30+ Triquetra Tattoo Designs That Inspire Strength and Spirituality for Every Believer

The triquetra, or Trinity Knot, is more than just a cool-looking design; it’s packed with history and meaning. This ancient Celtic symbol has been used to represent things that come in threes like the elements (earth, sea, sky) or the phases of life (birth, life, death). It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a tattoo that’s both meaningful and stylish.

As for where to place it, the triquetra looks awesome pretty much anywhere. It’s perfect for smaller, subtle spots like the wrist or behind the ear, but it also makes a bold statement on larger areas like the chest or as part of a sleeve. The cost can range from $50 for a small, simple design to over $500 for something big and detailed.

Thinking about getting one? Check out the 30 triquetra tattoo designs I’ve listed below. Whether you’re into simple and understated or big and elaborate, there’s definitely a design that’ll catch your eye and match the vibe you’re going for.

1. Ornamental Triquetra Tattoo 


The triquetra symbol is placed right in the center of the calf area. It’s a clear design with bold lines and surrounded by some decorative spiraling patterns.

2. Triquetra Tattoo with Nordic Rune Details


Go for a Viking style! This starts from the shoulder and goes down to the elbow and features two different trinity symbols and various runes. It’s perfect for those who love intricate and complex tattoos.

3. Triquetra Shoulder Tattoo with Thunder and Cloud Details


This triquetra tattoo, featuring fierce lightning details emerging from the clouds, looks fantastic! The combo is taken to a different level with blue background and it is sure to draw everyone’s attention.

4. Side Rib Triquetra Tattoo


If you’re looking for a small yet stylish triquetra tattoo for the side rib area, this option is perfect for you! Around these simple lines of triquetra, there are beautiful flowers.

5. Simple Triquetra Tattoo


If you prefer simple, understated tattoos, this triquetra tattoo might be an appealing choice for you! It’s an understated yet captivating option.

6. Minimalist Triquetra Ankle Tattoo


Tattoos on the ankle always look lovely and stylish. There’s no doubt that this small but bold triquetra tattoo will also look fantastic on your ankle!

7. Stylish Triquetra Finger Tattoo


Finger tattoos are known for their simplicity and elegance, and the triquetra’s design can be a subtle yet meaningful choice for you. Isn’t it so cute?

8. Deer and Triquetra Thigh Tattoo


How about a triquetra formed by long deer antlers? It is a wonderful choice for those who love nature and Celtic culture. Some flowers are placed on top of the antlers and the blackwork looks amazing.

9. Triquetra and Eagle Back Shoulder Tattoo


A medium-sized eagle tattoo on your back shoulder, with a triquetra symbol on top of it, will look unique on your body! The shading details and lines are absolutely perfect. Give it a try.

10. Triquetra Tattoo with a Red Cross


One way to express your faith is to combine your triquetra inner arm tattoo with a red cross. There’s a red cross that looks like it was painted with a thick brush, and right in the middle, there’s a black trinity symbol.

11. Triquetra and Dragon Head Arm Tattoo


A triquetra tattoo adorned with intricate details and a dragon’s head on top creates a mythological vibe. The combination of the triquetra with a dragon’s head adds depth and symbolism to your tattoo.

12. Triquetra Tattoo with Tree of Life


This triquetra tattoo, blended with the Tree of Life, is a great choice for those seeking a meaningful tattoo. The tree of life and triquetra both have deep symbolism, making this design a beautiful choice for those who want their tattoo to carry significance.

13. Light Blue Triquetra Tattoo with Leaf Details


This tattoo, featuring the light blue of the triquetra and the green of the leaves, creates a wonderful combination that will make your arm look fantastic!

14. Rainbow Triquetra Leg Tattoo


If you prefer your tattoos to be colorful, give this Triquetra tattoo in rainbow colors a try! Rainbow-colored tattoos can be vibrant and eye-catching. The triquetra with these colors is a unique choice.

15. Triquetra Tattoo Mixed with Splash Art


This Triquetra tattoo, blended with the splash art technique and leaf details, has become a fantastic piece of body art! The use of the splash art technique adds a dynamic and visually captivating element to the tattoo, and the leaf details provide a touch of nature and depth.

16. Strap Triquetra Tattoo 


This strap triquetra tattoo on the forearm features a design composed of triangles. If you’re a fan of strap tattoos, you might consider getting this triquetra tattoo!

17. Triquetra Tattoo with Floral Designs


The Triquetra tattoo, made of intertwined black lines and adorned with colorful leaf and flower details, offers a mix of both dark and light colors. This tattoo could be a great choice for you!

18. Raven & Blue Triquetra Tattoo


The symbol of wisdom, the raven, along with this small blue Triquetra tattoo, will create a meaningful piece on your body. The combination of the raven and the Triquetra adds depth and symbolism to your tattoo.

19. Two Moons & Triquetra Tattoo on Arm


A double moon Triquetra tattoo that you can get on your upper arm, created using only black ink. The simplicity of black ink and the unique double moon design make for an elegant and eye-catching tattoo.

20. Triquetra Tattoo on Back


This Triquetra tattoo on the upper back has the names of loved ones written at each corner. If you want to see the names of your cherished people alongside the Triquetra, you might consider getting this tattoo!

21. Turquoise Triquetra Tattoo


Express your uniqueness with this Triquetra tattoo in the special and eye-catching shade of turquoise! The use of turquoise adds a vibrant and captivating touch to your tattoo.

22. Triquetra Tattoo on Arm with Intricate Details


This Triquetra tattoo, meticulously crafted with intricate details and skillful use of shading, will look fantastic on your arm! The combination of intricate details and shading in this design adds depth and artistry to your tattoo. Tattoos

23. Triquetra Tattoo with Heart


Get a sweet and stylish tattoo with this blue Triquetra featuring a red heart in the center! The combination of blue and the red heart adds a touch of elegance and romance to your tattoo.

24. Dotwork Triquetra Tattoo


Highlight the elegance of this Triquetra tattoo made with the Dotwork technique. You don’t need colorful inks to achieve a stylish look! Dotwork tattoos are known for their intricate and unique appearance, and this design demonstrates how black ink can create a chic and eye-catching effect.

25. Triquetra Tattoo with Shady Details


This Triquetra tattoo, created with shadow details, looks like a 3D piece! The clever use of shadows in this design gives it a sense of depth and dimension, creating a stunning and visually captivating tattoo.

26. Lineal Triquetra Tattoo with Flowers


This minimal Triquetra tattoo, crafted with simple lines and adorned with flower and leaf details, brings a touch of nature to your ink! The combination of minimalistic lines with delicate floral and leaf details adds a touch of nature and elegance to your tattoo.

27. Blue Triquetra Tattoo on Forearm



28. Blackwork Triquetra Tattoo


This Triquetra tattoo, crafted with the unique use of black ink, looks like a work of art! The distinctive use of black ink in this design showcases creativity and artistry, making it a captivating tattoo that resembles a masterpiece.

29. Artistic and Colorful Triquetra Tattoo



30. Autumn Theme Triquetra Tattoo


In this autumn-themed Triquetra tattoo, vibrant shades of orange and yellow take center stage, beautifully adorned with fall leaves. The use of these warm, autumn colors and the addition of fall leaves makes this tattoo a celebration of the season’s beauty.

31. Barbed Wired Triquetra Tattoo on Side Rib


A Triquetra tattoo with a barbed wire theme exudes a gothic and edgy vibe. The combination of the Triquetra and barbed wire creates a unique and intriguing tattoo design.

32. Triquetra Tattoo with Thistle


With thistle and rose, this Triquetra tattoo is a wonderful choice for nature lovers. The combination of these natural elements adds beauty and symbolism to your tattoo.

33. Triquetra & Lotus Tattoo


The commonly used lotus flower in tattoos is now combined with a Triquetra tattoo, and there’s no doubt that this piece will look fantastic on your arm!

Going for a triquetra tattoo means you’re picking a design that’s not just cool but also full of history and personal meaning. Whether you keep it simple or jazz it up, this timeless symbol adapts to your style and tells your unique story. Each curve can represent something different, connecting deeply with your life and values. It’s more than just ink—it’s a daily reminder of life’s interconnections and your own journey.

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