30+ Sunflower Tattoo Ideas: Meaning and Symbolism

Sunflower tattoos are cool and cute tattoos that men and women like to wear. It is very hard to resist this design + you can enjoy its super retro beauty, as well as the fact that this tattoo can be such a universal solution. If you’re looking for some sunflower tattoos that are fun, small, big, or meaningful, we have all that you need and might ask for down below. In fact, you will easily find your next and new sunflower tattoo due to our diverse selection. See for yourself down below.

What Does A Sunflower Tattoo Symbolize?

One of the most popular flowers and a symbol of life itself, the sunflower is a gorgeous and special choice for flower tattoos.

As one of the few flowers that can turn its blossoms to catch the sun, the sunflower has come to represent adoration and loyalty in many cultures. The flower’s name comes from a combination of the words “sun” and “flower,” as these flowers follow the path of the sun throughout the day. They also represent strength and resiliency, as they have been known to withstand poor weather conditions, drought, and even insect infestation.

As Native Americans believed that each part of a plant had magical properties, so too did they believe that every part of a sunflower had its own meaning—the roots represented longevity; the leaves, protection; and even the seeds were believed to hold healing powers for pain management. In South Africa, sunflowers are known as “the flower of hope,” as they were planted in gardens by those awaiting their loved ones’ return from war.

A symbol of loyalty, respect, devotion, and happiness, a sunflower tattoo can be an incredible reminder to stay true to yourself always.

What Is The Price Of Sunflower Tattoos?

Your new chosen sunflower tattoo will vary in price. This is because there is a ton of small and big designs that one can go for. Also, the reputation level of your tattoo artist will dictate and determine the price point. In the end, you will pay anywhere from $80-$300 for this or a similar type of flower tattoo.

What Is The Best Placement For A Sunflower Tattoo?

Placements depend and vary. The truth is that there are no rights or wrong rules when it comes to getting your next flower tattoo. Some women prefer and stick to arm or collarbones while others tend to go for their back. Guys usually go for giant chest or thigh designs. The truth is that the final result and placement is an individual experience that is entirely left to you and your style.

Black & White Sunflower Tattoos

1. Sunflower Tattoo Black And White


Cool black and white tattoo that shows the true beauty of this flower.

2. Collarbone Sunflower Tattoo


A small sunflower tattoo with this mouse will look unique, that’s for sure.

3. Small Sunflower Tattoo


Go for this big sunflower tattoo over your arm.

4. Palm & Hand Sunflower Tattoo


Cool palm tattoo that is retro and playful.

5. Sunflower Tattoo Drawing


If you have a cat consider this unique combo.

6. Leg Sunflower Tattoo


A sunflower placed in a vase will look pretty cool.

7. Abstract Sunflower Tattoo


This sunflower tattoo will take you 3-4 hours to do.

Big Colorful Tattoos

1. Arm Tattoo Sunflower


If you’re a fan of colorful ink consider this design.

2. Colorful Artsy Sunflower Tattoo


Book the best tattoo artist that you know when it comes to this colorful artsy idea.

3. Sunflower Tattoo Ideas Artsy


Women who like funky colorful art will like this tattoo.

4. Forearm Sunflower Tattoo


Go for this wrist tattoo if you’re a fan of realistic 3D art.

5. Chest Sunflower Tattoo


Chest tattoos are for women who can withstand the pain.

6. Thigh Sunflower Tattoo Design


This large thigh tattoo is a masterpiece! Dare to wear it?

7. Sunflower Tattoo On Arm Colorful


Go for bright yellow sunflower tattoos and let the world see your optimistic approach.

8. Artsy Sunflower Tattoos Design


This design will take 3 hours to achieve.

9. Floral Snake Tattoo


Cool and unique, this tattoo will look good on both genders.

10. Sunflower Ideas Funny Print


Small and funky, show your bright and vivid fun approach towards life with this tattoo.

Small & Sweet Sunflower Tattoos

1. Shoulder Sunflower Tattoo


You can show how much you love your pet with this tattoo.

2. Small Sunflower Tattoo Idea


Cool and abstract, perfect for those who are in a weird place in their life.

3. Finger Sunflower Tattoo


This finger tattoo will look so cute and sweet.

4. Ankle Sunflower Tattoo


Interesting ankle tattoo that you’re going to like if you prefer smaller hidden ideas.

5. Sunflower & Butterfly Tattoo


This design will look amazing over your back.

6. Sunflower Tattoos Stencil


Cute tattoo that demands a unique approach from a skilled tattoo artist.

7. Forearm Sunflower Tattoo Print


Show your artsy side with this mini tattoo design.

8. Small Orange Sunflower Tattoo


Bright and vivid, perfect for those who like colorful art.

9. Rib Sunflower Tattoo


This stomach or rib tattoo will look so good when done this way.

10. Sunflower Tattoo With Name


You can dedicate your chosen tattoo with this approach.

11. Rib Sunflower Tattoo For Women


Girls will adore this placement and the overall vibe.

12. Sunflower Arm Tattoo Pop Of Color


Make sure that you have 3 hours to spare when it comes to this sunflower.

13. Feminine Sunflower Tattoo


This tattoo will represent your quirky and fun-loving side.

Ready For Your New Floral Print?

Which sunflower is your favorite out of the bunch? Are you more so into smaller or bigger tattoos? Do you prefer color or black and white prints? Let us know which design is a new must-have on your list, we would love to see what you truly fancy.

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