130+ Small Tattoos for Women: A Curated Collection of Minimalist Ideas

Small tattoos have become a favored choice for women, acting as subtle expressions of their stories, values, and passions. These designs, often intricate and delicate, serve as personal reminders, affirmations, or symbols of milestones. The beauty of such tattoos lies in their ability to encapsulate vast emotions or memories in a refined space, making them both versatile and meaningful.

Women often opt for these compact tattoos because they can be easily concealed, offering a private sentiment that can be revealed at one’s discretion. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to experiment with placements, be it on the wrist, ankle, collarbone, or behind the ear, allowing for a personalized touch.

For women taking their initial steps into the tattoo realm, a small design can be both comforting and rewarding. It presents a chance to get accustomed to the process, from selecting the design and placement to understanding aftercare. Ultimately, the decision to get a small tattoo should be deeply personal, reflecting an individual’s unique journey and sentiments.

1. Flame


Whatever it might be, let your inner flame show.

2. Music Note


A music note by the ear seems fitting and delicate.

3. Clover


Carry a small clover with you wherever you go for luck.

4. Third Eye


Let love and all the good energy in with a third eye. The outside of the wrist is also a popular spot for these smaller pieces.

5. Balloon


Not all tattoos have to be serious.

6. Diamonds


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

7. Paw Print


Let your furry friend always be near.

8. Delicate Script


Small script is a very popular tattoo to get.

9. Butterfly


Butterflies are always a winner when it comes to a tattoo, they look perfect when small and minimal.

10. Lady Bug


Have the prettiest of bugs inked on you.

11. Heart


Show your love in the smallest of ways.

12. Cat


A small cat outline is easy work but looks stunning.

13. Thumb Prints


Two thumbs creating a heart makes a remarkable tattoo.

14. Japanese Writing


Japanese language is popular in the industry, make sure you know what you’re getting.

15. Moon


Moon tattoos are on the rise and we can see why this pretty tattoo is popular.

16. Harry Potter


Let your inner bookworm soar a little.

17. Numbers


A number can represent anything to anyone.

18. Snake
A fun snake tattoo can be just as delicate as any other tattoo.


A fun snake tattoo can be just as delicate as any other tattoo.

19. Star Wars


You can declare your love for Star Wars in a small tattoo.

20. Abstract


An abstract piece is perfect for a smaller tattoo.

21. Arrows


Arrows can have a lot of representation and mean something to everyone.

22. Realistic Heart


This takes a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

23. Dream Catcher


Have fun with your small tattoos.

24. Lines


Your tattoos don’t have to be images, they could be lines.

25. Artist


Show your love for your favorite recording artist with a small tattoo.

26. Nature


Nature and its disasters are all around us.

27. Skeleton


You can always grab a super rad tattoo.

28. Cross


A small cross is a beautiful tattoo.

29. Pet Portrait


Become the ultimate dog mom with a small portrait.

30. Puzzle


Puzzle pieces have a variety of different meanings when it comes to a tattoo.

31. Stars
Stars are fun and small, perfect for a minimal tattoo.


Stars are fun and small, perfect for a minimal tattoo.

32. Underboob Tattoo


If you like detailed underboob tattoos this will suit you.

33. Amore Word Tattoo


If you like Spanish words consider this tattoo.

34. Cross Neck Tattoo


Small and perfect for women who are religious.

35. Cartoon Tattoo


If you are still a child at heart this will suit you.

36. Angel Wings Wrist Tattoo


Perfect and minimalist, ideal for feminists and religious women.

37. Medusa Print Tattoo


Anyone who likes Greek mythology will also like this tattoo.

38. Funny Print


If you are a quirky person and you have a sense of humor this will suit you.

39. Family Portrait Tattoo


Show your closeness to your loved ones with this tattoo.

40. Wolf Image Tattoo


Women who are naturally fierce will like this duo.

41. Butterfly Tattoos


The perfect thigh tattoo.

42. Small Back Tattoo


Go for your favorite quote across your back.

43. Two Fingers Tattoo


Show your closeness and love with this duo.

44. Arm Butterfly Tattoo


Black and simple ink tattoo that you’re going to like over your forearm.

45. Small Shell Tattoo


If you’re a sea lover this will suit you.

46. Rose Ear Tattoo


Minimal and simple, perfect for those who want to hide their design.

47. Present Tattoo Design


Show that you’re always present at the moment with this tattoo.

48. Purple Flower Tattoo


If this is your favorite color consider this tattoo.

49. Two Bear Tattoos


Show that you’re close with your other half through this bear tattoo.

50. Owl Tattoo


If you are an animal lover this will suit you.

51. Paper Airplane Tattoo


Cute and simple, as well as fun to get!

52. Sculpture Tattoo


If you’re into old-school historical tattoos this one will suit you.

53. Cleopatra Tattoo


If you loved old Egypt this tattoo will suit you.

54. Fearless Neck Tattoo


Show that you are fearless with this ink.

55. Cartoon Blue Bird


If you are a bird lover this is cute for you!

56. Society Kills Artists


Show that you’re aware of your surroundings with this tattoo.

57. Frog Tattoo


Small and quirky, perfect for creative souls.

58. Lemon Line Tattoo


Show that you like fruit with this tattoo.

59. Serendipia Tattoo


Simple and straightforward, who wouldn’t like it?

60. Quote Tattoo


Let the world know that your soul can never die!

61. Paws Tattoo


These tiny paws will show that you’re crazy about animals.

62. Hammerhead Shark Tattoo


This tattoo is small but very realistic thanks to the some shadow tricks.

63. Giraffes Tattoo


These giraffes look very adorable. This tattoo will cheer your arm up.

64. Teddy Bear Tattoo


This tiny teddy bear will be a good companion with you if you’re looking for a small tattoo.

65. Bee Tattoo


Show that you’re a hard worker like a bee.

66. Small Tattoo on Finger


Here is a gorgeous tiny fish tattoo on finger. Go and get it.

67. Wineglass Tattoo


Apart from being the best drink for you, a glass of wine will be a perfect choice when it comes to getting a tattoo.

68. Hand of the Mother Tattoo


The ladies who have a kid will love this tattoo so much.

69. 333 Tattoo on Wrist


If you’re interested in numerology, you will love this tattoo.

70. Small Tattoo for Women


These tiny stars were inked in an order and they look great.

71. Minimal Tattoo for Women


With this tattoo, show that you’re an independent woman.

72. Small Cat Tattoo


This tiny cat tattoo has a lot of details that are meticulously inked.

73. Bouquet Tattoo


Having a colorful bouquet tattoo is a good idea if you like flowers.

74. Tiny Star Tattoo


Your finger would be a perfect place for the small tattoos.

75. Small Tattoo on Ear


An interesting place to get tattoo, but it’s look very marginal.

76. Wing Tattoo


Small wing tattoo will be a great choice if you like this kind of small tattoos.

77. Mini Tattoo for Women


A woman tattoo with red lines can be an interesting tattoo choice for the minimal tattoo lovers.

78. Saturn & Globus Cruciger Tattoo


A weird Saturn tattoo with cross design is for the ones who are looking for interesting small tattoo designs.

79. Candle  Tattoo


This tiny candle tattoo looks so sweet.

80. Parent Dinosaur Tattoo


If you’re a partner too, you will love this tattoo.

81. Colorful Cub Dinosaur Tattoo


Even though it’s a dinosaur, this purple cub looks adorable.

82. Tiny Squid Tattoo


A cute, small and colorful squid tattoo will cheer your body up.

83. Couple Cherry Tattoo


If you don’t like blackwork tattoos, this adorable and colorful cherry couple is ready to get inked on your body.

84. Puppy Tattoo


This puppy looks very realistic. Just be sure that you find a good tattooist before want to get this tattoo.

85. Saturn Tattoo


This Saturn may seem to be a simple tattoo, but it has a lot of details.

86. Smile Tattoo


This tiny tattoo will remind you that you should always smile.

87. Green Beetle Tattoo


This beetle looks very fantastic. These colors make it more detailed work.

88. Cloud Tattoo


This cute cloud will suit on you if you love this kind of tiny tattoos.

89. Thunder Tattoo


Here is an easy to make small thunder tattoo for you.

90. Heart Tattoo on Finger


Finger is the best place for this kind of small tattoos. This tiny heart looks so sweet.

91. Small Sea Turtle Tattoo


Let’s demonstrate everyone that you are willing to go through life’s struggles and emerge with your head held high with a sea turtle tattoo!

92. Colorful Bee Tattoo


Bees are hardworking animals and their dedication to work is amazing, which makes them a great inspiration for tattoos.

93. Angry Birds Zoe Tattoo


Are you a fan of Angry Birds? You can show your love with a cute bird tattoo. Plus, the shading techniques and colors look amazing above!

94. Small Bow Tattoo


One of the best tattoos for women is definitely a small bow tattoo! The reason is that it symbolizes a state of femininity and who doesn’t want that?

95. Small Rose Tattoo


Look at how elegant this small rose tattoo is. It’s quite simple but looks stunning with its beauty.

96. The Sun & Moon Tattoo


Two opposite powers are combined in one tattoo design. The sun and moon may symbolize life and death or good and bad.

97. Small Hummingbird Tattoo


The hummingbird is a symbol of joy and happiness. So if you want a tattoo as a reminder to yourself to stay positive and be happy, try it.

98. Colorful Leaf Tattoo


Life cycle of leaves are just like ours. You might have had a tough period, but it’s time to let go and make room for the next stage of your life!

99. Cute Smiley Tattoo


Not all tattoos must be something meaningful, so why not getting a smiley face tattoo?

100. Angel Tattoo


Who knows? Maybe an angel tattoo can protect you from harm and evil. It’s worth a try.

101. Small Ocean Waves Tattoo


Is there any sound that is more peaceful than ocean waves? These waves remind you that you are free as an ocean, so go for it.

102. Lively Cat Tattoo


The color palette that is used in the tattoo above is enough to make you smile but the cat doubles it.

103. Flaming Heart Tattoo


Love, romance and passion create a great combo in this tattoo. A red flame inside a simple heart will take your tattoo to a different level.

104. Small Ramen Tattoo


A ramen tattoo shows your dedication to this truly delicious Japanese dish!

105. Small Linework Cat Tattoo


Our pets are our beloved ones, right? If you have a cat and show your love for him, get a line art cat tattoo.

106. Small Dotwork Dragon Tattoo


A dragon tattoo can signify a person’s desire for power and control over their own life. Give it a shot.

107. Ring Tattoo


Some people have their partner’s wedding ring tattooed on their body so that it is always visible.

108. Koi Fish Tattoo


Being a symbol of luck and prosperity in Japanese culture, a koi fish is always there for you.

109. Phoenix Tattoo


A phoenix tattoo symbolizes rebirth, or rising from the ashes. To celebrate overcoming an obstacle in your life, go for it.

110. Vivid Floral Tattoo


Thanks to a colorful flower tattoo, you can have an art piece under your ear.

111. Blue Flower Tattoo on Ear


With its perfect blue color, this flower tattoo will cheer you up since it is associated with hope and peace.

112. Small Cocktail Tattoo


Is going out and socializing for you? To symbolize your love of night outs, get a tattoo of your favorite drink.

113. Little Lemon Tattoo


A lemon is a positive symbol for anyone who wants to show off their positive attitude.

114. Small Cube Tattoo


The cube is a strong, durable object that can be used to protect something else. To show an aspect of your life that you want to protect, go for it.

115. Small Strawberry Tattoo


Who says that all strawberry tattoos must be red? A line artwork can take your tattoo to a different level!

116. Small Mandala Tattoo


Created by using geometric designs, mandalas are used for meditation and spiritual practice. Get it inked on your body for your inner peace.

117. Small Snake Tattoo on Ear


Covering up your ear with a snake may sound like something crazy but just look at how gorgeous and stylish it looks!

118. Classy Horse Tattoo


The horse head symbol is often associated with fertility and strength. To feel strong and classy, go for it.

119. Ocean & Wave Line Tattoo


It’s simple but the beauty is in simplicity, right? The combination of a moon, stars and sea waves will remind you the beauty of nature.

120. Tiger Cub Tattoo


Tigers are some of the strongest animals in the wild, so let’s show your wild side with a tattoo like this.

121. Small And Funny Cow Tattoo


Cow tattoos are often used as a unique and creative way for farmers to identify and personalize their livestock. This can also be used as a funny and retro pattern that is going to add so much beauty to your body.

122. Strawberry Tattoo Idea For Women


Strawberry tattoos can symbolize sweetness, sensuality, and the fleeting beauty of life, making them a popular choice for those seeking a unique and vibrant design. If you like the color red you’re also going to fall for this sweet design.

123. Mini Butterfly Tattoo For Ladies


Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of transformation, freedom, and the beauty of change. You will love this mini design as it is going to symbolize and talk about rebirth and your feminine side.

124. Sexy Small Tattoo For Women


This is an Italian word that symbolizes something or someone who is light and easy-going. Lightness tattoos typically feature imagery or the word itself to symbolize hope, positivity, and the pursuit of a carefree and unburdened life.

125. Finger Small Tattoo For Women


Tattoos featuring the saying “all along my dear” often convey a sense of enduring love, cherished memories, or a deeply personal connection between the wearer and the words. You’re going to like this small finger tattoo no matter who you are.

126. Stay Foot Tattoo


Tattoos incorporating the word “stay” can serve as a constant reminder to remain resilient, grounded, or committed to a specific cause or value.

127. Lion Tattoo On The Finger


Do you want to stand out? Lion tattoos symbolize courage, strength, and leadership, often chosen by individuals to reflect their own qualities or to commemorate a significant life event.

128. Small Teddy On The Forearm For Ladies


Teddy bear tattoos are a heartwarming and nostalgic choice, symbolizing comfort, innocence, and cherished childhood memories for those who wear them.

129. Sexy Flowers Tattoo Idea


Floral tattoos can be sensually appealing when designed to accentuate feminine curves or embody a subtle, alluring beauty that combines nature’s elegance with the wearer’s sensuality.

130. Blue Bee Tattoo On The Chest


Do you fancy this bright blue print? Bee tattoos often represent hard work, community, and the importance of environmental conservation, making them a meaningful choice for those passionate about these themes.

131. Snake Outline Tattoo Small Print


Snake tattoos symbolize a wide range of meanings, including transformation, rebirth, danger, and wisdom, reflecting the complex and multifaceted nature of this intriguing reptile in the world of body art.

Final notes
Small tattoos are actually a great choice for women. They are very popular and they can be hidden in many different places on your body. You can get them on your wrist, upper back, thigh, or even your ankle. No matter where you put them, they will look good! These types of tattoos are perfect for women who want something small but still want to get inked up.

The first thing you should do before getting a small tattoo is learn about the different designs that are available. You can ask friends or family members if they have any ideas for you! There are so many designs out there that it may be hard to choose just one, which is why we picked the great designs above! If you do not like any of the ones that are available then try looking at our other categories until something catches your eye. Once you have found an image that appeals to you then check out all of its details before deciding whether or not it is something worth getting permanently etched onto your body forever.

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