30+ Taurus Tattoos That Are As Awesome As The Sign It Represents

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with a person born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, meaning they are reliable and stable people. They can be stubborn, conservative, and tough-minded at times, but they are also extremely loyal and loving.

The bull is a perfect symbol for a Taurus because it represents their stubbornness and toughness. It’s also a symbol of fertility, which makes sense considering how important family is to the Taurean personality type.

Symbolism of bull in different cultures

Bull symbolism is a common theme in many cultures around the world. From ancient religions to modern pop culture, the bull is often associated with power and virility, as well as fertility and wealth. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus disguised himself as a bull to seduce Europa. In Hinduism, Shiva is often depicted as a bull or Nandi, who is considered to be his vehicle or vahana. In Chinese astrology, people born in the Year of the Bull are said to be confident, self-assured individuals who are hard workers.

Taurus tattoos can be done in many different styles: simple black and grey, realistic, colorful watercolor or even 3D. You can also get a tattoo of the symbol for this zodiac sign: a bull or an image of the star sign itself.

Here are some examples of taurus tattoo designs:

1. Black & Red Taurus Tattoo On Chest


This gorgeous black and red Taurus tattoo is a dominant tattoo to consider. It is going to look the best on guys who work out and those who love their masculine chests.

2. Cool Black Ink Taurus Tattoo


This Taurus tattoo describes a person who is ready to explore and experiment with his or her current life path, while also embracing some new deeper feelings and emotions.

3. Taurus Tattoo On Palm


Palm tattoos are not for everyone. If your job allows you to wear one, sure, why not embrace it? Just know that everyone is going to think of you as a strong-minded and strong-willed person.

4. Fierce Taurus Tattoo


Combine black and red colors to get this dominant and bold-looking tattoo. Guys who wish to come off as fierce and tough guys will enjoy this design. It is pretty straightforward, yet so powerful.

5. Taurus Tattoo With Flowers


Women who are naturally calm and collected and those who are linked to their feminine side will enjoy this cool and colorful tattoo.

6. Colorful Vibrant Taurus Tattoo


A Taurus tattoo such as this one will say that you’re bold and that you like attention, always looking for something new and fun to do.

7. Bright Red Taurus Tattoo


Red is a color of passion and dominance, as well as love. If you’re someone who likes to come off as bold and stubborn, this design will do it for you!

8. Taurus Tattoo On Back


If you’re always trying to be fair to others around you and you’re a natural leader show it all with this Taurus design.

9. Big Black Taurus Tattoo On Chest


This chest tattoo and this giant Taurus is for men who enjoy big and loud ideas. If you work out this might suit you and will look the best on you.

10. Detailed Taurus Tattoo


Pay close attention to details and try this cool print! If your tattoo artist is skilled you’re going to like this concept quite a lot, trust us.

11. Taurus Tattoo Symbol


A small Taurus symbol such as this one is going to look great on those who prefer minimalism. If you’re a fan of delicate ideas, this will suit you.

12. Black Forearm Taurus Tattoo


A scary or mad-looking Taurus such as this one will symbolize that you’re very brutal and real in life, which is what some people might appreciate about you, despite your grumpy face.

13. Taurus Tattoo With Date


Try out a specific date that makes sense for you and your story. Going for a year of your birth is always a good step to follow.

14. Taurus Tattoo Big Black Design On Back


If you’re a true zodiac lover and you love to read astrology and chart cards this Taurus creation will suit you so well.

15. Taurus Tattoo Black Art Print


If, at times, you feel stuck and blinded by a certain situation this tattoo will suit your character. If you’re a pessimist this design may suit your vision.

16. Side Stomach Taurus Tattoo


Side stomach tattoos can be quite tricky to get and go for. Heads up if your pain levels are low and if you dislike the needle.

17. Cool & Big Taurus Tattoo


If you want your tattoo to tell its own story and you’re a fan of big and bold creations we know that this back design is going to look good on you. The final result shows someone who has been through a ton of things, yet is still strong-minded and optimistic.

18. Black Red Ink Taurus Tattoo


A black and red tattoo such as this one represents a warrior that’s been through it all. If you’re still strong-minded and ready to fight your battle, show it with this bull or Taurus creation.

19. Taurus Tattoo On Calf


Calf tattoos can be a bit tricky to do. If you can handle them and if you’re a fan of medium-size ideas and you trust your tattoo artist, and want to go all out-this is for you.

20. Zodiac Taurus Tattoo


A Taurus tattoo such as this one with a crown symbol will show that you know your worth and that you’re always trying to stay positive in every given situation, with your head held high.

21. Bright Blue Taurus Tattoo


If you’re an artsy soul yourself and if you’re someone who likes bright and flashy colors this cool blue will suit you + it is going to look so mystical, showing your spiritual side.

22. Floral Taurus Tattoo


Dark red flower and this bull will show that you’re someone who has his or her own way of expressing emotions and getting through anything while keeping your character and head held high up.

23. Taurus Tattoo Black Shaded Ink


Show your horns and let the world know that you’re someone who is always willing to put up a fight and that you’re up to staying authentic to yourself.

24. Ankle Taurus Tattoo


This tattoo is a cool and creative option, a must-do for those who want something new and different compared to all the other options.

25. Taurus Tattoo Realistic Print


Half-half split design such as this one is going to look the best on people who fancy creative and artsy ideas, as well as black outlines. You’ll show off your persuasive side and your eager will to conquer anything bad that may come your way.

26. Black Shaded Taurus Tattoo


Small and black Taurus tattoo such as this one is for those who like minimalism, as well as guys or girls who want a design that is power-embracing.

27. Colorful Thigh Taurus Tattoo


If you’re someone who works out and enjoy big and colorful thigh creations this bull with fun and vibrant colors will look amazing on you.

28. Cartoon Taurus Tattoo


Show that you’re still a child at heart and that you love to have fun at all times. No one is as playful and childish, right? If you’re all about fun and good energy, give this tattoo a go.

29. Small Minimalism Taurus Tattoo


Small, simple, and abstract, this black outline tattoo is for those who like minimalism and artsy creative ideas, as well as feminine ideas.

30. Chest Taurus Tattoo For Guys


Lastly, this realistic 3-D tattoo and this bull might take some time to perfect. If you enjoy bigger ideas and dominant art, this will suit you so well.

Time For A New Tattoo?
Are you ready to show your horns?! If so, which tattoo are you going to book out of the bunch and let your tattoo artist do on top of you? We can’t wait to see what you end up picking, we know that all of these are top-pick and proper solutions to consider.

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