Shark Tattoos: 30+ Best Design Ideas and Top Drawings

Are you afraid of sharks? Maybe you find them to be scary or big and bold? Either way it may be, we know that sharks can be a thrilling design to opt for and place on your body. They can suit men & women, as well as those who have had close encounters with them.

What does a shark tattoo mean and symbolize?

Well, usually, traditional shark tattoos have been linked to guidance, protection, as well as courage. They are positive and power-embracing symbols that can show your true colors, teeth & determination when needed. This is why most guys and girls who are beginning a new journey tend to get them. In some other ways, a shark symbol can represent your love for the sea & sea creatures.

Black & White Shark Tattoos

1. Shark Tattoo On Thigh

Try out this shark tattoo on your thigh if you’re someone who lives for big and bold ideas.

2. Small Shark Tattoo

Small, cute, and delicate, this shark tattoo will look the best on women who prefer smaller and cute ideas.

3. Black Ink Shark Tattoo

If you love artsy tattoos and you’re a fan of detailed art, this tattoo will look amazing on you. So, are you ready to show your teeth?

4. Forearm Shark Tattoo Design

This forearm shoulder tattoo is for those who want to appear dominant and loud. If you’re a bold soul and someone who likes to stay dominant, this is for you.

5. Shoulder Shark Tattoo For Guys

Guys who work out and those who live for detailed ideas will see this as a true beauty.

6. Artsy Shark Tattoo

If you are an artsy soul and someone who loves geometrical symbols this tattoo will suit you. Place it on your forearm and enjoy its pure beauty.

7. Shark Tattoo Design For Guys

The best part about this tattoo? It is a quick and easy design that won’t take you too much time to get done.

8. Abstract Shark Tattoo

You don’t have to go for the typical shark tattoo. If you like to experiment with your prints this design will suit you.

9. Small Stomach Shark Tattoo

Stomach tattoos can be a fun (yet daring) move to make. If you’re someone who enjoys secretive and hidden ideas + you enjoy looking bold with your chosen design, this will suit you.

10. Geometrical Shark Tattoo

A tattoo such as this one will take you 3-4 hours to get. If you love detailed artwork and if you’re all about unique ideas, this will look good on you.

11. Cool Shark Tattoo Idea

Show that sometimes less is more and that you’re a fan of simplicity. This outline tattoo shows a person who is willing to grow and experiment but in his or her own way.

12. Scary Shark Tattoo

If you’re not afraid of blood – this shark will represent your inner strength. Let the world see that you’re ready to show teeth, no matter the situation.

Colorful Shark Tattoos

1. Shark Tattoo On Chest For Men

If you work out you might enjoy this design a bit more than any other option since it looks lovely on your masculine chest. Let the world see and know that you’ve tried your best and that mom didn’t raise a quitter.

2. Bright Blue Shark Tattoo

If you’re a fan of colorful and bright tattoos this blue shark will look amazing on you. It also stands for your positivity and will to explore the world.

3. Dramatic Colorful Shark Tattoo

A cool shark tattoo such as this one will show that you’re connected and deep, as well as realistic when it comes to your emotions, despite your tough presence.

4. Shark Tattoo On Arm

Symbolize connection and protection with this shark tattoo. It is a wild and colorful creation, often worn by those who love charismatic ideas.

5. Mermaid And Shark Tattoo

Place a mermaid right next to your shark to show that you can control any given situation. If you feel strong & determined, this energetic tattoo is for you.

6. Orange Shark Tattoo

Orange is a color of hope & new beginnings. Do you feel hopeful about something in your life? If you like creative prints this shark tattoo is the one for you.

7. Colorful Shark Tattoo

Show that you can catch prey and that you’re always looking for ways how to upgrade in life. Combine blue and red if you’re a fan of flashy and noticeable colors.

8. Flower Shark Tattoo

This type of shark tattoo is going to look the best on women. Represent your inner feminine and creative side by getting this upbeat tattoo.

9. Scary Black & Red Shark Tattoo

Let the world see that you’re bold & determined, as well as ready to fight for what you want by getting this print. It is a must-do for true warriors.

10. Shark Tattoo On Head

Not a lot of guys would dare to get a crazy and wild tattoo of a shark on their heads. Would you? If you are into big and outgoing creations (and if your job allows you to wear it), book this tattoo.

11. Cartoon Shark Tattoo

A shark tattoo such as this one is cute and done in a cartoon print. It will show your childish and playful side, as well as your creativity.

12. Shark Tattoo Idea With Details

If you’re always exploring and if you’re a curious person we know that this tattoo is the right one for you. Show the world your teeth and your bold presence.

13. Calf Shark Tattoo

Heads up since shark tattoos can be quite painful and tricky to go for when you place them on your legs. If you enjoy smaller designs, this is it!

14. Scary Shark Tattoo

A shark eating a person symbolizes the fear that you may have deep within. If you’re always trying to beat your demons, this tattoo will represent it.

15. Bloody Red Shark Tattoo

Bloody red shark tattoos such as this one will take you 4-6 hours to get. Make sure that you have time and money when getting this design.

16. Bright Blue Shark Tattoo

Represent your curious and ambitious side with this bright blue shark tattoo. If you’re an explorer and a firm believer that all things happen for a reason, this print will show it.

17. Artsy Cartoon Shark Tattoo

A pop of color will complement most of your chosen tattoos. This shark design shows a path that you’re willing to follow, don’t you just love it?

18. Nemo Shark Tattoo

If Nemo was one of your favorite cartoons while growing up, now is the right time to get this design! Show the world that you are still a kid at heart with this print.

19. Cool Shark Tattoo Design

Lastly, remind yourself that toxic humility still exists, but that you have your own way of dealing with and combating it in your own way.

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