and quite selective with their tattoos. If you know of a good tattoo artist who knows how to do these lines, book the tattoo!

30. Cool Black Ink Rose Tattoo


Cool black artwork that you’re going to appreciate on your forearm. This sweet design will take you 3-4 hours to do. Book it and give it a try if you fancy simpler ideas, as well as artwork that can work for both genders.

31. Spider And Rose Tattoo


A rose tattoo that is caught up in a spider web is for women who like to show their mean side at first, but as you get to know them soon you’ll realize that they’re as gentle and feminine as a flower.

32. Feminine Rose Tattoo


Small and simple, this rose tattoo on arm is a design that most minimalism lovers are going to enjoy. If you’re afraid of the needle and you want to get it over with quickly and pain-free, this is something for you to consider.

33. Quote and Rose Tattoo


Wanna have this really cool horizontal tattoo with some lovely writing that says “where there is love, there is life.” And guess what? The best part is a cute pink rose popping out from the last letter. It’s like a little piece of art that reminds them of the power of love and how it brings life to everything.

34. Two Red Rose Tattoo


What a lovely tattoo! It is done on the back of the arm with two bright red roses inked in a single stem. It looks incredibly realistic, like the roses could bloom right before your eyes! Absolutely charming.

35. Blooming Rose Tattoo


Imagine a lovely pink rose tattoo beautifully inked on the arm in three stages of blooming. It’s like a delicate work of art, gradually revealing the beauty of the rose as it blossoms. Give it a shot.

36. Black Rose Ankle Tattoo


Everyone gets red or pink rose tattoo but why don’t you be different? Get an awesome black rose tattoo on your ankle. It looks absolutely stunning and the way it wraps around the ankle is just so impressive.

37. Praying Hand & Rose Tattoo


Here is a wonderful combination of spiritual symbolism. The black and white sketch of praying hands is placed on the shoulder, radiating a sense of faith and devotion. Right below it, a vibrant red, large rose has been inked. It symbolizes the beauty of nature.

38. Rose Tattoo on the Neck


The artwork on the neck is wonderfully textured and incredibly lifelike, making it seem like the rose could be plucked right off the skin. It is quite big and the skillful use of ink gives it a charmingly moist appearance, as if it’s still glistening with morning dew.

39. Rose Tattoo with the Letter “B”


It’s a big letter ‘B’ inked in bold black ink. What makes it even more special is that it’s surrounded by beautiful red roses, some big and some small, all delicately placed around the letter. You can have the first letter of your name written and make it personal.

40. Turtle Duck and Rose Tattoo


Wow! It is the cutest little baby duckling we’ve seen! It has the most adorable turtle shell, which looks surprisingly sweet on it. Also, it is carrying a beautiful red rose in its beak, making it even more charming!  Get this cute tattoo on your inner arm and shine.

41. Majestic Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo 


This tattoo wraps around half of your arm gracefully. At the bottom, there’s a lovely pink rose, and above it, you’ll find two charming flowers in shades of pink and purple. The background is also adorned with lush green leaves, creating a delightful and vibrant scene.

42. Rose Side Rib Tattoo


Minimalist tattoo lovers, are you there? This design is for you! Here is a small rose, delicately drawn with simple and clean lines. It is placed on the side rib and it is sure to add a touch of elegance to your body.

43. Red Ink Linework Rose Tattoo


Done by using precise lines to outline different shapes, lifework technique rocks. Look at the elegant shape of the rose, which is really cool and artistic! Plus, the red ink makes it stand out. Rock on with your awesome tattoo!

44. Blackwork Rose Tattoo on the Thigh


Doesn’t it look like a lovely sketch? It’s a design of three beautiful roses, and what makes it even more special is that they’re all connected by their graceful leaves. Get it on your thigh and shine out.

45. Memorial Pet Tattoo Design with Roses


If you decide to honor your beloved departed dog in the most touching way possible, this tattoo is for you. The image of the dog was created on the inner arm and the dog’s portrait it was surrounded with big, vibrant pink roses. The tattoo turned out to be a lively and vivid tribute.

46. Dotwork Dollar and Rose Hand Tattoo 


The tattoo is a real beauty, designed with a $100 bill transformed into a stunning rose shape. It’s a unique tattoo, isn’t it? The artist used a cool dotwork technique to add intricate details, making the tattoo even more mesmerizing. It’s truly a work of art!

47. Blue Rose Tattoo Design


Are you a traditional tattoo lover? The artist opted for a beautiful shade of blue for the rose, and the green, black, and white details on the leaves are simply marvelous! Go for this stunning tattoo.

48. Leopard & Rose Thigh Tattoo


To show your feminine and wild side at the same time, go no further! In this thigh tattoo, you get to see the majestic half face of a leopard on one side, and guess what? On the other side, there’s a bunch of lovely flowers and roses! It’s like a beautiful blend of the wild and the delicate, right?

49. Line Art Rose Tattoo


A delicate rose is inked just above the elbow. It’s a simple yet elegant piece, created with fine lines and minimal tattoo lovers will adore it. This beautiful tattoo will surely bring a smile to your face every time you see it, reminding you of the beauty and simplicity that can be found in life’s little joys.

50. Wine & Rose Arm Tattoo


A cute red wine glass sketched inside a cozy wine bottle in this inner arm tattoo. Also, a black rose was placed inside the wine, making it even more enchanting! Cheers to this lovely tattoo!

51. Rose & Butterfly Tattoo Design 


You’ll adore this back shoulder tattoo. On the left side of the butterfly, the wings are creatively designed to resemble pink and red roses and various blooming flowers while on the right side, we see a perfect wing which is made of purple and pink shades. Give it a shot.

52. Rose and Dagger Leg Tattoo


Are you looking for  a cool tattoo on both legs? Check this out. On the left leg, there’s a heart tattoo with four yellow hearts arranged in a line above it. And on the right leg, get ready for some awesome details: a dagger with a stunning red rose nestled inside it, along with vampire fangs and a slightly mischievous mouth.

53. Minimal Black Rose Tattoo


There is beauty in simplicity. If you agree with us, you’ll love this minimal tattoo. There is a tiny little black rose which was given a shading effect. It is placed on the inner arm and you are sure to look pretty with it.

54. Traditional Rose Tattoo with an Eye


Wanna have a mysterious tattoo? This one is for you! It features a beautiful rose tattoo with bright red colors that catch your eye immediately. And guess what makes it even more special? Right in the center of the rose, there’s a mesmerizing hazel eye staring back at you.

55. Dotwork Rose Arm Tattoo


The dotwork technique rocks! In this big upper arm tattoo, the rose was created only by using dots. Some of them are placed densely to give a shading effect. The leaves are so realistic, and the artist added little dots inside to create a subtle shading effect.

56. Elegant Rose Tattoo on the Inner Arm


It’s like a beautiful secret waiting to be discovered! This inner arm tattoo features a large pink rose, almost as if it was painted with delicate brush strokes and filled with the love of an artist’s heart. To add an extra touch of magic, the rose has a light effect, like a soft glow, created with white ink.

57. X-ray Rose Arm Tattoo


This awesome and artistic X-ray tattoo is placed on the upper arm. The way it combines the X-ray style with the delicate details of the rose creates a stunning and unique look. Trust us, it’s a true work of art that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention and leave them in awe!

58. Rose Tattoo Design with a Date Banner 


It’s a beautiful rose tattoo, just like the old-school ones people used to get. But guess what makes it even cooler? In the middle of the rose, there’s a neat banner carefully placed, and inside that banner, something special is written – a birthdate! Isn’t it cool?

59. Colorful Sketch Rose Tattoo on the Shoulder


Two beautiful roses, delicately sketched and placed on each shoulder. The roses are adorned in a soft shade of red. The overall look exudes a captivating sense of allure and femininity. It’s a charming tattoo!

60. Old School Rose Tattoo


Wanna get an awesome tattoo designed in an old-school style? Here is a great idea. It features a beautiful rose with banners placed above and below it. The top banner says “look,” and the bottom one says “closer.” It looks really cool and vintage.

61. Rose and Scorpion Tattoo 


So, imagine a cool tattoo of a scorpion, but what makes it really unique is the beautiful rose it’s holding in its tail. How awesome is that? It’s a combination of strength and beauty, all in one tattoo!

62. Red Rose Tattoo with Moon and Sparkles


On the inside of the inner arm, there’s a delicate crescent moon tattoo in a thin line. To the right, you’ll find a few sparkling dots. And at the bottom, there’s a beautifully drawn, realistic red rose. Give it a shot.

Time To Embrace Your Feminine Side
Do you want to try out a new tattoo? Show your true love and dedicate your emotions to your closest person. Which design out of these do you like the most?

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