30+ Snake Tattoos: Trending Ideas & Drawings

Some people love them and some people fear them. We are talking about snakes. Where do you stand when it comes to these magnificent creatures? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to like this article. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the coolest and most unique snake tattoos that will intrigue men and women. Keep on reading to find your new and cool design.

1. What Does A Snake Tattoo Symbolize?

Getting a snake tattoo can have several different meanings and interpretations. In most cases, a snake is a symbol of rebirth, temptation, fertility, and power. In the end, its color and size can dictate and make an impact on its meaning and symbolism.

2. Who Can Go For A Snake Tattoo?

Anyone can go for a snake tattoo. It doesn’t matter if you love them or fear them, and it doesn’t matter what your gender is. Snakes are a must-do for those who wish to look fierce and brave while rocking a bold tattoo somewhere on their skin.

3. Where To Place A Snake Tattoo?

Placements can vary when it comes to this tattoo and this design. Most guys prefer to place a snake symbol over their arms to look like it is wrapped around their biceps. Women like to wear a snake print on their backs or thighs. The choice is up to you and your personal style.

4. How Pricey Are Snake Tattoos?

Snake tattoos will vary in price. The final outcome and the end result will vary and depend a lot on the level of experience and knowledge of your tattoo artists. Expect to pay around $120 for smaller tattoos. Bigger designs will go up to $500.

Black & White Snake Tattoos

1. Giant Shoulder Snake Tattoo


A must-have giant black shoulder tattoo for men who wish to be seen!

2. Black Ink Snake Tattoo


This forearm tattoo will represent your feisty little personality.

3. Unique Palm Snake Tattoo


This small palm snake tattoo is for those who dare to wear such flashy noticeable designs.

4. Snake Tattoo On Shoulder


Go for this black shoulder snake tattoo design if you enjoy precise artwork.

5. Artsy Black Snake Tattoo


A shoulder tattoo such as this one will take you 4-5 hours to do.

6. Chest Snake Tattoo


A chest snake tattoo will suit and look so good on masculine guys who work out.

7. Snake Tattoo On Arm


This detailed snake arm tattoo will represent your strength and your new journey.

8. Forearm Snake Tattoo Black Ink


Get a meaningful date underneath your snake print and show how long it’s been and how far you’ve come thus far in life.

9. Calf Snake Tattoo


This calf snake tattoo will represent your dominance and your new energy.

10. Snake Tattoo With A Rose Print


This is a common theme in history and mythology when it comes to snakes believe it or not.

11. Black Snake Tattoo With A Sword


Go for this black snake with a sword and a skull to show that you’re a fighter in every situation.

12. Snake Tattoo  Over Forearm Scary Design


Give it a go with this pun and make your tattoo so cool and retro!

Colorful Snake Tattoos

1. Bright Blue & Yellow Snake Tattoo


Combine blue, yellow, and black if you enjoy artsy colors with your snake symbol.

2. Artsy Watercolor Snake Tattoo


This snake tattoo will take you 4-6 hours to do.

3. Small Green Snake Tattoo


If green is your favorite color, consider adding a pop to it with this design.

4. Cobra Snake Tattoo


Cobras are usually scary and intimidating, but they do make up for an amazing tattoo!

5. Forearm Colorful Snake Tattoo


Small yet so vibrant and scary-looking!

6. Scary Cobra Snake Tattoo


You can dedicate this cobra snake to someone important in your life who reminds you of a vicious snake.

7. Black & Red Snake Tattoo


Red and black are a popular color combo to go for when it comes to these snake prints.

8. Green Detailed Snake Tattoo


If you enjoy green and detailed art you’ll enjoy this chic print.

9. Colorful Watercolor Snake Tattoo


Your snake tattoo can tell a fun story, so why not give it a go?

10. Purple Cobra Snake Tattoo


This bright purple cobra will make you look like a trendsetter when it comes to your tattoos.

11. Bright Green Snake Tattoo Design


Green is a common theme with snake prints, while gemstones are not yet they can tell such a fun story!

12. Snake Tattoo And A Sword


Show that you’re a warrior with this snake and sword tattoo.

13. Snake Tattoo And A Skull


Thanks to this skull addition, your snake tattoo can make you look like a wise and cunning individual.

14. Snake Tattoo Idea For Women


Another great tattoo that will interest ladies a bit more.

15. Illuminati Snake Tattoo


If you enjoy bright and loud colors and you’re a fan of drama this is your new must-do.

16. Black & Red Small Snake Tattoo


Show off as a scary and mystical creature with this black and red ink tattoo.

17. Funny Cartoon Snake Tattoo


If you love to watch cartoons and you’re still a child at heart you’re going to like this retro small snake.

18. Bright Red & Black Fiery Snake Tattoo


Make yourself seen and known with this dramatic snake tattoo.

19. Blue Snake Tattoo On Forearm


Bright blue on a snake is a weird combo, but it works and looks so well!

20. Snake In A Bottle Tattoo


Snake in a bottle will let others know that you are very blunt and honest and that you’ve stopped keeping things to yourself.

21. Shoulder Snake Tattoo Ink


If you want to look like a mysterious guy, give it a go with this print!

22. Big Thigh Snake Tattoo With Flowers


Cute thigh tattoo with some flowers that women can also rock!

Do You Dare To Wear This Tattoo?

Which snake do you fancy the most? Let us know what you can’t wait to tattoo and place somewhere on your body. We can’t wait to see you rocking something this bold and feisty!

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