30+ Tree of Life Tattoo Ideas: Meaning, Symbolism and Top Designs

Tree of life tattoos are gorgeous and a must-have tattoo by those who enjoy creative and colorful designs. Do you like to express your creativity and your mystical side? If that is the case consider the tree of life tattoos. We will list a ton of black and white as well as colorful tree of life ideas that will suit different age groups and genders. Show how linked with Mother Nature and your spiritual side you actually are with one of these cool must-have designs that we have prepared down below. Let the world see your tree of life and deep sentimental side with one of these cool options.

What Does The Tree of Life Tattoo Symbolize?

A tree of life tattoo is used to describe personal growth and your future path. This tattoo is also used to describe your inner strength and beauty within. It is a common tattoo for most spiritual people and those who are trying to make a difference of any sort in their life. Each branch is used to describe your new journey and personal goal while the color of the tree will tell a unique story that represents an emotion that one might be feeling at a given moment.

Where To Place A Tree of Life Tattoo?

You can place your tree of life tattoo anywhere you like. This design often looks amazing over the entire back and it can look even better on your arm or thigh. If you want something small and sweet consider going for a leg or ankle tattoo. The end result is per your preference and ideal solution.

What Is A Price For This Tattoo?

The price of a tree life tattoo goes from $50-$400. Big colorful back tattoos are super pricey to go for. Smaller delicate designs are often worn by feminine women. You can go for anything that suits your budget and preference.

1. Tree of Life Tattoo Design 


Gorgeous and perfect over your leg or thigh.

2. Green Tree of Life Tattoo


Add a pop of green color to this cool seamless tattoo.

3. Tree of Life Tattoo Female


This tree of life will suit parents the best.

4. Black Ink Tree of Life Tattoo


Show your unique character with this black ink tattoo.

5. Shoulder Tree of Life Tattoo


This arm tattoo will show your closeness to your little ones that you can represent with black and small birds.

6. Tree of Life Tattoo Celtic


Big black ink tattoos can look amazing on men who prefer bigger designs.

7. Tree of Life Tattoo Forearm


This tattoo will represent your open and peaceful character.

8. Neck Tree of Life Tattoo


Cute back tattoo that a lot of women are going to adore.

9. Chest Tribal Tree of Life Tattoo


This tree of life tattoo has that tribal vibe that men are going to adore.

10. Colorful Tree of Life Tattoo Ideas


Add a pop of color with this unique creative design.

11. Chest Tattoo Tree of Life Design


Men who like bigger tattoos will also appreciate this colorful chest tattoo.

12. Small Green Tree of Life Tattoo


Small and simple yet it has an artsy peaceful vibe.

13. Calf Tree of Life Tattoo


You will love this tree of life tattoo over your calf.

14. Forearm Tree of Life Tattoo


Consider this forearm tattoo if you’re into creative and showy placements.

15. Neon Tree of Life Tattoo


Unique neon green tattoo that has a lot of positive elements to it.

16. Side Rib Tree of Life Tattoo


This side rib tattoo will suit men who like creative pieces.

17. Artsy Tree of Life Tattoo Splash Of Color


Let the world see that you’re open and nature-loving with this print.

18. Tree of Life Tattoo For Women


Only book this tattoo if you know of an amazing tattoo artist.

19. Realistic Tree of Life Tattoo


This is super realistic and often worn by those who like powerful creative designs.

20. Green Chest Tree of Life Tattoos


Chest tattoo such as this one will suit guys who work out the best.

21. Thigh Tree of Life Tattoo


Go for this thigh tattoo and show that you’re open to new creative pieces.

22. Unique Tree of Life Idea


This green tree of life tattoo will take 2-3 hours to achieve.

23. Black Ink Tree of Life Tattoos


If you’re a creative guy or girl consider making this tattoo a new must-have.

24. Forearm Tattoo Tree of Life


Show that you’re well aware of life with this black ink tree of life tattoo.

25. Big Celtic Tree of Life Back Tattoo


If you have a lot of space to spare go with this giant back design.

26. Small Black Tree of Life Tattoo


If you believe in the power of attraction this design will suit you.

27. Colorful Tree of Life Design


A cute tree of life tattoo that can look amazing on both genders.

28. Thigh Tattoos Tree of Life


If you have bigger thighs this tattoo will look amazing on you.

29. Small Circle Tree of Life Tattoo


Guys who want a pop of color to their design will like this green tree of life tattoo.

30. Arm & Palm Tree of Life Tattoo


Palm tattoo and this arm tattoo will look so good when done this way.

31. Big Colorful Tree of Life Tattoo On Leg


Consider combing both black and green colors to make this tattoo artsy and lively.

32. Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo On Arm


Men or women who are creative will look amazing with this print.

33. Neck Snake & Tree of Life Tattoo


Not a lot of people dare to wear neck tattoos. Do you?

34. Pink & Blue Tree of Life Tattoo


This giant back tattoo with pink and blue colors will look attention-seeking.

35. Tree of Life Ideas Minimalistic


Show your minimalism with this small tree of life print.

36. Navy Blue Tree of Life Tattoo


A giant blue tree of life tattoo is for those who like artsy prints.
Want This Cute Print?
Which tattoo do you want to get? Which one of these beauties is a must-have in your case? Let us know what you’re going to get and where you plan on placing it. We can’t wait to see what you end up choosing.

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